6 top thinking skills necessary for excellence managers

01 goal-oriented thinking

Those who have no goals are always powerless and scattered.

The excellent people live in an excavator and dig deep into their wishes and goals.

The desire here refers to the true appeal in the heart.

They also understand that the goal is the first driving force of the self and the fundamental reason for the effort.

The behavior of the boss is actually evoking everyone’s initial wishes. This kind of desire is the goal. They are often buried under some high-sounding rhetoric. They need to be asked again and again to ask.

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Make the company small and make customers bigger

To make enterprises small and light, to focus on energy, to achieve long-term development and breakthrough in their own areas of excellence; customer-oriented and market-oriented, to enable enterprises to get rid of the dilemma of cost management and price competition, and build long-term competition based on ability force.

In the era of the Internet, rebuilding the strategic growth of the enterprise, the internal driving force is the organization and people. So, what changes have been made to the organization and human resource management of enterprises? In what direction is it going? The trend can be judged through the practice of three star companies.

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Choose a thing that you can regret less in the future.

People say that they have to live a life without regrets, but how can people live forever in their lives?

Oxford’s entry competition is fierce, and no one can successfully enroll in school with the permission of a professor. Admission notices can only be obtained through a rigorous formal selection process with the unanimous consent of a jury composed of relevant professional professors. I just received the admission application and I received a notice of rejection. Everything seems to be taken for granted.

Although they did not tell me the specific reasons for rejecting me, I know it well. Allowing more than half a hundred Asian women to enroll in school is not common even now. I thought that this farce was the time to end, but suddenly remembered a past event related to her daughter.

That was what happened after the daughter went to the UK to study in high school. One day, my daughter cried and called me to complain.

“Mom, my English is too bad. I can’t understand the teacher’s lectures, I can’t write homework, and the math scores are countdown. I don’t even have an appetite for dinner.”

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Accompany you half way

Every time Lingxi takes the train, he will bring two large towels, one for covering the pillow and one for covering the head.

One summer, she and Zhang Li were invited to attend the same meeting. At the end of the meeting, they all bought tickets to Yucheng.

Ling Xi’s hometown is in Yucheng, and Zhang Li is going to see the aunt in Yucheng. After getting on the bus, Zhang Li and Ling Xi changed the ticket for the shop. He put him and Ling Xi’s bag on the luggage rack and looked back. Ling Xi was going to the pillow and was covered with a towel.

“Really,” Zhang Li smiled.

Ling Xi was a little embarrassed. She looked at Zhang Li’s hair and washed it today. She pulled off the towel from the head and gave it to him: “You can also make one.”

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90% of people use the wrong “reading methods”

I met a friend who hasn’t seen you for a long time. This friend is very eager to learn. I opened the door and asked me a question:

Hey, I have read a lot of books. If you read my books, I can read them. How do you feel that there is no progress?

I smiled and said: Did you read this book and read the book? Looking at the west and turning over?

Estimated that my words are about her heart, she can’t wait to nod and nod to answer: that is, this is what you said.

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