Especially today: palette

Choose, give up, plan again… This young woman who is constantly pursuing her ideals, biochemicalizes her own person into a colorful palette.

A lecture on health care was held on the cruise ship. The speaker was Xiao Li.
Xiao Li was 20 years old, and her dark-haired hair was tied into a ponytail. When she explained the secrets of health care in a smooth English, the ponytail was swaying with the rotation of her head. Vitality makes her look like a sunflower that releases enthusiasm.

After the lecture, many people asked her around her, and she always hit the core of the problem in a simple and concise language.

The next afternoon, I went to the restaurant for afternoon tea and met her. Everyone was Chinese, and naturally sat down and chatted together.

Xiao Li was born in Guiyang, 12 years old away from home, went to Hangzhou to go to middle school; 18 years old to enjoy the “global environment 500 best” city of Dalian, enter the university, study “environmental protection”. Dalian, a coastal open city, has brought her great impact and understands the importance of English in cultivating a worldview. She has worked hard to strengthen English learning. She spent a lot of time in her sleepless nights, and she was very intelligent and persevering. In just a few months, she communicated with others in English without any hindrance. Later, I made a German boyfriend, and English has grown by leaps and bounds.

After graduating from college, she entered the government department and worked on environmental protection. Although the work is meaningful, however, many strict regulations have bound her to breathe.

At this time, the German boyfriend proposed to her, I hope that after marriage, the two can start a new life in Berlin. At the same time, however, a challenging job is constantly beckoning to her.

After careful consideration, she made a surprise choice. she says:

“To go to Germany where language is impracticable, my life is controlled by my other half. I am at best a sweet shadow that lives in love; however, the tour guide who is a health care course on the cruise ship can not only realize my travel world. Dreams, and most importantly, I can control my own life.”

“Love can’t be met, it’s a pity to miss the good marriage.” I said: “You have so strong learning ability. When you arrive in Berlin, you can find other development opportunities after mastering German!”

She shook her head, and Yizhuang said humorously:

“I remember Mark Twain once said that a person with rich language talent can learn English within 30 hours and learn French within 30 days. However, it takes 30 years to learn German. When I learned, I was already old!”

We laughed together, and it took a long time to master a language with 30 years of time!

After deciding to work at the cruise ship, she worked hard to prepare for the work. After five passes, she finally stood out among the many excellent interviewers and was successfully admitted. Then she went to London to receive three months of intensive training and became a full-time employee of the cruise ship.

On the first cruise ship, she took the sincerity and treated others, but she was repeatedly hit by a dark arrow. The intense personnel pour made her feel depressed at the bottom of the valley. She only resigned after only half a year of work. When she was working on the second cruise ship, she warned herself: “The heart of the victim is indispensable, and the heart of the person is indispensable. However, after a few years, she discovered that it is a paradise on earth, everyone is in charge of politics, well. Water does not make river water; when necessary, it will help each other; and this, let her regain confidence in human nature.

Despite his enthusiasm at work, Xiao Li plans to submit his resignation soon.

She is far-sighted and thoughtfully said: “Working on a cruise ship, although the salary is high, but it lacks a goal to fight for. After two or thirty years, I will review it, life is a blank gap. I plan to come next year. Beijing went to enroll in the Chinese medicine curriculum, and then brought the essence and secrets of Chinese health care abroad to promote and spread.”

This young woman who is constantly pursuing her ideals biochemicalizes her own person into a colorful palette.