Under the economic crisis, can job-hopping solve all the problems?

Have you noticed that there have been more and more exclamations about the difficulty of finding a job recently?

The Internet industry, which once represented China’s rapid economic development, has made a series of large-scale layoffs in the past few months. The head companies in better condition have also started to freeze their recruitment quota this year and spend the winter cautiously. As for companies in traditional industries, most of them are thankful that they can pay their salaries on time. As for promotions and raises? It doesn’t exist.

In a word, no one can rest easy in the economic crisis. Everyone began to tread on thin ice, trembling with fear.

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The world piled up with debts will also be overthrown by debts.

At present, the global political and economic structure is being reconstructed. The stable structure formed in the past 50 years is being broken. The new structure will be gradually formed in the process of interest rebalancing. The world in 20 years will be completely different from the current structure.

The root of all this should be traced back to the global economic crisis in 2008.

The economic crisis ten years ago should have caused a global economic recession, leading to a large number of enterprise bankruptcies and asset price collapses. People have to gradually repay debts and reduce leverage by reducing consumption and increasing accumulation, so as to get out of the economic crisis and usher in the next economic prosperity.

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Mentality decides everything

According to secular standards, edelson is happy enough. He has money and position. He is a consultant to dozens of multinational enterprises. He has worked for 125 boards of directors and invested in more than 150 companies. He is a very outstanding financial analyst. Apart from being rich and influential, he also has brains and has received a bachelor of science degree and an MBA degree. Although he is in his tens of years old, he also takes part in softball competitions and has never been troubled by jet lag when visiting various parts of the world. He is extremely healthy and tastes delicious. He has wealth, intelligence, health and family. Is he happy enough? However, you may not know that edelson grew up in a slum as a child and is the poorest slum in new york. People call that place ” the capital of new york’s murder”. Many mafias were born in that place and its fame is very smelly.

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How to improve your logical expression ability so that you can speak clearly at any time?

Speaking is our basic skill.

However, if you want to speak well, you need a certain amount of practice before you can improve your expressive ability. Among them, the logical expression ability is the most important.

Have you encountered any of the following situations:

Having said a lot of words, I still feel that I have not expressed them clearly enough.
After thinking a lot in my mind, I finally said something else.

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Probability is an interesting thing. It can help you win games and also help you face up to life and death.

Probability is a core problem in statistics. In many places in our life, we will encounter various probability problems. Understanding probability actually represents our brain’s ability to deal with statistical problems. Maybe you think probability is not a big deal, but the fact is that most people are wrong in understanding probability. In other words, most people actually do not have the correct statistical processing ability. If you don’t believe it, let’s look at a probability problem. This probabilistic problem comes from a game show, and the host of this game show is called Montihor, so this probabilistic problem is also called Montihor problem. Now, let’s learn about the conditions of this problem.

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