Limited passion

Life is limited, and our enthusiasm is limited. We accumulate and store our enthusiasm. When we need it, we will give our greatest sincerity and enthusiasm to those who are right.

There are two extremes in his evaluation: some people think that his enthusiasm is like fire, but some people feel that he is as cold as ice.

I feel that he is very enthusiastic and based on his personal feelings. Every time I saw him, whether it was a special visit or a street encounter, he was always warm and friendly, chilling and warm, and talking very happy, making people feel warm. Occasionally, he turned to him for help. Regardless of whether he has this ability or not, he will eventually be able to do it. He must be treated as his own, helping to come up with ideas and find ways. Is he not a passionate person?

I think that he is very cold, but also based on his own feelings. I usually see him, his face is always hanging, as if someone owes him anything. For people and things, not warm, not ill, it is often a matter of not being concerned about themselves and hanging high. If you ask for him, it is a variety of shouts and excuses. In short, you don’t want to give you strength and sweat. Is he not a cold person?

Contradictions? contradiction. But I don’t think it is strange. A person’s energy is limited, and energy is limited. It is impossible to be passionate like fire whenever and wherever. If it is a fire, there must be a moment of burning out. On the contrary, it is hot when the fire is cold. When it is cold, it is cold and cold, but it can last longer.

This is true for people. Even if you are a hottest, you can’t be enthusiastic and enthusiastic about anyone. Even if you are a relative, friend, colleague or neighbor, your enthusiasm should be fair and principled. Excessive enthusiasm makes people feel uncomfortable and even disgusted.

The same is true for things. In our life, there are not many things that can be done, what we are willing to do, what we can do. It is necessary to focus time, energy and enthusiasm on the things that are of interest and significance in our life. Only in this life can we gain something, not at the end of life, if we lose it, we will regret it.

I have a neighbor, the kind of person who feels very cold and proud. In the eyes of many people, he is cold and lonely, iron-hearted, and has no human touch. But once, a neighbor’s family was in trouble. When others shook their heads and sighed, he was only brave enough to stand up and raise money for the neighbor’s family, and to raise funds and help the poor in the most difficult moments of the neighbor’s house. Help them get through the storm. In those days, he changed like a person completely, as if the energy accumulated in his body suddenly burst out.

I still know a person. I usually do things warmly, I can’t afford to be interested, and I don’t have passion. However, one day, he suddenly resigned from the unit and resigned in order to go to Tibet on foot. We all thought that he was just impulsive and would be as old as ever. Unexpectedly, he spent more than half a year, relying on his feet, from Qinghai Lake along the Qinghai-Tibet line to Lhasa, and from Lhasa to Chengdu to complete the Sichuan-Tibet line. He has done what many of us have never dared to do or do.

Life is limited, and our enthusiasm is limited. Many times, we seem to be cold. It does not mean that our body does not flow with blood, nor does it mean that we have no courage, enthusiasm and passion for anyone or anything. We are only accumulating, squatting, and waiting for our needs, to give our greatest sincerity and enthusiasm to those who are right, for what is really important.

Such enthusiasm, limited but blazing, is a torch, warm, intimate, shining, illuminating our lives.