The soul of the third party

Yin Shun was eating at the old cow’s house and said something unusual:

Three days ago, a woman rushed into his medical hall and shouted: “Help me drive the ghost!” Yin Shun explored, she was clean, and there were traces of ghost possession. She said that she was not ill, she did not believe, but Yin Shun only knew that the pit money was not psychic.

The next day she came again and said that she really saw the ghost. The ghost stood on her bed at night, she could see, her husband could not see.

Yin Shun’s wife Zhu Ke deliberately released a ghost from the body, and the woman could not see it. She didn’t have yin and yang, she was in the store. After a while, Yin Shun came to the business. The woman saw Yin Shun with the basket and the rattan to cure the person who was riddled with dirty things, and he refused to walk.

Last night, the woman came for the third time, and also took a thug, claiming that she would not help her to shop again. Zhu Ke did not say with a good spirit: “Hey, let us drive the evil spirits to you.” The woman was terrified and ran away.

The old cow said: “To ask the original committee, next time she comes again, you ask her to come to me.”

After two days, the woman came again. This time she lowered her eyebrows and said that her heart is not good. If she does not save her, she will only have a dead end. Zhu Ke took her to the old cow shop.

When the old cow saw it, it turned out to be a clean person. Not only did the body have no ghosts, but even the traces of being harassed by ghosts did not.

The old cow said: “If you want to solve the knot, you will start things from the beginning.”

The woman hesitated for a long while, still said.

Her name is Xu Wei, and half a month ago, she found her husband derailed. She is a strong woman, and her family spending is almost entirely dependent on her on weekdays. Husband can take her money to buy a luxury car, buy a watch, and wear a five-person six to find a little girl, which is the gas she has received? When the husband saw the incident, he confessed. Xiao San did not rely on it, and came to her house. The husband said: “I have already apologized to her for losing money for thousands of times. She has to marry me. What can I do?”

Xiaosan is arrogant, calling Xu Wei to give way, or to compensate for the sky price, otherwise she will go to her company and ask her to face the face.

Xu Wei was used to it, and his heart decided to kill her with her husband. Xiaosan is a foreigner. For the secret lover, he also specially set up a new mobile phone card. Usually, it is not as good as it is. It is convenient to remove it. Besides, this is a good opportunity to test the loyalty of the husband.

I didn’t expect Xu Yiyi to come up, and the husband promised. The couple was as good as ever and had a meticulous killing plan. The third time, Xiaosan came to trouble. The husband personally killed her in the bathtub. Then the couple drove to the suburbs and tied a large stone to her feet to sink the lake.

But then, Xu Wei saw the little three, long hair, middle points, pale face, blood suit, pupils all black. Sometimes it drifted through the window, sometimes in the mirror it was behind, Xu Wei was frightened, shouting her husband to see, sometimes seeing it flashed past, but her husband could not see.

The old cow said: “Where is your home? You lead me.”

Zhu Ke is curious and goes with the old cow. Xu Wei lived in a villa area in the suburbs. There were few people, and there were grasses in the parking spaces, and there was yin everywhere.

The old cow and Zhu Ke sneaked into her house with the help of Xu Wei and hid under the bed. In the night, it really started to move. The couple lie on the bed and watch TV on the bed. The door “吱” is pushed away, and a blood-stained woman quietly enters. Xu Wei was shocked and screamed. Her husband said: “The door is the wind? How do you always make a fuss.”

“You really can’t see anything?”

The husband got up and closed the door. The blood-stained woman stood by the bed and looked at Xu Xiaoxiao. Xu Wei was scared to roll to the ground. The husband is helpless: “There is nothing, you don’t want to be scared.”

The blood-stained woman whispered, “Xu Wei, Xu Wei, still my life–”

Xu Wei shrunk to the corner of the wall, his face was white, and soon he began to lick and foam at the mouth, so he was scared to death.

She died too fast, she did not know that she was a dead soul. She climbed to the bed and asked Zhu Ke and the old cow: “Have you seen it?”

The old cow has understood a few points, and Zhu Ke immediately took her soul away.

Along the way, Xu Wei hurriedly asked: “I didn’t lie to you, there are really ghosts.” After a while, he said, “Hey, I just had a chest pain, how can I not hurt this time?” Zhu Ke couldn’t bear to break it. Bring her soul back to the hospital. Afraid of her boredom, Zhu Ke also released three ghosts to accompany her to play mahjong. Xu Wei didn’t know that it was a ghost. He also felt that a high-ranking person had cleaned up the unclean house for himself. He was happy for a while and had a good time.

After Xu Wei’s death, her husband and Xiao Saner went to the bathroom to discuss it for a while and then hit 120 to make sure she was dead. The old cow came out from under the bed and asked in the past: “Fucking the ghosts, scaring the dead, I wonder if Xu Wei will not scream?”

The two men were scared to “flutter” and fell into the bathtub.

It turns out that killing Xiaosan is a strategy for men and Xiaosan. Buying a wound sticker from the Internet and sticking it to the neck is exactly the same as a real wound. Then buy some fake plasma, fill the bathtub, the man called Xu Wei to avoid, imitating the illusion of killing the little three children. Xiao Saner Shenhu is true, but the chain on the foot is a live buckle. When she is thrown away, she untied herself. Xu Wei’s heart is not good, the two together, let the little three days of night to pretend to be scared, and scared her to death in the morning and evening, the name is justifiable, 鸠 鹊 鹊 nest.

“Where are you from?” asked the man.

“The high man can’t talk.”

At this time, the old cow saw the man murdered. He stood up from the bathtub, and the man was tall and tall, and he was a strong man in front of the old cow. The old cow waited for him to take his hand and pushed him back to the bathtub: “I don’t know the depth, or consider how to protect yourself.”

