You have a view in your heart, and life is everywhere.

There is no absolute wrong pair of ideas, but once they become the bondage of body and mind freedom, they must be broken, and this is the correct knowledge, which evokes the breakthrough power of people’s hearts. The life of the monks is always limited, but in a limited time, they want to occupy more, which brings endless pressure and trouble to life. As a self-rescue method of the soul, Zen has turned people’s eyes away. Other conveniences in life, Zen allows people to learn to immerse themselves in the things they like, and to enjoy this “like” feeling. Only when the heart is full of emotions, life will not be stiff and pale. At that time, what we think is no longer possession, but enjoyment and giving.

The same is true of failures and setbacks. Some people only see the success or failure of the surface. Some people see the power of others and their own weaknesses. Some people see the pain and struggle of life. What did the Zen people see? What he sees is the courage to stand up and stand up in the face of failures and setbacks, because he knows that this courage will always enable him to meet more challenges with confidence, without regard to success or failure.

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Old time on paper

The mother finally made up her mind to sell the old books that were useless at home.

She is very old, an old photo, an old clothes, can evoke her memory. The people who read at home, like the swallows, flew one by one, leaving two old people guarding the nest. But the book is still much. The textbooks we have read, from elementary school to university, the mothers feel important; the comic books I have seen in childhood, as well as some old magazines, are also collected in many books. The mother kept these books and sent the trivial time that followed.

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Why is the novel of this British female writer fascinating?

In the summer of 2013, go to Winchester, the iconic attraction of the small town is the cathedral. From the travel brochure, it was built in 648 in the Anglo-Saxon dynasty era, and expanded and expanded during the three years from 1079 to 1404. It became the deepest church in the UK, which we witnessed today. It can be seen that the years are stable and the world is quiet. On the other hand, there are few big incidents. The famous record is about the female writer Jane Austen. In this year, the tombstones are inscribed on the north side of the church corridor. The main hall is a glimpse of the exhibition of the life of a female writer. At the age of forty-two, the life of a glimpse of a glimpse of a glimpse of life, all in the text, left in the fiction, the actual personnel is quite limited, so the exhibition is simple. In addition, there is the movie “Da Vinci Code”, which is also included in the history of the cathedral. The high seat on both sides of the pulpit, bearing the various family logos, is obviously a special seat for the family. Underneath, the left wing area, separated by a fence, women’s seats. It seems that the class should be medium, that is, not obvious, and it is not the civilian congregation facing the forum. There is a wooden sign on the fence, indicating that there is a special line in the text. It is written that there is a female writer in the seat, the name CHARLOTTE YONGE, and the author of “Jane Love”, the last name is rare, I do not know Where is the origin. The female writers introduced in China have a long list of names. I can’t find this name. This is foreseeable. The understanding of other countries is mostly from the mainstream, and the derived branches are endless, and may never enter the history of literature. It is also true that British female writers are everywhere, and they are attracting worldwide attention.

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Spring Rain

Looking forward to a whole winter, finally, you are here.

In a blink of an eye, your crystal-clear figure has shaken in front of my window, and your crisp throat is ringing my window paper. How do you rush to put on your clothes and push the door open ! I greet you.

Looking at you, my eyes can’t be transferred for a moment ; listening to you, my eardrum does not let go of a syllable. From the distant horizon to the indifference of Pingchuan, you are struggling with birth and death every minute. The joy of life, the fear of death, singing and shouting: Ding Ding Dong Dong. I am really greedy, greedily want to hold you, have you. So I sniffed you, smelled you, and comforted you with my cracked lips. How many days of waiting for anxiety, when you kissed you, it was smooth and smooth.

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The spring of the day

At the end of last winter, I wrote a letter to a friend from afar. I once said, “I want to swallow the spring of Beiping this year.”

This year, the spring of Beiping came especially late, and when I didn’t know where the spring was, I looked up and saw the green leaves in the yellow dust, and the catkins flew in the air, only to know that after the thick dust and sand curtain, the spring has not appeared. It has been quietly quoted.

This is the case in the world –

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