Many people rely on this trick to find their other half.

In life, you often find a couple who are not so matched in various conditions. The handsome guy found a plain-looking girl, and the beautiful woman married her ugly guy. On the one hand, people will feel puzzled and make comments that “xx blinks and is deceived”; on the other hand, people will secretly regret that such a good thing, why not take me on the wheel?

1. Proximity is an important factor in its goodwill

If you look closely at your partner, you will find that many people have chosen “people around you” as their partners: old classmates who have been with each other for many years, colleagues who work together, friends who have known for a long time, and so on. Proximity refers to the spatial proximity of both parties, and we have a good impression of objects that are easily accessible. This kind of proximity is not to say that he is good-natured and approachable; rather, it is easy for us to establish relationships with friends, colleagues, and classmates who are available. Researchers have found that it is easier for us to build friendships with people who are geographically closer. Similarly, love has such characteristics. In fact, to some extent, you fall in love with someone just because you often see it; proximity increases the exposure of the other person, and it’s easier for you to understand each other’s nature and be more likely to feel good.

Many people will refute “My girlfriend is my netizen and has nothing to do with proximity.” In fact, this reflects the proximity in virtual space. For example, you are a member of a game guild, or you have participated in an online event. Of course, the network has expanded our radius of life, but if you are boundless, it is quite difficult to choose your own favorite partner among the various network people.

2. Proximity increases similarity

Similarity refers to the similarities between the two sides in terms of living habits, attitudes and values. On the one hand, proximity will allow us to find similar people around us – such as the same hobbies, attitudes, dressing styles, etc. In addition, proximity will increase the opportunities for exchanges between the two parties, thus increasing the similarities between the two parties. People with similar living habits, attitudes, and values ​​are more likely to find common topics and are more likely to understand each other and have a good impression. For example, the northerners who love to eat pasta do not understand that the southerners eat rice every meal. It is difficult for a tourist to fall in love with a otaku or house girl who lives at home. A diligent person may sneer at the extravagant person. Couples who live together for a long time are prone to “couples.”

Of course, lifestyle habits, attitudes, and values ​​are not constant . As the experience increases, everyone’s ideas will change. Therefore, the similarity here refers to the consistency over a period of time.

3. Single is not because you are not good, but because your circle of communication is too small!

Princess Kate is very beautiful, but thousands of women with beauty and wisdom coexist. Why does Prince William marry her such a civilian girl? Proximity plays an important role – William and Kate are university classmates. Because of the geographical proximity, William has a chance to learn about Kate.

Some people think that the concept of “single-single-single-single-single-single-single-single-single-single-single-single-single-single” However, some kind and beautiful girls are passively single, “want to get married, there is no suitable object”, always attribute the reason of single to that they are not beautiful enough or the conditions are not good enough. This is very regrettable. Due to the limitations of time and space, it is impossible for us to choose all candidates with equal conditions in mate selection, and we can only choose mate in a limited range. When our social scope is narrow, there is little room for choice around you, so it’s hard to get the right half.

4. How to expand your social circle?

Here are four suggestions for “three to one”:

(1) To tell your friends around you, “If you have the right person, please help me.”

(2) To communicate with friends and participate in friends gatherings.

(3) To cultivate hobbies, find fans of the same frequency.

(4) The most important point is not to watch soap operas at home.