Mark in life

Some things are destined to be stored in the depths of life, becoming a spiritual symbol, a life ritual, irrelevant to the ages, related to the soul.

Ten years ago, I went to the army to visit relatives every year. The residences were not far from the barracks, and I often heard the number of getting up. Later, I thought, this is probably why in the age when the soldiers were not so fashionable, I was against the trend, and I was not the reason for the military. I heard that no matter the wake-up number, the operation number or the blackout, it was the world. The most beautiful voice. Every time the sound rang, the blood of the whole body would be strange and turbulent. At that moment, I couldn’t help but stop all the things I was doing in my hands, soaking and holding my breath, so that I could completely soak in it. Although the voice is not familiar to me, it always gives me a kind of indication. I always think that my life will be different because of this voice.

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Reading is the best way to be alone

There is no ability to be alone, indicating that there is no personal spiritual world, or that the world is extremely narrow. Such people are unreadable.

The higher the quality of a group, the stronger the ability to be alone. Going to Europe in the mid-1980s, I got off the plane at 4 or 5 in the afternoon, and walked on the uneven streets – unlike our wide roads – I saw a car parked on the side. The street is quiet and cannot be seen by one person. At that time, it was strange that the population density in Europe was so high. According to our street experience, it should be a sea of ​​people. But there is no one here. I have turned several streets in a row, barely seeing people, and being very quiet everywhere.
Later we realized that they were at home, at work, working or busy with their own affairs. In general, they are more capable of being alone: ​​reading at home, listening to music, or working with family. Someone stayed in the cafe for a while and was quiet alone. In short, the ability of a nation with a higher cultural quality to be alone is stronger. In the third world, where the education level is relatively low, even in areas where the population density is not too big, any time you go to the street, there are crowds of people, and they seem to be busy shopping in the streets every day. Being alone is a very difficult thing for them.

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Philosophy is instinct

I saw an Internet big coffee saying in the circle of friends: The analogy is a logical error in itself. It has attracted a lot of praise. But I said “and slow.”

The meaning of logic is that it can reach the truth, but it is only one way to the truth. For example, love is inconvenient to prove with logic, but love exists, and love is a truth. If a person uses logic to prove that he is in love with you, it may be a liar. Once love happens, it happens, no logic is needed. So something that is not logical is not necessarily the truth. Then, whether the analogy is one of the ways to reach the truth.

Heaven and man are united. This is a very core Chinese traditional concept. This description is literally analogous. Heaven and people are in the same line and can be mutually confirmed. But in fact, this description is logical in itself: life is raised in heaven and earth, and it cannot exist in leaving heaven and earth. Therefore, people must have the characteristics and laws consistent with the heavens and the earth. There is another saying that heaven and man are united, and the Tao is natural. How should people pass, please learn from nature.

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How do you read the knowledge you have learned from books into your own abilities?

First, let’s distinguish between two kinds of learning. One type is called “knowledge-centered learning” and the other is called “self-centered learning.” Knowledge-centered learning is also called academic-style learning. It is aimed at passing examinations or scientific research, and mainly emphasizes the understanding, memory, induction, and problem-solving of knowledge. Self-centered learning is also called adult learning, with emphasis on solving problems and improving one’s abilities.

The main contradiction we have to solve is “how to improve learning ability”, which belongs to the second category of learning.

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You are anxious because you spend your time on thinking.

I have to admit that some “illness” is really thinking out, such as anxiety.

Confucius tells us that it is really reasonable to think without saying anything. A person who thinks too much, will be confused, will be anxious, and even become a dwarf of action, wasting a lot of time.

A few days ago, a reader WeChat contacted me and said: “I feel very anxious recently. I am nearly 30 years old. I am under pressure from the mortgage loan to support my family. I want to change careers and change my career with a high salary, but I don’t know where to go?”

This reader has been working in a state-owned enterprise since he graduated. For seven years, he is stable and comfortable. The only drawback is that his salary is not high.

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