The best relationship is “everything you need”

The so-called things are gathered together, and people are divided into groups.

Everyone is actually clearly priced, gold jade for satin, rough hemp for firewood, what kind of person are you, what is your circle.

Interpersonal relationships pay attention to each need, no value, will naturally be abandoned by others; there is enough value, guests come from all directions.

You are not good, no one knows who is useless.

When reading, many people get the embarrassment of their parents:

Stay with classmates who are learning well.

The so-called “Pengsheng Ma, not support and straight”, it is undeniable, with the excellent people, naturally will be subtly affected.

But if you think of “who knows” as strength, it is the end of the cart.

A colleague of mine is keen on accumulating contacts. I believe that if I know more than one person, I will have more resources.

Last month, an industry big coffee came to the company to communicate. After the exchange meeting, she couldn’t wait to add a big coffee WeChat.

In the evening, she specifically asked the big coffee about the exchange meeting. According to her words, the two talked quite speculatively.

She said that we are a few stupid people, do not know how to grasp this opportunity to know the cattle.

Within a few days, she found that the big coffee made a circle of friends like this:

Because the number of WeChat is full, some contacts need to be deleted, so please forgive me.

She has a good place to praise, and also boasted that we are big coffee and personality.

Who expected, and the next day she sent another WeChat and found that the big coffee had already removed her.

You regard people as an expensive person who can help you to make progress, and people treat you as a dispensable passer.

There is no such experience in life:

“I tell you, I was talking to the CEO of the company last night, and I will come out and chat with them.”

“My friend is a human resources director in a foreign company. I need help to tell me that I will scream with her.”

“On the weekend, my friend drove a sports car and took me to the seaside boulevard. It was a cool one.”

We are often arrogant, and it seems that we can know that some people who are so good can add more points to us.

As everyone knows, if you simply mention “who I know”, it is just to cover up the mediocrity and powerlessness in your heart; holding the pile of “personal names” as wealth is just like the moon in the water, the flowers in the mirror.

Its own excellence is the greatest value.

We use the “name” of others as a show of capital. It is better to try hard and let the people who know it bring up our name.

Only when the values ​​are equal, can they talk to each other

The famous American sociologist Horsman pointed out in his “social exchange theory”:

“Any interpersonal relationship is essentially an exchange relationship.”

Also mentioned in the book “Minimal Power”:

“Only equivalent exchange can get reasonable help”

I saw a very interesting news a few days ago:

A Maybach collided with a Rolls-Royce. After the two owners got off the bus, they did not blame each other. Instead, they apologized and exchanged business cards, indicating that they would have more opportunities to cooperate in the future.

Some netizens said that the quality of these two car owners is extremely high.

Some netizens use another angle to interpret:

Conservation is one aspect, but it is also because the two are equal. If the two people cooperate in business afterwards, the benefits will not be comparable to the two luxury cars.

Suppose that if a Maybach collided with a car of ten thousand, the scene of submitting a business card would not happen.

I started from scratch, and I feel the same:

When I was penniless, I was exposed to various kinds of three religions.

Now the company is quite large, and the person in charge of the company is the leader of the company and the leader of the city.

After two pauses, he joked and said: “But it is only limited to this. Ma Yun’s table is still not sitting on the table.”

Lions don’t walk with sheep on the grasslands, and people at different levels can’t make wine together.

What kind of height will you get to know someone?

Some people look at the bottom of the earth, some people star the sea, after all, the scenery you can see depends on your own value and level.

Your strength is your strength

Or Wang Xiaobo hits the nail on the head: “All the pain of man is essentially the incompetence of his own incompetence.”

In the past few years of work, I have also been so annoyed:

If the professional knowledge is more solid, it will not be so stretched in dealing with things.

If you are strong enough, maybe it is another situation now.

The disappointment of many things, in the final analysis, is that their own strength does not match the life they want.

A good person, the world is big, it is not his place to go, even if he is alone, he is not worried.

It’s like a friend of mine who wants to resign from one of the best game companies in China.

I advised him not to think about it again. After all, the salary is so good. This step is wrong, but it is gone.

This friend is an ordinary graduate. Many large-scale game companies are named 985 and 211. He can only choose small companies at the beginning.

After two or three years of hard work, it is not easy to be dug by this big game company. Now it is in the period of rising career. I heard that he wants to resign, we all feel sorry for him.

He smiled and said:

Nothing is work, it is not my ability, it doesn’t matter.

It is true that your own strength is the greatest responsibility of your own society. How good you are, how calm you are.

Oil tycoon Rockefeller himself said without confidence:

If I strip all my clothes, I don’t have one left, and then throw me into the big desert. Then when a caravan passes, I will become a billionaire again.

In the final analysis, people live for a lifetime, relying on their own land is worse than relying on themselves.

Tolerant to boring, able to withstand the waves, not to be confused by foreign objects, quietly cultivate yourself.

If you have value, you have enough qualifications to exchange with others. Your own value also determines your position in relationships.

The times are raging, everything is changing, and the constant is strength.