90% of people use the wrong “reading methods”

I met a friend who hasn’t seen you for a long time. This friend is very eager to learn. I opened the door and asked me a question:

Hey, I have read a lot of books. If you read my books, I can read them. How do you feel that there is no progress?

I smiled and said: Did you read this book and read the book? Looking at the west and turning over?

Estimated that my words are about her heart, she can’t wait to nod and nod to answer: that is, this is what you said.

I smiled and said bluntly: Most people read the wrong way, but they don’t know.

Liu Xiang, a famous writer in the Western Han Dynasty, once had such a good saying: the book is also a medicine, and the good reading can be a doctor.

This sentence can be understood from the literal meaning: books are like medicines, and those who are good at reading can increase their wisdom and stay away from ignorance and ignorance.

Remember: people who are good at reading add wisdom, not that you can increase your wisdom when you study, what is good? It is the problem of the method.


Today, I will share with you the taboos of reading:

First, just look at the book that you can read at a glance, never look at the book that needs brains.

For example, I once recommended a lot of sage books to everyone and opened a lot of books. Some readers leave a message in the background: Hey, those books are too difficult to understand, too time-consuming, and don’t want to see.

I am responsible to tell you that you can only read books that you can understand at once, and it is difficult for you to make progress throughout your life.

Let me give you an example. A has graduated from elementary school, but still learns the knowledge of elementary school every day, and reads elementary school-level textbooks. Another person B is also a primary school graduate, but he goes to junior high school textbooks and even high school on the basis of elementary school. The textbook, although difficult to understand, but slowly overcome the difficulties.

After three years, what do you think A and B are making big? Of course it is B.

The same is true for reading books. On the basis of our own, it is more difficult to read and increase the difficulty of thinking. The difficulties you overcome are your gains and your growth.

Otherwise, read your glance at the books every day, and you will always be old.


Second, blindly compare the number of books read, look at the West to see, but never read in depth

The friend of mine before me was guilty of reading this taboo: East turned over, West looked, and saw a lot of books on the surface. In fact, in the book she had read, there was no essence of a book she could say.

There are so many people around me who have made such a wrong way of reading. They flipped through the book today and threw it. Look at the book tomorrow and throw it away.

You have to look at 100 books in a sneak peek. There is no more seriousness in reading a classic book.

I also told my students in the writing course: You can write 100 articles casually. It is better for you to seriously improve your one article by 100 times.


Because I am not only a reader, but also the author of a book, I use the author’s thinking to help you analyze:

The creation of a general book requires systematic thinking and requires a lot of process of preparation, analysis, and discussion. This process of creation requires rigorous logic.

Readers who do not read a book in depth, they turn a book east, turn it over, look at the conclusion, and ignore or even miss the author’s key knowledge points in the process of creating a book. , logical analysis points, missed the author’s point of view.

Many people read the book only to see the conclusion, but do not look at the process of the author’s discussion, analysis, and conclusion of the book, and this process is to teach you the way to think about the problem, this is the real essence.

This erroneous way of reading books eventually led them to read the book: “Know it but don’t know why.”

But often “people who know why” are better than “people who know it”!

As long as you read through any classic sage book, the whole person’s realm and pattern will be different.

Hu Juren once said: reading works in gradual; a book has been cooked, party read a book, do not get reckless by leaps, though there are many useless.

Everyone remembers: Don’t take a look at the Huaguan Huadong, turn it over, and finally no book really understands.


Third, blindly compare reading speed

Some people use a very stupid way of reading: the speed of reading.

For example, once I heard: Yeah, it took me three days to read this book. I must use one day to finish reading. This is a very ignorant idea.

Let me tell you why?

Because each person has different levels of reading comprehension, such as a person with poor reading comprehension, a chapter takes a long time to finish reading, but for a person with strong reading comprehension, they can immediately understand what the author wants to express.

In addition, cognition is different, and each book has relevant fields.

For example, a physicist can read a book about astronomy and physics. It is very easy because they have the foundation of relevant professions. They already know a lot of theoretical knowledge.

But for an ordinary person, if you don’t have professional physics knowledge, but go to a book related to physics astronomy, they should read the relevant professional content while reading, which takes a lot of time, of course, their reading speed. Slower.

Speed ​​is the first major illness in reading. The effort is not uninterrupted. Lu Yi of the Qing Dynasty once told the readers that this book is the reason.

So don’t blindly compare the speed of reading.

Remember: According to your personal situation, whether you really absorb the essence of the book as a standard, and don’t worry because you have been squatting for a long time, because the ultimate goal of absorption is good.


Fourth, only reading, excerpting, but not seeking a solution, not thinking

I have encountered such a reader. I want to make progress. I know that reading is a good way but I don’t want to think. Is there any way to keep my mind and learn?

I replied directly: No!

Similarly, I have seen too many readers reading books without thinking. They have a habit, and if they have finished reading the book, they will be finished.

Either have a habit of excerpting, this sentence is well written down, the sentence is written down in seconds, but never figured out what the author wrote in this sentence? What did the author go through to write such a sentence?

The author’s writing background, the background of the story in the book, the fate relationship of the characters in the book, etc. are all not considered.

Polk once said: reading without thinking is equal to eating without digesting.

The purpose of our meal is to digest the nutrients in the food and then absorb the energy that is transformed into our own body. The purpose of our reading is to turn the knowledge in the book into our own wisdom.

If you don’t think about reading, you can never gain more wisdom.

This is the wrong way to share the four kinds of readings that you have shared today, and to avoid these mistakes, so that everyone can read them effectively.

Goethe once said: Reading a good book is like talking to a noble person.

Let’s talk to the “noble people” with the right reading method.