New Finance Can’t ” Capture” Small Town Youth

At present, bonuses for urban users are drying up. All trades and professions regard the sinking market as a new source of growth. There has also been more research on young people in small towns. The phrase ” I want to go back to the countryside because of the depth of urban routines” has even become a catchword on the Internet.

As an Internet financial practitioner, I have always been full of curiosity about the penetration of mutual gold products in small towns in counties. My hometown in southwest Shandong province is located in a typical county town. when I return home once a year during the spring festival, there will always be some new discoveries and insights. Seeing that everyone is writing about the sentiment of returning to their hometown, I have also sketched out these observations for readers.

China has a vast territory and many different local conditions. If the situation in your hometown is obviously different, you may as well discuss and communicate in the message area.

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New york does not welcome Amazon?

On February 14, Amazon said in a statement that it would not set up its headquarters in new york due to strong opposition from some residents and politicians. It also said that there were no plans to restart the search for alternative sites. The company will continue to build its planned headquarters in Virginia and Nashville.

Amazon had planned to invest US $ 5 billion to build new headquarters in Long Island City Community in Queens, new york, and Arlington County, Virginia, respectively, and to create 25,000 high-paying jobs in both places, including high-tech and engineer jobs popular with economic policy makers. Politico’s website said that new york will increase its tax revenue by 27.5 billion US dollars over the next 25 years.

For this reason, Amazon spent more than a year searching for a new headquarters in North America. In September 2017, the company asked interested governments to provide data that can prove their development ability, including information on logistics, population and higher education workforce. Amazon finally received 238 bids from the United States, Canada and Mexico and finally identified 20 candidates in January 2018. In November of that year, Amazon finally confirmed the winners as the highly anticipated new york and Arlington counties.

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What is user thinking

Before 1963, books on marketing were marketing stories and there was no unified theoretical framework. But in fact, we know that there is the same logic behind many appearances, and so is marketing.

One day in 1963, Professor Jerome McCarthy, like suddenly waking up, discovered the logic behind all marketing stories. In his book Basic Marketing, he proposed the epoch-making 4P theory, namely Product, Place, Price and Promotion.

In the following 30 years, 4P has been regarded as the standard until 1990, when Professor Robert Lauterpinen pointed out that 4P theory was only considered from the perspective of enterprises, and he put forward the famous 4C theory centered on customers, namely, customer, Cost, Convenience and Communication.

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Cracking the Billion – to Billion – Class Beauty Makeup Enterprises

In 2017, the amount of money returned by the Jialan brand, the natural hall, was about 4.5 billion yuan, a new high for the natural hall brand, and it still maintained a good growth trend. The retail sales of Baiqueling Group in 2017 will be 17.7 billion yuan, and the sales plan in 2018 will be 23 billion yuan, with an estimated return of 560 billion yuan. Shangmei Group is expected to achieve a target of 16 billion yuan in 2018. Ten Billion Goals of Domestic Cosmetic Groups Are Competing to Be Proposed or even Strived Over.

The early development of domestic beauty cosmetics groups can not be separated from the selection and deep cultivation of three or four channels. Now, with the rise of e-commerce and new retail channels, strong competition from international brands, and the ten billion-dollar gap between beauty cosmetics enterprises, how can we break the situation?

Domestic Beauty Makeup Enterprises Encountered Billion Growth Bottleneck

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How does Amazon make money from data?

If you are the owner of a fruit stand, how should you use data thinking to make decisions? Which groups prefer taxis, car users or car users? How did Baidu know I bought a razor in the supermarket? How does Amazon e-commerce make money from data?

This is an interesting guide that can help you fully and deeply understand the mysteries of data business thinking, and can make your business insight more acute.

The application of data thinking is everywhere

What is the most important thing in business thinking? Decision – making.

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