Lonely spirit

Bertrand Russell was one of the most influential philosophers and public intellectuals of the 20th century. At the beginning of his autobiography, he declared: “There are three simple but extremely intense passions that govern my life. That is the desire for love, the pursuit of knowledge, and the pity for human suffering.” He used this sentence. Explain his many marriages and derailments, his outstanding intellectual achievements and his numerous honors, including the Nobel Prize in Literature.

But in the eyes of Russell’s lovers, he is not so perfect, even very selfish: “His hands are like bear’s paws – no feelings, only strength. His intelligence is strong, but hanging in the air, and there is no emotional life. Relationship. Under normal circumstances, his ideal is abstract, with mathematical characteristics. If he pays attention to others, his mind is easily dominated by passion, which is tragic and pessimistic.” Colette said: “Russell is superb, Let other men be exhausted; emotionally strong, exhausting women. He exhausted his friends, drained their energy, and turned from one person to another, never giving anyone real happiness. Or never found anything happy.”

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Don’t wait for them to become birds of paradise

Du Fu is the general manager of a company and is really busy. Du Fu remembers that an old-fashioned actress said: “It’s hard to be a woman, it’s harder to be a woman.” On that day, Du Fu played with the globe on the big boss’s desk and said with a smile: “I’m like this earth, never stop. Turning around, being a woman is hard, being a strong woman is even harder!”

The mother called and the mother said, “Hey, I want to celebrate the New Year…” Du Fu said: “Yes, Mom, I want to celebrate the New Year, the time is too fast, I still have a lot of things to finish. For Mom, there are What is it? Nothing I hang first, there is still a meeting on my side.”

My father called and my father said, “Hey, I want to celebrate the New Year…” She said: “Dad, I know that I want to celebrate the New Year. The more I get to the end of the year, the more busy I am. What? Oh, I am in good health, don’t worry, Take care of yourself. Well, don’t talk to you more, I have to go out immediately, the car is waiting underneath.”

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Selling wine

In the small county towns that used to be small, the business of starting to sell wine on the spot was still booming, because the TV station recently exposed a famous winery in a certain place in China. Because the factory has not used a real grain of fermented white wine for more than 20 years, it is using some chemical raw materials, such as what kind of additive thickener, the so-called famous white liquor. And because several people had the alcohol poisoning incident, they were exposed by TV news media after many twists and turns. This sensation is not so big. I live in a small county town. For those who like to drink white wine, it is no less than an explosive time bomb. In the small town, various kinds of bottled white wines in various supermarkets are in a state of unsalable sales. Because oh? Not only after tracking the investigations, but also revealing some other well-known wineries, they are using the current chemical ingredients to blend white wine. After drinking this wine, it not only has no benefit to the human body, but also causes our cerebellar atrophy. Nerve and liver kidney poisoning is a malignant condition. For a time, the old people who like to drink two in the small town do not dare not cherish their own life to greet this intoxicating and lovely hateful liquor.

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The farmer Liu Wei bought a group of sheep in the mountains and was ready to rush to the slaughterhouse outside the mountain. However, when I walked halfway, I encountered a blizzard. Wind ten miles, snow ten miles, Liu Wei and his flock are trekking in the snow for ten miles, and it is impossible to get out of this mountain before dark.

The sky is black, if you can’t find a place to shelter from the wind and snow, Liu Wei said that at least he still has a broken cotton jacket to keep out the cold, and his more than 20 sheep can be frozen to death in this wild mountain.

Turned over a mountain beam, but fortunately I heard the dull dog barking, but fortunately saw the dim light. Liu Wei vaguely remembers that this village is called Huagou. Fortunately, there is a friend of his family, Yang Shu.

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Revelation in the Netherlands: Why did this country fail?

Standing in the middle of the cheese market in Hoorn, the Netherlands, I looked up. The most eye-catching building is of course the weighing room on the east side. It was built in 1609. It was used for cheese trade weighing, and the beautiful gables witnessed the prosperity of the past. There is a statue on the south side, the native of Hoorn, Jane Pieterszohn Cohen, who was the governor of the Dutch East India Company in the early 17th century.

Don’t underestimate this little cheese square, don’t underestimate the small town that is now quiet and even inconspicuous. The Dutch maritime hegemony, the name of the 17th century “sea coachman”, is closely related to it.

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