To be a character

If you send a questionnaire to the writers: “What is the most exciting thing in your writing?” There is definitely more than one answer. Some people have white hair structure, some people use words to break their beards, some people have a sleepless night, and some people even write longer, more like epic got tuberculosis . The French writer Pietre Fletio is convinced of her mother’s teachings: “To make people understand, you have to write short sentences.” So the sentence became the opium of her writing. In order not to write nonsense, Hemingway advocated standing and writing. If he used his way to write Faulkner’s novels, it would be strange to suffer from arthritis. But we can’t deny it. Because Faulkner’s sentence is too long, it is not a good writer. It is just that the writers’ excitement is not coincident.

So, will writing characters be the same excitement of writers? Not sure at all. Some writers do not have a character in order to express the occupation of people. Mr. Han Shaogong’s recent short story, “The Story of the Eight Diagrams and One Room,” has never let the protagonist appear, but only the utensils in the owner’s house. This anti-personal writing is refreshing. Some writers who are responsible for shaping characters are tens of thousands of words and even hundreds of thousands of words. Although the information of the characters is better than the records of the personnel files, after reading the works, you can’t remember the characters. I don’t see the psychological motives, I don’t know the reason for the lines, let alone leave scratches in the reader’s heart. Therefore, writing or not writing a character is not the only criterion for judging the merits of a writer. However, if a writer writes a character well, he or she will hang a gold medal for himself.

Look at the literary masters we admire. Which one does not stand in a row? That is some immortal characters. They are longer than the writer’s life, and the influence is far-reaching. The average reader can even know Lu Xun, but knows Ah Q ; I don’t know Tolstoy, but I know Anna Karenina… … I once found in an article that “John Christopher” became a writer. This typo can be said to be the highest reward for Roman Roland. In the past few years, several writers who were sealed as masters in literary textbooks have passed away. While we are remembering them, we pick up the number of characters they have shaped. Those who have shaped the characters are called true masters. Those who do not shape characters are called pseudo-masters. As long as you put the writer on the scale of the character, you know how many writers have been eliminated. It can be seen that writing a character by a writer is a very cost-effective transaction, at least for the sake of being circulated and immortal. However, looking back at Chinese novels for more than two decades, few characters can be remembered. Are these intellectually writers who have no common sense in writing characters?

seems not. Because writers have more urgent tasks, such as exposing, accusing, rethinking, and carrying out formal enlightenment on Chinese literature; venting, anti-corruption, petty bourgeoisie, playing cool, etc., making the common sense of shaping characters The problem is ignored by most writers. It is undeniable that some of these works have brought great surprises and impressions to readers, and many critics have also cheered for this. However, after the era of novels instead of journalism, when various creative techniques have been demonstrated, where do writers go to make good works? Writing a good character is undoubtedly the most feasible way, just like the end point and returning to the starting point, and returning to simplicity after luxury.

The neglect of shaping characters is not only the sins of writers, but also the surplus of market and literary magazines. So many literary publications need to fill the text of the layout every day. It is not a matter of urgency to write a good character. The key is to be able to type. Wang Hao said that all female writers can write a word to be a work, and a slightly decent work is a famous work. This can now be extended to male writers. Our literary creations have always been wide-ranging, low-cost operation, and now it is hard to have royalties. Writers are inevitably shoddy, eager to compose stories, and there are still leisure time to ponder people. In addition, in the past few years, few critics have dared to waste pen and ink, and analyze the characters in a certain work in detail. They would rather encourage the concept in the works and encourage the writers to be human. They would rather classify the writers than encourage them. Writers shape characters.

In fact, every writer does not write about characters when writing, or writes stories and can’t do without characters. The question is, do writers use characters to conceive stories, or do they involve characters in order to tell stories? If you put a good character in the first place, it is not a complete story, but a character’s right and wrong, short and long, sometimes even neglecting time and space, which is why Kafka’s beetle is crowned. The reasons why outsiders can impress readers. Even like Ah Q holding a stolen turnip quibble with the nun: “This is your answer that you can scream it what you??” Such a short sentence, the writer is to write after careful consideration, it is sufficient to shape Ah Q cheaters character. Today, the reason why the literary figures are largely missing, the writer’s owing to the skill is one aspect. On the other hand, the writers do not take the role of shaping the characters as their own responsibility, but for the purpose of rewriting the manuscript fees, the characters written are too symbols. It’s too flat, or it’s too pale. When the story is over, the characters are not standing up, leaving only a mediocre name.

However, how difficult it is to write a character. Simply writing loyalty, traitor, goodness, evil is just a trick in repeating classical or martial arts novels. Those characters represent the basic emotions of human beings, like the surface of the ore. Every writer has the potential to gain benefits, but there is no joy of innovation. It is necessary to rely on this type of character to impress the readers who are knowledgeable. Not small. We should not be like the lack of popular goods, and those hiding in the depths of the soul, we need to continue exploration and mining of characters, and everyone today they have a relationship, but living in the heart of the “secret zone” Perhaps it is a flash of the mind, perhaps the tremor of the nerve endings , like Lu Xun’s Ah Q and Kong Yiji, Nabokov’s Humbert, Dostoevus’s Raskolnikov, Thor Stie’s Nekhludoff, Kafka’s Joseph K , Coron’s Mercenda, Kelte’s Kewesh… These characters are not hanging on the wall for us to admire; not the window The one who walks outside is for us to observe; it is a mirror, as long as we look at it, we are inside. In my body, there are both the nature of Ah Q and Kong Yiji, and the ability of Raskolnikov to find excuses; the repentance of Nekhludoff and the original sin of Joseph K ; in extremely difficult circumstances I will have the happiness of Ke Weish; in the moment of sorrow, I also have a silent sorrow. They are like the various sides of the person, enlarged, and the sensitive readers are red-faced.

Therefore, what is lacking in literary works is not the characters, but the specimens that dissect our lives and minds. The missing part that we have not realized. If we fail to reach this level, then we are at best sketching the characters. . Many writers think that they are shaping characters. In fact, he is just sketching, relishing the hero’s costumes, villas, cars, detailed places where people enter and drink, what drinks they drink, and what seems to have something to do with us. The mind does not overlap at all, this is the natural enemy of shaping the characters, and must cause enough vigilance.

The writers really want to write a few good characters. They fight with eyesight, brain power and sit-off. They fight time and perseverance. They need to be careful and empathetic. They are willing to treat themselves as a receiver and emotional. Tester, this is the real body writing! When Faulkner wrote a person into the mansion and didn’t know where to go, he wrote: “It seems that he is tracking himself.” And our writing is actually tracking people, that person is not someone else, it is us, it is ours. soul.

At least in recent years, I will remind myself from time to time, like Pietre Fletio, “to be short sentences, dear”, to be a character, dear.