Act now because you can never be ready

I have missed a lot of valuable opportunities. The reason is mostly: Wait a second, I am not ready yet, I want everything to be perfect and start again.

So the more I waited for the lack of preparation, the need to hone a lot, and finally waited to find that there was too much to find out about this matter, and simply gave up.

I believe that many people will have this situation, want to write, delay in writing, wait for their writing to be better, start again, wait for the material to start again, wait for a perfect date and start again.

Many people simply attribute this situation to delay, but after careful consideration, I found that delay is only performance, the root cause is the following three psychological obstacles: fear, powerlessness, and escape.


Fear is the biggest obstacle to the advancement of most of us.

I feel more and more that daring is the most powerful talent. Many things, as long as you are a little more daring, may become.

But we have been educated to be obedient, to follow the rules, and to follow a clearly identifiable route. Unknown for us means great fear.

The other is the fear of the outside world, the fear of others’ evaluation, the fear of others not like, the fear of others’ ridicule.

If you want to write an article, you still have to think about it: I will write this thing, will anyone see it? I write so badly, can I write? If you are laughed at, how awkward it is. So I haven’t started yet, I may give up.


Every day, there are overwhelmingly rich news on the Internet. Many people may sigh after seeing it. They feel that they are nothing compared to these people, and they are in despair. The same is human, how is the difference so big?

A large part of these news is of course a business need, but I think someone behind the scenes must have deliberately arranged this.

Very simple, is to deliberately create a sense of powerlessness, so that after you read it, I feel that the social difference is so big. If there is no money, it doesn’t matter if there is no background, it will not be mixed up. Or, An An will have a small day, and no longer pursue it.

When every individual thinks this way, some people must laugh at the flowers, because it makes it easier to consolidate their own interests.

When you have this feeling of powerlessness and have a weak mindset, when you start something, you will definitely think, I don’t have any resources, can I make it? forget it!


Sometimes you delay not doing something, maybe you really don’t like it. In the face of things that make people happy, such as games, food, etc., how many people will delay?

The best way to break through these psychological barriers is to do it right away.

For example, if you want to be a public number, if you don’t have any direction at first, you don’t have to think too much. Go to register a number immediately, even if you write a few lines and send a picture, then you have completed the first push, you at least I know how to register, how to push, how to insert pictures.

The second time you can optimize the content better, write longer articles, take a small video, take some good-looking photos, this will be better than once. Then you will feel more and more, and you may plan for a clearer and longer-term direction.

Photography is also the same, don’t entangle the camera phone, don’t entangle any subject technology, pick up the equipment that can be used around, and immediately shoot, as long as you are more and more interested, you will naturally learn more, and if you want Wait until there is a camera and what mobile phone to start again, I am afraid you really have it, but you are not interested in photography.

I don’t see, how many cameras are used to eat ash. In doing middle school and adjusting in action, this is the most effective way to learn.

Take the scenery as an example. Many people mentioned the scenery, and immediately thought of taking a professional camera, with a long gun and a short gun to the grassland, to the desert, to the big sea, it seems that only these wonderful places of natural scenery have gone. In order to make a good work.

Of course, with better and more professional equipment, it is indeed easier to take good photos at these scenic spots. But I think this is a misunderstanding. If you can only take good photos elsewhere, it will only show that your feelings about life have dropped, and you can’t find the wonders and beauty of everyday life.

You have to know that your life is also the scenery of others. Have you carefully observed the mottled shadows in the sunset? Do you relive the taste of your city? Do you pay attention to the wonderful clouds in summer?

When you look at your experience with your heart and look at things around you with a new look, you can not only make good photos, but also make your life fuller. Even a seemingly ordinary branch will show a wonderful beauty when you look closely.

Unlimited opportunities on the Internet

As a photographer, before I write the first photographic article, I think so too. Will anyone read these things?

These apps and knowledge are too simple and too basic. I think everyone should be, at least everyone should understand some basics. I wrote a few hundred words and wanted to give up, but since I started, I will finish it.

Unexpectedly, the article received a lot of readings only through the circle of friends when the public number was a zero fan, and then was reprinted by many public numbers.

I was deeply aware of how serious the information asymmetry in this world is. Those things that are very simple for you and that are easy to get familiar with may be a treasure for others.

The Internet connects almost everyone, which means there are countless needs, and any idea or idea may be liked.

Some of your articles may be scorned, and some may follow them enthusiastically.

The biggest opportunity for the Internet is to release countless demands, release people’s nature, your experience, your thoughts, your skills, and for some people may be a treasure house.

Many people hate the vulgar paragraphs on short video websites, but you think about it in turn, this is actually the greatness of the Internet. It gives everyone the opportunity to show themselves. The tool platform is there. If you don’t, you can’t spread your thoughts.

If you hate it, if you don’t understand it, just change it. If they are vulgar, you will be beautiful. If everyone feels that the vulgarity is far away, it will only be bad money to drive out good money.

We are in the greatest technological change period in history. Today is right, tomorrow may be wrong, adapt to change, and rapid adjustment is the most suitable development path.

And technology will give individuals more and more powerful, you are no longer weak, you are no longer a nameless, everyone’s thoughts and actions are reshaping the world.

So, don’t deceive yourself with perfection, let go of all doubts and timidity, now, right away, do it right away.