The Essence and Investment Logic of New Retail

Since the new retail concept was put forward, two very interesting phenomena have emerged. One is the explosion of new commercial species, with a large number of new formats such as unmanned convenience stores, unmanned shelves, smart stores, and ” retail + catering” cross-border mode. Second, a large amount of capital poured into the new retail area, becoming the second largest outlet after artificial intelligence. The new retail of coffee, Ruixing Coffee, has even created the miracle of becoming a unicorn in half a year.

Whose new retail is the new retail?

As for new retail, everyone is competing for the title right. Lei Jun claimed to have proposed the concept of new retail half a day earlier than Ma Yun. Liu Qiangdong proposed that new retail is unbounded retail, while Ma Huateng believed that new retail is intelligent retail. There are also many traditional retail bosses who believe that there is no difference between the old and the new. Everyone has been arguing for a long time. The only consensus is that the new retail is the reconstruction of ” people, goods and markets”. All discussions on the new retail are based on these three elements.

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The wealth gap does not come from money deposits.

Money has no meaning. In addition to short-term needs, you should never hold money. The gap between the rich and the poor of a country’s residents does not come from the gap in labor income or the existence of money. It is because most people do not have controllable investment channels and a small number of people can obtain high controllable investment returns due to their social status and vision. This is the essential reason for the wealth gap.

It is cruel to understand this. For many of us ordinary people, this reveals the truth about the rich and the poor, but there is nothing we can do about it. But one thing we can change is that we should never believe that the money we hold is wealth. Only by fully understanding this can we completely subvert our view of wealth. Only in this way can we enter the virtuous race track of wealth growth.

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Do brand advertisements need to be transformed?

There has always been a dispute between brand advertising and effect advertising. In today’s era when product and effect are in harmony, there are some internal contradictions between the two.

Brand advertising appears because products are homogeneous. In the buyer’s market, brands need to give products more spiritual connotation to create differentiation, and brand advertising is the main means to achieve this differentiation. For example, Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola.

Effect advertising is now talking more about online e-commerce transformation, but its originator may be promotional advertising such as coupons for offline retail, because users are naturally in a consumption scenario. For example, Baidu search advertisement and clean out treasure to train.

Generally speaking, brand advertising is the way out for product homogenization, and effect advertising is the means to promote scene consumption.

But now, these two aspects are changing.

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How to make a good decision?

On September 11, 2001, after working in the intelligence agency for two weeks, my world suddenly fell apart.

My post was cancelled overnight. I graduated from the department of computer science. My world was originally only 1 and 0. There were no people of all kinds, no families, and no interpersonal relationships. I’ve been promoted all the way, but I haven’t received any guidance, and I don’t know how to move forward. Suddenly, my decision became important: it would affect not only my staff but also their families, even my country and other countries. The most important thing is, I don’t know how to make a decision. I only know that I have an obligation to make the best decision.

In order to improve my decision-making ability, I found some mentors nearby, carefully observed and learned from them. I read all books on decision – making; I even went back to school and took an MBA, all in order to master the decision-making ability. I have been pursuing it as the ultimate goal, but I do not see that it is a continuous journey.

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Six Suggestions on Returning to Nature and Crossing Winter

For traditional industries, Internet technology has intensified the speed of adjustment and elimination. At the same time, the requirements for human resources and innovation ability have also led to the elimination of many people due to mismatches in capabilities.

The emergence of this series of situations has brought great impact and pressure to people, even leading some enterprises and people to fall into a state of anxiety. Some people will exclaim that the crisis is coming again. The increasingly depressed market environment has really discouraged us, and the tiredness of years of struggle has also emerged. Will we continue to struggle with the market?

In fact, the crisis has always existed. No matter resources, environment, technology or market, they are constantly being adjusted, iterated, updated and replaced.

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