The old cow returned to Yin Shun’s medical center and it was gray. He asked Zhu Ke what to do. Zhu Ke quietly said that this woman is a business genius. She wants to accept it. Maybe she can guide them to expand the medical center. Business. The old cow shook his head. This woman experienced the animal life in the past life. It was illusionized by a cockroach. It was once blindfolded by people with blindfolded eyes. It was stinky and embarrassing. This temper is not acceptable to Zhu.

But in case she told her the truth, she would go back to seek revenge. Like this sudden death, the ghost has not been discovered, she has time to retaliate, when the resentment is reported.

When leaving, the old cow said: “Let her wander in the lane at night, catch her own ghosts, and hand it over to Tiandao.”

Unexpectedly, after two days, Zhu Ke panicked and reported that he was not optimistic about Xu Wei and was run by her.

“She knows she is a ghost?”

“She found that the ghosts playing mahjong would walk through the wall and startled. They laughed at her as a new ghost, nothing.”

“and then?”

“After learning through the wall, I ran.”

The old cow said that he was not good. He quickly asked Yin Shun to see a soul wax and went to Xu Wei’s home to check. The funeral had just finished, the man was pretending to be miserable in front of the people, and he went to sleep with Xiaosan at night.

Xu Wei did not pay attention to revenge, but just guarded his son’s bed and burst into tears. The old cow stood behind her and looked at her with a handful of squats, but she slammed into the air and was so sad. He didn’t know that Xu Wei died so fast, otherwise he would shoot early and drink the fake ghost, and he would not be so miserable.

Xu Wei was at the bedside of her son until the early morning. She crossed the time and space and kissed the child’s face before she came to her husband’s bedroom.

The dogs and men here are smug, and Xu Wei is angry. The paper yarn on the wall has been photographed. The man said, “Is there a ghost in the world?”

“Do you even believe this one?”

Xu Wei was angry, and Xiao San felt that his foot was scratched. She stopped and rounded her eyes: “It is a bit wrong.”

Xu Wei was angry, the wind started, the lights went out, and the doors and windows were all closed.

Resentment is too heavy.

The old cow is not good at it, knocking on the door and persuading: “Xu Wei, if you have been separated from the body, you should not participate in human affairs.”

The man and the third opened the door to see the old cow, and he was ashamed and asked what he was doing.

The old cow said: “Xu Wei is here, I can make her look.”

The two men shook with horror, but they still bravely pretended not to believe. The old cow ignited the soul wax, and saw Xu Wei’s face killing, hidden in the candlelight. They are each huddled together.

“You are not really dead.” Xu Wei sneered and said: “You are racking your brains to do the play, for this day.”

“We are wrong…”

The old cow also persuaded: “The two of them are not exhausted. If you take their lives, you can only be hungry, this is why.”

“Don’t I have a good life? My career is successful, my parents are alive, my children are young, why do you suffer this?”

The old cow said: “You are the first to kill, and the husband kills.”

“I am hampered by my karma, what are their karma?”

“Tiandao, humanity, hungry ghosts, there is no absolute justice. You are like this in ancient times. You are a new ghost, and people are very light. If you fight with one heart and take the next three trips, you may not be able to do so. The result may be watching them two. After the world, the fruit was revised.”

Xu Wei sneered: “I am not afraid.”

“If you get to the head, you will regret it. You will hurt eight thousand people and you will lose 10,000. You are also a businessman. You understand what it is to pay for what you earn.”

Xu Wei burst into tears.

“There is a small official in the underworld, called the writer. You should check it out. Maybe you are not dying, but you will have this murder. If you are really dying, you can go to the judge to sue the living, the hell. The regulations make living people pay the price.”

“You lied to me to vote for the net?”

“Poor you are so wary of outsiders, but you are fully trusting the pillow people.”

Xu Wei cried, no words.

“Writing the book of the person who wrote it is the life and death of everyone. He writes his life and has logic. Being a person, character is fate, and how is personality formed? There are attributions. Birthday characters, parenting, growth environment, one ring Another ring, all should have a causal fate. In this intricate relationship, if you want to write everyone to conform to the heavens, there must be some people to make sacrifices – on the basis of the cause, to enlarge or reduce its fruit, In order to move the whole logic, it seems that they are perfect. You have the right to be a mustard that has been sacrificed. Besides, I have no way to save you.”

“why me?”

“The winner is a great circle, never ask why.”

“Why do I have to do it?”

“No longer suffer from hatred for yourself.”

When the old cow went back in the morning, Zhu Ke ran to ask him how, because the old cow counted Xu Wei.

I sighed with a sigh: “I haven’t made an earlier rescue in the past two days. It seems that she has died in this place. It is fixed.”

“Then she was still a bit unlucky, she died, her husband and Xiao Saner are happy to go.” Zhu Ke said.

“A person who has seen a real ghost can still be happy for a few days? In the future, they will only desperately disperse their own money and do good deeds, but they can benefit the people. Xu Wei’s character before his death, the money he earned from doing business, is not clean. They are used by unclean people in unclean things, and finally they eat their own food.”

Zhu Ke said: “So, the outcome is fair and reasonable?”

The old cow nodded: “Call on Yin Shun, go and give her some paper money, let her be there to clear the little devil and see my life book. It is a ghost, everyone has to write a pen Clear and clear, then I can see clearly, then repent, shame, forgiveness. I figured that she is an arthropod in her next life. Although her life is short but there is no pain, it is a creation.”

Zhu Ke looked up and saw a stick insect attacked by a sparrow on the tree. It fled from one leg and fled quickly. It looked like a rush, but it was also a lucky one.