The farmer Liu Wei bought a group of sheep in the mountains and was ready to rush to the slaughterhouse outside the mountain. However, when I walked halfway, I encountered a blizzard. Wind ten miles, snow ten miles, Liu Wei and his flock are trekking in the snow for ten miles, and it is impossible to get out of this mountain before dark.

The sky is black, if you can’t find a place to shelter from the wind and snow, Liu Wei said that at least he still has a broken cotton jacket to keep out the cold, and his more than 20 sheep can be frozen to death in this wild mountain.

Turned over a mountain beam, but fortunately I heard the dull dog barking, but fortunately saw the dim light. Liu Wei vaguely remembers that this village is called Huagou. Fortunately, there is a friend of his family, Yang Shu.

Said to be a friend, even he felt stubborn.

That was in June last year, Liu Wei also rushed a group of sheep to a valley called the tower ditch, lightning and thundering encountered heavy rain. He rushed the sheep to the stone pond below the cliff to shelter from the rain. Waiting to see it, there is already a person sheltering from the rain under the stone pond, who is screwing his wet clothes. The weather is darker under the gloomy stone pond. The flock separated them, one in the east and the other in the west, and Liu Wei could not see the person’s appearance. Liu Wei said: The weather of this dog day. The man also said: This weather, dog day. The two stopped talking to each other, and only the thunder of “booming” was heard in the ear, and the sound of the sheep’s “squeaking” and the sound of the rain hitting the rock.

The rain in June is coming fast and going fast. It stopped in the blink of an eye.

The man said: Big Brother, I am leaving first.

Liu Wei said: Big Brother, the name of the village? The man said: The people in the mountains are not afraid to speak expensive. My name is Yang Shu. I am — the words here slammed a thunder, which caused the flock to shake. After the thunder, Liu Wei heard only two words in the ear. Liu Wei said: You are Yang Shu, I am Yushu, my name is Liu Wei. My life is also a farm animal. After that, they never saw each other again. Unexpectedly, on this snowy night, Yang Shu became a life-saving grass.

It’s hard to find the Yang Shujia but he is not there. The door is the mother of Yang Shu.

Liu Wei said: Xunzi, I am a friend of Yang Shu. The snow-covered mountains and the cold weather I only have to go to this.

The old man stared blankly at the people and the flock that descended from the sky and said: Are you a friend of the tree?

Liu Wei said: Yes, yes. The old man said: Let’s go to the hospital and drive the sheep into the mansion house in the south. There are autumn peanut yam vines.

Liu Wei settled the sheep before entering the house. The house is simple, with a square table, two chairs, and a bandit. A little boy’s head was stretched out of the bed, and the stranger immediately shrank back when he came in. Occasionally, I was picked up by the corner and curiously glared at Liu Wei. The old man said: Child, you are warm and warm, I will cook for you. Liu Wei said: I have the rest of you to eat. The old man said: That can’t be done. When the tree comes back, I blame me for slowing down his friend.

After two bowls of noodles, Liu Wei’s body gradually became warm, and the frozen muscles gradually became active. When he was gorging, the old man had been sitting on the edge of the squat and looking at him with a smile. Liu Wei wiped his mouth and said: I like to eat noodles most, and the face of the dumplings is sweet. The old man said: When the tree is at home, I also like to eat the noodles I made. He said that the outside faces are all machine-rolled and eating without human touch. Liu Wei said: The rice made by the mother is incense. Where did the poplar go? The old man said: The couple are in Shenzhen. I have never walked out of the mountains for the rest of my life, and I don’t know where Shenzhen is. I only know that it is far away from us. I only know that the tall buildings there are as dense as the forests and the rivers are like ants.

The wind outside the house was even bigger, and the window paper blew loudly.

Liu Wei said: Do not come back often?

The old man said: Come back, often come back. What is good in the city, I said to the tree that there is no such thing as a brick in the city, no bricks, no bricks. Speaking of here, I touched the child’s head and said: If I can’t move, you will go to your mother.

The child stretched his finger at the photo frame on the wall and said: “My mother is there.”

This is the first time that Liu Wei saw the appearance of poplar trees through the photos in the photo frame. His face was thin but his eyes were thick and big. A woman on the photo is definitely his wife, and she is also very eye-catching. Liu Wei said: Scorpion, good fortune, such a good son and daughter-in-law such a good grandson.

When I was asleep, the old man had already burned the fire in the other room. The old man laid a new beggar on the raft and said: This was smashed. I just had it before yesterday. I don’t know when they will come back. I am afraid that they will suddenly come back and be covered with tides.

Maybe it was too tired. That night, Liu Wei was very sleepy and extraordinarily sweet. Just in the confusion, I heard someone constantly adding firewood to the stove. That night, Liu Wei dreamed of her own mother, and her white hair was white like snow.

When the dawn was dawn, the old man said: Dreaming, I heard you calling my mother.

The wind stopped and the snow stopped. The sun shines warmly on this ordinary small courtyard. In the yard, children and sheep are chasing and playing. The child said to the old man: Grandma, I want a sheep. The old man said: You are coming back soon, you buy it.

In March, Liu Wei rushed the sheep out of the village. He let the flocks squat on the grass buds that had already emerged from the roadside, and stood alone on the top of the hill looking at the small courtyard of the Yangshu family. Far from the wall of gray roof ash. A peach tree outside the courtyard wall was thick, and looked like a red cloud from afar.

Liu Wei, Liu Wei, he heard someone calling his name. The voice was a bit familiar, but the man did not know Liu Wei before. The man said: I saw you far away, why didn’t you know, the banyan tree forgot the poplars. I am a poplar tree that shelters you from the rain. This voice is definitely not a poplar, but this face and his photo are clearly two people.

Liu Wei said: Yang Shu, Yang Shu, it snowed last winter, how did I find that family to go? After talking with a finger, that family. Yang Shu said: This is Dahuagou, I am Xiaohuagou, and then the village is in front. My name is Yang Shu, the tree of the big tree, and the family is called Yang Shu, arithmetic. You made a mistake. Liu Wei said: No wonder people say that their son is in Shenzhen. Yang Shu said: In the past few years, Yang Shu and his two couples went to Shenzhen without a fake, but I heard that the daughter-in-law ran with others, and Yang Shu was also unclear and had no news. Leave a little old and a little strange.

Two people sat side by side on the hill, and no one spoke quietly. The wind blew gently, itching like a mother’s hand.

Liu Wei stood up and used the whip to cover the two biggest goats. He said to Yang Shu: Send these two sheep to them, and there are lambs in the belly.

Yang Shu said: What did I say?

Liu Wei said: It is said that her son bought it.