Don’t make decisions in the middle of the night

For a while, I think the money was spent very fast. Checked the account, was shocked by his own water.

In the past few months, every night before going to bed, I would brush up the shopping website because of boring, buy some small things, and accumulate a lot of money. I actually spent tens of thousands of pieces intermittently.

Go home and turn over the “trophies” and spread them out on the carpet. The shaved ice cup, more than one hundred pieces, was used twice to be shelved.

Yogurt machine, the yogurt made is too sour, so it is no longer used once, so I bought ten packs of yogurt powder, which is also put in the cabinet.

Vase, Japanese design, I bought it when I look good. There were originally three vases in the house, which was nowhere to be placed and still piled up on the balcony.

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My dream is not to work, what is wrong?

In Belgium and Japan, the national average working hours are 39 hours and 39.1 hours per week, and telecommuters’ working hours are 44.5 hours and 46.5 hours respectively. In the “996” work system of some domestic companies, I went to lunch and dinner for two hours, and the working time of one week was easily 60 hours. I didn’t count the working hours at home and on the road.

This is not difficult to understand. When the “nail” has a movement, when the WeChat work group suddenly pops up dozens of unread messages, are you on weekends or long holidays, can you continue to eat, drink, and have fun?

For human beings, work is both a shackle and a sanctuary. It makes the grand life course fall into the limits of trivial matters, but it is free from more and more difficult ultimate propositions.

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Find someone who can “make you play” get married

Our family has a long-lasting game called “challenge.”

For example, my son wants to drink yogurt, my wife wants to eat spicy duck neck, but there is no home. At this time, the “challenge” game will play a role. I said, I challenge, I can buy it in 10 minutes.

The two mobile phones are timed for 10 minutes at the same time, then I go downstairs and go to the convenience store to buy now. The time is really ticking the countdown on the mobile phone. This game is exciting!

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the last dance

As a forensic doctor, Shen Jie has never been interested in entertainment topics. This is an exception.

The cause is two microblogs, the popular actress Mei Junyao, one is an X-ray picture, and the other is a solo dance video. She danced in the dark room, and the dance was so beautiful. A glass bottle was placed on the side table, filled with white powder. At the end, she was deeply stunned by the bottle, and at this time she raised a line: to my lover.

The wording below the X-ray picture is: the fascinating appearance is all unsightly.

Combined with her background, this is very intriguing.

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The woman does not want to get married: “What can I do for myself, what do men want?”

There is a video on Weibo, Miss Wu, who is engaged in accounting work, has been dating since the age of 26, and has been accepted from rejection to passive acceptance. If she is nearly 30 years old this year, she still does not want to get married.

She feels that facing two families is not the same concept as a family. After getting married and becoming a family, many ideas will change. I am very independent, can do anything, and do what a man does. Single is very good, relying on others is not safe.

Some people say that the Chinese people’s education for boys is too unsuccessful. Most of them are rude and selfish and do not know how to respect women. However, the education of girls is very clear, and they are wise and sensible. With the advancement of the Internet and society, untrained boys have grown into men with a lot of personality problems. Girls who have been taught are eager for independence and respect, and huge differences in values ​​of life. How to get married?

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