20-year-old euro faces choice

For a person, 20 years old is a good time for fresh clothes, and feels a lot of adolescent troubles. But for the 20-year-old euro, the challenges encountered are much greater, and they have to face the Hamlet-style suffering choice of “survival or destruction.”

In fact, since 1999, officially the currency that was first issued by the state in history, the euro has been subject to various doubts. Its previous performance has exceeded most people’s expectations, and now the euro faces a cross-border “enemy” challenge, the populism that has emerged in Europe in recent years.

Although populism is still the most vague concept in political science, it does not affect its popularity in Europe in recent years.

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Technology acceleration, how to give people’s work urgency?

If today’s society people generally enjoy the sense of poverty in time, then where does the sense of acceleration of time come from? Fast-paced, long-term work conditions make people uneasy, anxious, and insomnia, while shopping, consumption as a relief, embracing materialism, it is difficult to promote happiness. Today, the proportion of depression and anxiety in our disease is much higher than 40 years ago. This is not without reason. In the words of Lu Xun, “Time is life.” The price of speed is time, and losing time because of the pursuit of speed is almost a problem for everyone. This is almost an unbearable light. We are not only facing an increase in working hours, but also the time constraints of the era of digital capitalism.

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Act now because you can never be ready

I have missed a lot of valuable opportunities. The reason is mostly: Wait a second, I am not ready yet, I want everything to be perfect and start again.

So the more I waited for the lack of preparation, the need to hone a lot, and finally waited to find that there was too much to find out about this matter, and simply gave up.

I believe that many people will have this situation, want to write, delay in writing, wait for their writing to be better, start again, wait for the material to start again, wait for a perfect date and start again.

Many people simply attribute this situation to delay, but after careful consideration, I found that delay is only performance, the root cause is the following three psychological obstacles: fear, powerlessness, and escape.

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Especially today: palette

Choose, give up, plan again… This young woman who is constantly pursuing her ideals, biochemicalizes her own person into a colorful palette.

A lecture on health care was held on the cruise ship. The speaker was Xiao Li.
Xiao Li was 20 years old, and her dark-haired hair was tied into a ponytail. When she explained the secrets of health care in a smooth English, the ponytail was swaying with the rotation of her head. Vitality makes her look like a sunflower that releases enthusiasm.

After the lecture, many people asked her around her, and she always hit the core of the problem in a simple and concise language.

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Limited passion

Life is limited, and our enthusiasm is limited. We accumulate and store our enthusiasm. When we need it, we will give our greatest sincerity and enthusiasm to those who are right.

There are two extremes in his evaluation: some people think that his enthusiasm is like fire, but some people feel that he is as cold as ice.

I feel that he is very enthusiastic and based on his personal feelings. Every time I saw him, whether it was a special visit or a street encounter, he was always warm and friendly, chilling and warm, and talking very happy, making people feel warm. Occasionally, he turned to him for help. Regardless of whether he has this ability or not, he will eventually be able to do it. He must be treated as his own, helping to come up with ideas and find ways. Is he not a passionate person?

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