Mark in life

Some things are destined to be stored in the depths of life, becoming a spiritual symbol, a life ritual, irrelevant to the ages, related to the soul.

Ten years ago, I went to the army to visit relatives every year. The residences were not far from the barracks, and I often heard the number of getting up. Later, I thought, this is probably why in the age when the soldiers were not so fashionable, I was against the trend, and I was not the reason for the military. I heard that no matter the wake-up number, the operation number or the blackout, it was the world. The most beautiful voice. Every time the sound rang, the blood of the whole body would be strange and turbulent. At that moment, I couldn’t help but stop all the things I was doing in my hands, soaking and holding my breath, so that I could completely soak in it. Although the voice is not familiar to me, it always gives me a kind of indication. I always think that my life will be different because of this voice.

Compared to the trivial and long life, my time to go to the army to visit relatives is very small. Later, her husband changed jobs and returned to the place. Gradually, it was almost insulated from the military. Occasionally reviewing my life, I found that I rarely watch TV, never let go of military-themed movies and TV shows. Gradually, I realized that a certain kind of complex has already sneaked in my life, and the deepest expectation of a certain voice in my heart is the normal state of life that I am not even myself.

I went to some places last year and two of them are still unforgettable. When I was on a business trip in Wuhan, I was still asleep the next morning. Suddenly, a fierce army smashed into the window and thought that I would return to my husband’s army. Immediately got up and explored the window, looking for the sound of the place, only to find that next door is a military school. Still in the winter, I opened all the windows and let the military number be sent to my room over and over again. I was in tears… In the summer of last year, I interviewed the new rural construction in Tangshan, Hebei, which is a national benchmark village in Yutian County. At 6 o’clock in the morning, they will play the village song on time. The villagers have stepped out of the community, went to the canteen to play rice in the village song, and went to work to go to the morning exercise. A few days later, when I got used to the timing of the village song, as the morning exercise crowds into the city park-style plaza and the streets full of flowers, I waited for the military to greet the new day in the village song. . I also believe that the village songs are like the gas stations at the village, and they input the energy of running for each day.

How have you been in middle age? At the end of the TV series “Parental Love”, Jiang Yafei and Wang Haiyang quietly put a disc into the disc. Then, a crisp military squad broke out, and the white-haired Jiang Defu and An Jie were shaken by this sound, and the time was destroyed. Their backs, but the military number straightened them: “It’s a military number!” “Get up! Go out!”

I once read an article. A newly graduated guy is working hard in the city. Because of various reasons, he frequently exchanges renting houses. He finally changed to a more satisfactory house. He thought that he could finish the run. Who knows that the next morning, he was actually A warrior woke up, the original wall is separated by a military camp! He was so frustrated that he decided to change it! But it is difficult to find a room for a big project that has just taken over. The wonderful thing is that the plan he turned in one month later was appreciated by his superiors. Since then, he has been reluctant to go to the military number that comes every day, during which he traveled for two or three days, and he was extremely uncomfortable because he lost the military number that had made him gnash his teeth. After calming down, he began to thank the military number, let him dance the “number” every day, and change the habit of sleeping late in college. Many years later, when his career was successful, his life was still complete, and he recalled that experience. The military number remained fresh and stimulating in memory, injecting a kind of exhilarating fuel into his youth, a steady stream of nuclear power. Let him embark on a diligent life path.

There are many markers in life, but not all of them are unusual. Some things are destined to be stored in the depths of life, becoming a spiritual symbol, a life ritual, irrelevant to the ages, related to the soul. It may not bother you at ordinary times, but when a certain opportunity comes, it will jump out, add passion to your life, and help your life path to be embarrassing, calm, and not too boring.