The Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is suffering from the oppression of the times.

In the past, marketing has its own shortcomings. The traditional personality in marketing is combined with the historical behavior of user images and single media. The one-way communication mode of advertisers lacks a dialogue mechanism, but in the information explosion and In the current era of reading screens and the rise of the post-90s and 00s, companies generally feel that advertising marketing has not been done before – how consumers make decisions, what they are thinking, how to talk to them is advertising The general problem of the Lord.

It is bothering companies and advertisers to have a delivery effect. The past marketing model is difficult to track in real time, and it is difficult to get accurate results. Brand customers hope to realize all-round insights into consumer needs and grasp consumer information in different decision-making stages and in different scenarios in real time.

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How much is a person earning enough? It turns out that he has already given the answer.

“When you are old, looking back, the work resume has already been thrown into the trash can, what was the last thing to remember?”

Charles Handy, who is known as the “father of management philosophy,” once sent such intriguing questions to younger generations.

As one of the founders of London Business School, Charles Handy is also a “social philosopher” who always cuts into the core essence of management with profound humanistic care.

How much is a person earning enough? What is the ultimate meaning of life? Let us listen to the thinking of the 80-year-old elders about the meaning of life.

How much is a person earning enough? It turns out that he has already given the answer.

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Behind all the good, it is the ascetic self-discipline

People with ambitions in their chests are often very self-disciplined.

In the Chongqing negotiations, Chiang Kai-shek once told the secretary Chen Bray:

“Mao Zedong can’t be underestimated. He is addicted to smoke, but he knows that after I don’t smoke, I will never smoke one during my conversation with me. The determination and spirit of him should not be underestimated!”

Supplementary reading Mao Zedong when he was young, never worried

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The 5G concept of the stock market is worthy of attention

Recently, Huawei sent an inspiring news that Huawei smartphones shipped more than 200 million units in 2018. At the same time, in the 5G global technology high-tech field, Huawei has signed 26 commercial contracts, and more than 10,000 base stations have been sent to all parts of the world. What does this mean?

Compared with the shipment of 153 million units in 2017, Huawei’s mobile phone shipments in 2018 have increased by 30%. This has set a historical record for Huawei’s mobile phone shipments.

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What is the power to push the stock market to rebound

Stock market investors often say: a positive line changes faith. Since the beginning of this year, the Shanghai Composite Index has lived up to expectations. By the end of February 20, it has gradually increased its volume by more than 12%. The optimism that has been suppressed for a long time is just around the corner, and investment investors are gearing up. In my opinion, a positive line can only indicate the end of the current bear market, and the index will also oscillate. Based on the 2400-point interval of the Shanghai Composite Index in January 2019, the annual increase rate can reach about 20%, so it can also be defined as a prelude to a new round of bull market.

More and more scholars agree that I have observed for many years that “the A-share market is not a barometer of the national economy”, but often ignores my other observation that “the A-share market is the vane of institutional change.”

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