Love is very bitter, be with very sweet people.

I was on a business trip two days ago. I was driving to the train station, just in time to catch up with Qingdao Fengda. The driver’s master arrived. I got on the bus and blew my hat away. I went to the hat and bent over. The phone fell off the ground.

I picked it up and saw that the phone screen was broken.

According to my previous mentality, I was sure that the pain was annoyed and sad. A broken hat was worth a few dollars. When I ran, I blew it, slammed the ground, and could blow my pride and indulgence. However, I am married, not the same. I am in a very stable state of mind. The broken screen mobile phone has nothing to do with nothing, because I have more important things to go to the high-speed rail.

I really admire my own stability, how the wind is getting more and more, my heart is more stable.

In the past few years, I have become more and more stable, and I understand deeply that I should not bet on my own irreparable little things that have already happened, because you must lose!

One day, I was doing housework at home, and I was so busy that I shouted at my wife. She only responded. When she didn’t come, I immediately angered and said with anger, are you busy? !

My daughter-in-law looked up and stared at me.

I asked again, are you busy? !

Then my wife got up and kissed me, laughing and saying, you tasted, salty and salty?

I smiled at once. I was really a cute little puffer fish. I was so flustered, screaming, screaming, and hopping to clean up the housework.


When my wife was pregnant, she was afraid of being fat and not looking good. She was depressed all day. I said, nothing, you have to fat people together, you eat ribs, I drink soup, to grow everyone together, you eat the shabu-shabu I clear, you strive to raise white, I eat fat.

My wife said happily, oh.

Then, everyone eats and eats together, gains weight and increases, and the gains are gratifying. Then, my wife gave birth to a child, and after finishing the month, the family returned to the girl who was over 100, and I was ripened to become a middle-aged grandfather. We are very embarrassed in front of the mirror, the trust between the husband and wife, and sure enough, the book is really true, the husband and wife are the same forest birds, when the disaster comes first, the first stew.

My wife said happily, come on, I believe you will lose weight.

I am too angry to say that all of them are so greasy middle-aged, you are still cheering, you are sure that I am a dear, not when I go to the Civil Affairs Bureau, I am wrong?

Oh, it was so pitted. My daughter-in-law was pregnant for 10 months. I went up with a dozen kilograms. Oh, the cute little girl I brought back at the Civil Affairs Bureau when I got married, I can’t come back.


One day, I wrote an article in the study, it is no exaggeration, Wen Si is like a spring, the spark of inspiration, the sly fire star.

My daughter-in-law sat on the sofa in the living room to watch the documentary. She especially liked to watch a variety of documentaries related to human nature. She was super happy, and she showed me the dance and the dance.

She said that there is a kind of fish, called shirt fish, which is especially cute. It has its own one-acre three-point seaweed field. There are corals and seaweeds. It is diligently packed every day. Like a particularly hardworking farmer, sea urchins especially love to seaweed. The fields are in chaos, and they swim around every day to drive them away. But at night, it was afraid of black, and it was hiding. The sea urchin was paralyzed. In the seaweed field, the party was opened, and the seaweed biting the seaweed was so cool that the shirt was not able to fish, and the small face could be wronged. I didn’t dare to go out and catch the sea urchin. I had to go there the next morning. Every day, you see, the shirt fish knows that life is bitter and annoying. However, tomorrow will continue, who will let you love the seaweed field. What?

I said, so this is why you and your son threw the building blocks into the living room. Why did you clean up the next day?

My daughter-in-law smiled and said, you know that Pippi shrimp, some are monogamous, they can be loved, live in the hole, its husband is standing with big pliers every day, and the good food is given first. Its wife eats.

Probably there may be new developments in the documentary. My wife is nervous, saying, finished, finished, and finished, her husband found a bigger hole and threw down his wife. So cruel! Her husband must have felt that the hole was too big to live comfortably, or that his husband had other Pippi shrimp outside.

After a while, my daughter-in-law went on to say, Come on, come see, its husband came back to pick it up, they have a big hole, God, its husband has prepared so many delicious, warm, do not want In the future, I will never eat Pippi shrimp anymore.

I am desperate, my writing inspiration? I also want to know where to go, quite desperate, full of brains are the narration of my wife’s devil, can be a marine documentary as a domestic ethical drama chase, my wife is definitely a mudslide in the industry.

So, now, understand, you can see how a complete article I have appeared in front of you. How difficult is it? After reading it, you still don’t give me a great compliment, but I have to go through countless tortures.

But when I think about it, someone tells you something interesting that you don’t know. Isn’t that the meaning of falling in love? Inspiration can wait, but I love you, all are instant feedback!


In these years, if I don’t fall in love, I will probably be killed by my wife for a hundred rounds. Every time I comfort myself: Who will make you jealous? Who makes you pet, that. Who makes you used to it, that.

Falling in love is like this, there will be countless little things, entangled with you, tormenting you, how can you have a smooth life, give you a bowl of mutton soup, the top is the parsley that you don’t like, and the bowl is blown, You can drink; give you a piece of pork and chicken, there is a broccoli that you don’t like, use chopsticks to dial one side, eat other, even if life is very hot, you can find a very sweet person, in Together.

A long time ago, a friend asked me, how can you make the marriage day so sweet?

I smiled and said that 24 hours a day, I just remember every moment that is very sweet, fun and fun. You see the story I wrote. It is not the whole picture of marriage. I also have troubles. However, falling in love is not the case. Well, in order to be so sweet, I am willing to accept the remaining 23 hours of suffering, because this is marriage. You can’t take a single paragraph and say that this is too bitter, but I am too salty, but I am too sweet, and I will be tired, so sweet, bitter and salty, and it will have a taste.

Don’t do stupid things, keep your mind steady, don’t bet on good bad things, you are entangled with it, you will lose more time, you know very well, don’t look small, it can take your Love is awkward.

You know, you will be angry and quarrel, but you will kiss.

You know, you will complain and complain, but you will also hug.

At a certain moment, you are disappointed with one person, but in a blink of an eye, you will also look at him with two eyes, incomparable worship. Those times that make you tremble, and later recall, will be happy to laugh.

Marriage, it seems that you are a person with a temper, meditation, refining, refining, refining, one day, you make a piece of sugar, eat it, really sweet, but, for a little while, eat it. When you are finished, you have to continue to refine and wait for the next piece of sugar to appear.

However, the sweetest and happiest day is not the moment when sugar appears, but the hard days that you cultivate together.

I love you, all are instant feedback! You laughed, and you earned it now.