You have a view in your heart, and life is everywhere.

There is no absolute wrong pair of ideas, but once they become the bondage of body and mind freedom, they must be broken, and this is the correct knowledge, which evokes the breakthrough power of people’s hearts. The life of the monks is always limited, but in a limited time, they want to occupy more, which brings endless pressure and trouble to life. As a self-rescue method of the soul, Zen has turned people’s eyes away. Other conveniences in life, Zen allows people to learn to immerse themselves in the things they like, and to enjoy this “like” feeling. Only when the heart is full of emotions, life will not be stiff and pale. At that time, what we think is no longer possession, but enjoyment and giving.

The same is true of failures and setbacks. Some people only see the success or failure of the surface. Some people see the power of others and their own weaknesses. Some people see the pain and struggle of life. What did the Zen people see? What he sees is the courage to stand up and stand up in the face of failures and setbacks, because he knows that this courage will always enable him to meet more challenges with confidence, without regard to success or failure.

It’s important to look at the issue in a comprehensive way, including treating yourself. This is like a person with low self-esteem. If he keeps his eyes on his own shortcomings and problems, his inferiority will always increase, but if he can see his strengths and see his other strengths, then He will step out of the shadow of inferiority and go to the right place.

There was a monk face skinny branches and leaves all over the floor sad lament, his brother was repeatedly applauded. The monk in front saw only the dead leaves, and his brothers saw that in the spring of next year, they would flourish. In the face of life, people always have some confidence and hope. There is light in your heart. Why is there no light on the road of life? There are scenery in your heart, and there are scenery everywhere in life.

The beauty of life requires us to devote ourselves to discovering. Similarly, to understand a person, we should first put down all kinds of stereotypes and judgments, and communicate with sincerity to gain something. Modern people can’t adapt well in interpersonal relationships, probably because there are too many things in our hearts, such as arrogance, vanity, and selfishness. If we can’t empty these distractions, we can’t feel the beauty of life well, and we can’t communicate with others smoothly.

People should have their own opinions, but they must not be stubborn. Otherwise, they will be bound by their own opinions, tied up, and trapped in their own world. What’s more, can you guarantee that your opinion is correct? Even if it is correct, it is always established under certain conditions. Only by keeping the mind open and keeping the mind independent, can you gain more and more insight into things.

want to taste the delicious fruit, it is necessary to plant or buy, you want to get a particular achievement, will have to pay hard sweat. A wise person is planting trees, while a person lacking wisdom is cutting trees and picking fruits. Those who live with Zen’s thinking will never see the immediate benefits and break the foundation of life. His eyes are not only in front of him, but also in the future.

food which put some salt, can make food more delicious, but if you put too much, you can not eat the food completely. Everything is like this. Once you are not restrained and extreme, it will turn things in the other direction. From the point of view of Zen, do not try to be perfect, because it is too late, and because the process of doing things is more important than the perfect result.

Beware quiet, to be fearless. We often feel fear because we have too many things to remember. From the point of view of Zen, it is because there are too many obstacles in the heart, and the obstacles are caused by persistence. However, in life, it is difficult for us not to devote our emotions to people, things and things around us. But after all, Zen has a wonderful use in guiding life. It tells us that if we can think of things happening and dispersing when we invest in emotions, we must adjust our thoughts and actions as we change the outside world, then we can have fewer obstacles. There is only one point of fear.

day, climbing together with Huang Ting heart progenitor Jackson, but Huang Ting Mei lock gloom all the way. The ancestors said: “We have all smelled the flowers and saw the beauty, but your feelings are very different. You are bored inside, and when you see the beautiful scenery, you will say that the scenery is tasteless. I am calm and calm, even if it is ordinary scenery, I also feel like it.” Visible, the inner feelings affect our feelings about the outside world. Therefore, there is no absolute good or bad situation. If the heart is well, the world will be well.

a monk to his teacher to ask: “? Why are you playing time, it must first adjust the strings,” his teacher replied: “Only when the string is adjusted to not loose not tight, to coordinate a variety of sounds, so as to Play a beautiful music.” This principle can also be applied to our lives. Only by keeping our mind and body in a moderate state can we feel the beauty of life.