Accompany you half way

Every time Lingxi takes the train, he will bring two large towels, one for covering the pillow and one for covering the head.

One summer, she and Zhang Li were invited to attend the same meeting. At the end of the meeting, they all bought tickets to Yucheng.

Ling Xi’s hometown is in Yucheng, and Zhang Li is going to see the aunt in Yucheng. After getting on the bus, Zhang Li and Ling Xi changed the ticket for the shop. He put him and Ling Xi’s bag on the luggage rack and looked back. Ling Xi was going to the pillow and was covered with a towel.

“Really,” Zhang Li smiled.

Ling Xi was a little embarrassed. She looked at Zhang Li’s hair and washed it today. She pulled off the towel from the head and gave it to him: “You can also make one.”

At that time, there were few high-speed trains, and the train to Yucheng was going to be open for thirty-six hours.

At night, Zhang Li listened to Ling Xi on the right side and turned over, then squinted and chatted with her. They were not familiar with it, and they talked about the corner lights being extinguished. They became familiar when they were unfamiliar – the sky was bright.

Zhang Li said: “Go, let’s go to the dining car for breakfast.” I went to the dining car four times and ate four meals before they arrived at the destination. When I waved goodbye, I found that I didn’t leave the other party’s phone number.

When Zhang Li packed his luggage at his aunt’s house, he found that the big towel of Ling Xi was brought back. He pulled out the address book sent by the organizer of the conference and found the phone of Ling Xi.

He dialed in, only to hear the voices, Ling Xi shouted: “What? What do you say?” Made Zhang Li also raised the voice: “Your towel!”

They shouted to meet in the evening of the next day. This evening, Zhang Li took a look at the towel in front of the faucet. The face was always floating and laughing: it was like a game of scholars and young ladies who lost their hands and shackles.

Love you through thousands of miles

Zhang Li teaches at the university, and there is plenty of summer vacations; Ling Xi, just changed a job, it is just empty. The two met again, in addition to the borrowing and returning of the towel, pushing and letting, but also finalized the next date – travel around the city.

Around, you can’t swim in one day: boating, hiking, eating and drinking… Their last stop is Cuigu. When Ling Xi recalled his youth, he traveled here in the spring. Zhang Li also talked about the past. When he was a child, he and his cousin often came here to play. At that time, the parents had not gone to sea to do business. He had not been boarding at his aunt’s house all the year round. Now, the parents are married each other, and the aunt’s family is more like him. The home of the heart.

Ling Xi keenly captured a detail, Zhang Li came to Cuigu, he did not need her to be a guide; he grew up in Yucheng, he may be familiar with Yucheng, then…

Ling Xi did not ask, Zhang Li took the initiative to answer, he said, he originally planned to stay in Yucheng for three days, now it has been 30 days, I don’t know why, this time I don’t want to leave, unless Ling Xi also follows .

Ling Xi certainly has to go, but their destination is not one.

Ling Xi’s new job is in Shenzhen, and Zhang Li’s university is in Beijing. One south and one north, Ling Xi is a bit embarrassed, Zhang Li still smiles openly: “It doesn’t matter, I hit the ‘fire’ to see you.” He jumped up from the stone and reached out to Ling Xi.

Flying marriage

Ling Xi and Zhang Li got married after three years of acquaintance, got married for a month, and divorced.

At that time, Zhang Li received an order and was sent out for five years. Before they left, they received a marriage certificate, but Ling Xi refused Zhang Li’s “to accompany” request.

Ling Xi has become a small leader of the magazine, and he cherishes this identity. When she announced her decision, Zhang Li had no words for a long time. After a long time, he almost pleaded: “You know, I want to have a home…” After the two people had a big fight, it was a cold war.

With the countdown of Zhang Li’s going abroad, neither of them saw that the other party had a concession. So, Zhang Li proposed a divorce—in fact, he wanted to force Ling Xi, Ling Xi’s anger, and immediately agreed, and they immediately went again. Civil Affairs Bureau.

When Zhang Li left, Ling Xi did not send him.

She was sitting on the train back to Shenzhen. The car was a slow train. It stopped and opened all the way. She stopped crying.

Estimated that Zhang Li is going to board the plane, she sent a text message: “Along the way.” There is a second back: “You think about it, come to me.”

They didn’t contact for a month. A month later, the magazine set up a reporter station in Beijing and sent Ling Xi resident.

Ling Xi wanted to ease and took the initiative to send an email to Zhang Li: “I live in your Beijing room, can I?” The house they originally planned to be a wedding room. Zhang Li did not respond, she dialed the phone over the ocean and answered the phone is a female voice.

They really ended the period.

After another year, Ling Xi changed the work of the railway media and ran around on different trains every week.

when love is already past

Zhang Li and Ling Xi met again, on the newly opened Hefei high-speed rail.

Zhang Liwen: “Why didn’t you ignore me later? Didn’t even have an explanation?”

Ling Xi saw that he did not like to install, the mail, the phone and the tray out, the mystery was also revealed: “The mailbox password was lost. With an hourly work, you did not hear what she said is not Chinese?” Zhang Lizhen wool-like pull Hair, “After a few days, I think we are quiet enough, just go to find you, but your contact information has changed, call your unit, home, they say you explain, ignore me…”

At this time, Zhang Li has returned to China. He lectured everywhere and took the high-speed rail. I went to the magazine and found the name of Ling Xi. He collected the magazines for nearly half a year and sorted out the logic of Ling Xi’s interview: “I bought the newly opened high-speed rail and the ticket near the train station.” – Ling Xi is responsible The main column is the train conductor.

Ling Xi had not spoken until Zhang Li took her hand. She looked at him sadly: “I am going to remarry again.”

However, if the words are opened, the knot will be solved. Mixed feelings.

What’s more mixed is that before and after the wedding, Ling Xi received a gift from Zhang Li Express.

In a beautifully wrapped gift box, there are two soft, gentle towels.

There is also his words: “The trains come and go, the passengers go up and down, I am wrong in the middle of the car, when I come back, I can’t accompany you all the way, thank you for teaching me in those years.”

He did not come to the wedding, Lingxi also did not use the two towels.

But she collected them very well, such as collecting a period of time, collecting an old feeling that has been relieved.