Selling wine

In the small county towns that used to be small, the business of starting to sell wine on the spot was still booming, because the TV station recently exposed a famous winery in a certain place in China. Because the factory has not used a real grain of fermented white wine for more than 20 years, it is using some chemical raw materials, such as what kind of additive thickener, the so-called famous white liquor. And because several people had the alcohol poisoning incident, they were exposed by TV news media after many twists and turns. This sensation is not so big. I live in a small county town. For those who like to drink white wine, it is no less than an explosive time bomb. In the small town, various kinds of bottled white wines in various supermarkets are in a state of unsalable sales. Because oh? Not only after tracking the investigations, but also revealing some other well-known wineries, they are using the current chemical ingredients to blend white wine. After drinking this wine, it not only has no benefit to the human body, but also causes our cerebellar atrophy. Nerve and liver kidney poisoning is a malignant condition. For a time, the old people who like to drink two in the small town do not dare not cherish their own life to greet this intoxicating and lovely hateful liquor.

Similarly, the sales of bottled white wine in various supermarkets also affect the sellers who sell loose wine. One of my friends who sell loose wines found that this is a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity. Go back and use the mobile phone to check the online sale of second-hand simple brewed liquor equipment. The hard work pays off, and he does not have much effort. He inquired that there is a farmer who is processing the equipment of his own brewery on the Internet. After several bargaining, the original set of more than 20,000 brewing equipment, he only spent less than two thousand. Yuan will buy it home. After that, he and his son quickly used their own reddish paint to paint on the old brewing equipment, and then the copy shop rushed to print several wine flags and banners, named XXX brewing pure grain winery. In the most prosperous commercial area of ​​Xiaocheng, I have temporarily rented a very large place, selected the days and printed the propaganda and sales announcements in advance, and distributed the flyers with the sons and daughters for several days. The preferential conditions for this leaflet are really tempting, as long as this leaflet can be used to receive XXX pounds of 99 yuan on the spot, and other wines are bought three get one free, and it is not made on site. The pure grain liquor is fined 100,000 yuan for informed informants.

After igniting the opening of firecrackers at 8:58 in the morning, the scene began to be crowded with various kinds of grain in front of everyone, and the first pot of liquor was produced with the nose and eyes of the brewery. The fascinating distiller’s smell of the strong on-site brewing pots stimulated the small towns who liked to buy bottled bulk liquor during the time when they liked pure grain brewing liquor. One by one, the blushing neck is so afraid that she can’t buy the pure grain wine that she has seen with her own eyes.

The onlookers of the old wine fans all seem to be afraid of not buying the pure grain of wine produced in this pot. They are eager to buy one after another and even have two gaze. They are struggling to pull back to the original place. The big guys are rushing to buy the scattered white wines in the large jars burnt with the blood of the jujube pigs. My friend who sells wine is really a business savvy person who can sell and buy. He also brews the white wine that is brewed at the same time with a spoon and drinks the white wine that is leaking out to collect the big guys for free. Is this pure grain white wine just out of the wine pot different from the white wine and other sold white wine? After the tasting, people are more eager to buy all of his liquor sales, not to mention the three-for-one discount today. The big guys are afraid to miss the liquor that they actually saw on the spot. While he was busy collecting money to let his son and children play good wine, he let his wife make it convenient for himself. After that, he went to the left and left to observe the phone and then broadcast a number and then lowered the voice. Your factory was exposed and could not be sold. I don’t have a bottle of liquor. Now I have to go to the bank to send you money to say that a ton is 2,000 yuan and a pound. I don’t need you if you don’t open the hotel for free. The fake liquor produced by the winery!

After this period of time, several small towns in our small town also appeared to be similar to the scene selling liquor, but the business was not the business of my friend who sold wine. This was when he did not sell wine business. Tell me, the original brewing pot has a valve switch in the dark, the so-called brewed white wine is to attract the eyes of all the wine buyers, these wines are originally the blended fake liquor bought from the winery. The liquor sold at these scenes is nothing more than a fake liquor sold after a cycle on the brewing pot. You know it is too late, because the incident was later exposed and exposed to the news, haha Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between true and false!