Don’t wait for them to become birds of paradise

Du Fu is the general manager of a company and is really busy. Du Fu remembers that an old-fashioned actress said: “It’s hard to be a woman, it’s harder to be a woman.” On that day, Du Fu played with the globe on the big boss’s desk and said with a smile: “I’m like this earth, never stop. Turning around, being a woman is hard, being a strong woman is even harder!”

The mother called and the mother said, “Hey, I want to celebrate the New Year…” Du Fu said: “Yes, Mom, I want to celebrate the New Year, the time is too fast, I still have a lot of things to finish. For Mom, there are What is it? Nothing I hang first, there is still a meeting on my side.”

My father called and my father said, “Hey, I want to celebrate the New Year…” She said: “Dad, I know that I want to celebrate the New Year. The more I get to the end of the year, the more busy I am. What? Oh, I am in good health, don’t worry, Take care of yourself. Well, don’t talk to you more, I have to go out immediately, the car is waiting underneath.”

Du Fu is really going out soon, going to another city a hundred miles away to meet an important customer. She packed up her briefcase and finished her short hair with her hand. For more than a decade, she has been such a capable and decisive.

The car is flying on the road. Halfway through, she suddenly remembered that the birthday of the important customer seemed to be tomorrow. She called the secretary to confirm, and then said to the driver: “When I see the flower shop stop, I will buy a bunch of flowers.”

When Du Fu walked into a flower shop, the owner was busy picking flowers for a young man.

The young man said, “Thank you, almost.”

He indulged for a moment: “Add a few more forget-me-nots and a bird of paradise.”

The owner smiled and helped the young man choose the flowers, and made a beautiful and elegant bouquet, handed to the young man. The young man left in a hurry.

Du Fu personally carefully selected flowers, such an important customer, we must pay attention to it.

When she was about to dress up, she said: “Add another anthurium flower and gladioli. The anthurium flower symbolizes great achievements. The gladiosa symbolizes longevity and happiness.”

The florist owner said with amazement: “You know how much it is, and it is a matter of heart, this must be given to someone who is particularly important?”

She replaced the answer with a smile.

This important customer is almost 60 years old. I wish him a long and happy life and how good it is. Holding a fragrant bouquet, she thought of the customer’s surprise when she was going to give it to the customer. She couldn’t help but feel a bit self-sufficient.

The car is passing through a road with fields on both sides. In the winter fields, the crops have been harvested, revealing one round tomb. When she passed the road, she had to let the driver slow down the car.

The tombs are standing one by one under the winter sun, and next to the tomb, there may be a peasant working, the peasant who works by the tomb, seems to have never felt fear, and seems to be able to talk to the one in the tomb at any time. .

Life and death, yin and yang, static and dynamic, so harmoniously linger under the cool autumn sun.

Many times, she was moved inexplicably by such a scene.

Suddenly, her eyes passed over a tomb. It was a new grave, and a young man was next to the grave. A tall bird of paradise hurt her eyes in an instant – the young man is a young man who just bought flowers at the flower shop!

Du Fu quietly got off the bus and stood silently behind him.

Du Fu heard him say: “Mom, today is your birthday, my son wishes you a happy birthday… Before my son was not sensible, he always provoked his mother to be sad and did not accompany her mother. Mom, how can I think that my mother is leaving so soon? Ah, now my son is too late…”

The tall, high-headed bird of paradise resembles a sharp sword, and instantly stung the cuckoo’s heart.

Du Fu turned his head and burst into tears.

She thought, don’t wait until the parents fly to heaven and become a bird of paradise that can’t be touched anymore, even if she really turns into a bloody cuckoo day and night to call the relatives. Don’t wait until then to know the regrets.

Du Fu got on the bus and said to the driver: “Turn your head and go back to my hometown to see my parents!”