The boss sent flowers.

Chen Dabin opened a small restaurant and the business was very good. He had to hire an extra waiter. The new waiter is Xiao Li. She is very beautiful and smart. When applying, Chen Dabin took a fancy to it at a glance. After formal work, Xiao Li worked very hard, with a sweet mouth, which pleased Chen Dabin very much. When there were a little fewer guests, Chen Dabin went over to chat with Xiao Li and tell jokes or something. Sometimes, Chen Dabin also personally helped Xiaoli mop the floor. Every time Xiaoli was happy to say thank you to the boss.

” Call what boss? You can call me Big Brother. ” Chen Dabin was very happy and in his heart he liked Xiaoli even more. However, he did not know what the other party was thinking. He said directly that he was afraid of scaring Xiao Li away. At last, Chen Dabin told Lao Wang, the chef, what was on his mind. The other party laughed: ” It’s very simple. Nowadays young girls like to have flowers sent. Boss, you can send roses to her. If she takes them, doesn’t that mean she likes you too?” ” Yes, why didn’t I think of it?” Chen Dabin was very happy, but he did not know how much to send. ” Not much, just one, one heart and one mind.” Lao Wang laughed. Chen Dabin was very happy, but he was embarrassed to buy roses himself, so he asked Lao Wang to run errands.

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I was hospitalized in the downtown hospital for half a month, and the attending doctor asked me to go through the discharge formalities on Monday. The downtown hospital has a large number of patients, and it is Monday. I expect there will be a large number of people, so I queued up early in the lobby on the first floor. Can come again early, each window is still full of people, have to do admission procedures, discharge procedures, have to pay, settlement fees. There are about 20 people in front of my window. By the time the staff came to work, the queue had formed and continued to the outside of the hall, but the queue was orderly and moving forward slowly. All of a sudden, a middle-aged man of medium height, with a stout body, came rushing up in full head and sweat. He saw a gap in the front line and stepped in and stood in the line.

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У мужа роман

В этот день более 10 часов утра Сюй Дандан, заместитель директора Управления внешней торговли города, ехал на машине на заседание муниципалитета, и когда машина повернулась и прошла мимо перед зданием городского родильного дома, она вдруг обнаружила, что ее муж ходит в больницу с молодой беременной женщиной, которая выглядит сельской девочкой. Сюй Дандан внезапно удивился: не у мужа был роман, когда Xiaozhong завернул на улице Xiaotian, хотите иметь сына, чтобы передать поколения?

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Ideal afternoon

  The ideal afternoon, when the consumption is in an ideal place, usually this place is in the city.

  Quietly quiet Tiancun, the scenery is beautiful, the air quality is very good, but it is good in the morning and evening, and it is hard to avoid the bitterness in the afternoon.

  The ideal afternoon depends on the ideal afternoon man. These people are happy to enjoy the outside world. I am willing to put aside the work at hand, and I am willing to walk out of the comfortable room, turn off the soft music, close the books of relish, and put the shoes out.

  Just walking aimlessly, look at the city view and listen to the human voice. Cross the road, climb the steps, and sometimes enter the park, look at the flowers and plants, and glance at the pool fish. Pick a big stone or iron chair and sit down. From time to time, listen to your neighbors and talk about the politics, and smell the smell of cigarettes. Sometimes I read the tabloid and quietly sleepy. Woke up only to see that the foreground color of the object is slightly grayish blue, like a set of color filters, not as light as before, just like the crowds who have left their own ones for a long time. However, after looking at the watch, it only took fifteen minutes.

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Five consequences of pouring tea

  The thing is this:

  At the time of the meeting, the employee Xiao Wang stood up and poured a circle of tea for everyone. He started with the deputy manager on the left, followed by employee Xiao Zhang, employee Xiao Li, general manager and another deputy manager, and finally himself.

  A little thing, in everyone’s heart, evolved into a different story.

  Xiao Wang’s deputy manager: Oh, thank you. – There is no consequence without any flaws.

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