6 top thinking skills necessary for excellence managers

01 goal-oriented thinking

Those who have no goals are always powerless and scattered.

The excellent people live in an excavator and dig deep into their wishes and goals.

The desire here refers to the true appeal in the heart.

They also understand that the goal is the first driving force of the self and the fundamental reason for the effort.

The behavior of the boss is actually evoking everyone’s initial wishes. This kind of desire is the goal. They are often buried under some high-sounding rhetoric. They need to be asked again and again to ask.

Ordinary people tend to have a less sense of purpose, so they are basically unable to drive themselves to do things. But the best people, on the other hand, do not set goals and do not act, always use the goal to guide their efforts.

02 Altruism

Have you discovered that people with high emotional intelligence are more adept at altruistic, and those with lower emotional intelligence are more adept at self-interest.

The level of one’s emotional intelligence comes from the game of altruism and self-interest.

Why do good people make better use of altruistic thinking?

Because altruism is to better self-interest , smart people understand this truth.

The reason why self-interests are stupid is that they only focus on short-term gains and ignore long-term ones.

Self-interested people are often black-faced, occluded, arrogant and savage, and there are good things that are only exclusive, and people around them are far away. On the surface, he did everything that was good for him.

In the end, he will lose the important interpersonal relationship chain and lose his good reputation as a human being.

The benefits of the altruist are far greater than those of the self-interested.

Those who are willing to help others and provide value to others will often receive the value that others provide.

03 iterative thinking

Good people have a strong sense of crisis. They understand that in this era, a little carelessness will lag behind others. If people don’t learn to iterate themselves, update themselves, and improve themselves, failure is a matter of minutes.

It takes only 10 minutes to learn the shortcut keys on the keyboard, but many people are too lazy to learn and too lazy to use. Typing in five strokes can be much faster than Pinyin. Normal training can be learned in a week, and many people are too lazy to learn.

Each small optimization saves time and increases efficiency.

The work habits of the best people are not one-day practice. It has been after more than a decade of iterations, and it will be today.

Think of yourself as a product, your soul is your product manager.

Are you still the old version of the past?

04 busy with boring boredom

The biggest characteristic of modern people is busy.

This is often criticized.

Busy should not be criticized, and the one that should be criticized should be boring.

Boredness is often accompanied by negative emotions such as depression, sorrow, and emptiness.

Nothing to talk about, nothing to do. Rotten on the sofa, rotten on the bed, this is the most terrible.

Divide people into three categories: boring, busy, and busy.

The third is the most advanced state, which is more targeted and busy.

The second type of busyness is not necessarily clear, but people are still in motion. Since exercise, it can produce possibilities and meanings. Some people are not born to know what they should do, but they can find their way in constant movement.

Human vision and cognition have boundaries. When you experience something more, your boundaries will be broadened, individual extensions will increase, and inclusiveness will be stronger.

05 integrated thinking

Good people rarely exclude external information. They are like a sponge. As long as it is water, it will be sucked in and looked at, and then pick out the useful things.

So you will find that most of them like to read, watch movies, appreciate art, have their own taste for music, and have their own understanding of literature.

They are good at integration and are good at extracting something that is valuable to them from external information.

Some readers once asked me: “What is the use of reading?”

My thought is: If you want to read with utilitarian demands, it is better not to read.

Only those who calm down can have the opportunity to experience the beauty of another world.

Just as a good NPC has a private way of taking nutrition.

Good people are good at opening their pores, fully feeling the things in the world, being hungry like a sponge, and being humble like a beginner.

Because some things seem useless, but they are useless.

It will subtly transform you and influence the key decisions you make during critical times.

06 attaches importance to sports

I asked a lot of people, why not exercise?

They said, “How do you train so strong? The limbs are developed and the mind is simple.”

The meaning of sports has long been ignored.

So many people have a stereotype of athletes. Think that they are just simple minds and people who are simple.

The opposite is true. The more athletic people, the better and the smarter they are.

In 1990, Arthur Kramer, a biologist at the University of Illinois in the United States, designed an experiment in which a group of people who didn’t usually exercise did exercise for 6 months, then tested their thinking ability and found that there was indeed an improvement. The research results were written in a paper published in Nature.

Exercise can optimize people’s thinking and make people smarter.

More critically, health is fundamental to everything.

Good people will realize: How to ensure that you can fight for a long time?

It is exercise ! Excellent fight is not only brain power, but also physical strength.

It is also popular in the Chinese writers group that people who write novels must pass the body.

Do not believe that you Su Tong, Yu Hua, Mo Yan, do not belong to the type of “weak”.

Written at the end

Finally, I want to say a little more: good people are often not moved by foreign objects.

In this era, there are too many things that can influence the individual’s will.

In other words, they believe in their own truth. Evaluate yourself in your own way without having to prove anything to the outside world.

In the choice of direction of life, good people tend to follow their hearts and dare to reject others’ opinions.

Indeed, don’t listen to the opinions of peers because you are not them. All young people are on different runways, family, background, wealth, luck, and each person has different things to carry, and the way to go is naturally different.

You don’t have to compare with them, because comparisons can only produce awkward and narrow minds.

Don’t listen to the older generation. You may often listen to your parents and say: “The civil servant is good, go to the civil service.”

But they are just trying to domesticate you with the outdated experience of the previous generation. Their thoughts and experience have made them into a state like this. If you don’t want to be in such a state after decades, why should you listen to them?

Really excellent people have their own evaluation system.

Their courage and determination have determined that they will follow a path that is very different from ordinary people.