Everything happens with its purpose?

If you ask a three-year-old child, “Why is it raining?” TA may say “because the flowers are thirsty.” TA may also tell you that the reason why trees have leaves is to provide shade shelter for people and animals. This kind of thinking belongs to the teleology . Teleology believes that the generation and existence of things have their purpose.

Scientists refuse to make a teleological explanation of natural phenomena because they need to cater to some kind of intention. But branches and dark clouds do not grow leaves and become rainwater in order to produce some kind of result. Rain falls because of physics. These physical principles apply regardless of whether there are these flowers and trees on the planet or whether there are other life.

If we look further at Skopos theory, we can see that President Trump called global warming the invention of the Chinese, with the aim of making the US manufacturing industry unproductive. There is growing evidence that the indulgence of conspiracy theories can lead to rejection of scientific discoveries, examples of which range from climate change to vaccination to AIDS . Now, the researchers have also discovered a strong connection between conspiracy theories and the beliefs of creationism , and the connection between them is teleology.

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Many people rely on this trick to find their other half.

In life, you often find a couple who are not so matched in various conditions. The handsome guy found a plain-looking girl, and the beautiful woman married her ugly guy. On the one hand, people will feel puzzled and make comments that “xx blinks and is deceived”; on the other hand, people will secretly regret that such a good thing, why not take me on the wheel?

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Summarizing the logic fallacy

Article 1: Scarecrow You have distorted the opinions of others, making it easier for you to attack others. You exaggerate, distort, and even create other people’s views out of thin air, to make your own point of view more reasonable. This is an extremely dishonest act that affects not only the rational discussion but also the credibility of your own point of view. Because if you can negatively distort others’ opinions, you may be able to distort your point of view from the front. Example: Xiao Ming said that the country should invest more budget to develop the education industry. Xiaohong replied: “I don’t think you are so patriotic, actually want to reduce defense spending, so that foreign powers can take advantage of it.” Xiaohong made a scarecrow fallacy.

Article 2: Error attributions You may have a correlation from two things, and you conclude that one thing is the cause of another. You see that two things exist at the same time, and you feel that one of them is the cause of the other. Your mistake is that two things that exist at the same time do not necessarily have a causal relationship. Maybe these two things have a common cause, or two things have no causal relationship at all. Their direct coexistence is just a coincidence. One thing is the same as the other, and it cannot be said that there is definitely a causality between two things. Example: Xiao Hong pointed out that the number of pirates in the world has decreased in the past few centuries, and the global temperature is rising. It is concluded that the reduction in the number of pirates has caused climate change, and pirates can reduce global temperatures. Xiaohong made a mistake in the attribution of mistakes.

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The Tunguska Big Bang and its five hypotheses

On June 30, 1908, a huge explosion occurred in the Tunguska region of Siberia, Russia, hundreds of times more than the Hiroshima atomic bombing, and even thousands of times. The forest of more than 2,000 square kilometers was instantly turned into ashes.

The United Kingdom, thousands of kilometers away, monitored the record of atmospheric subsonic pressure fluctuations during the explosion. The earthquake caused by the explosion spread to Washington, the United States, and Java Island in Indonesia. At the same time, a powerful shock wave crossed the North Sea, allowing the British Meteorological Center to monitor the atmospheric pressure for about 20 minutes.

The general location of the Tunguska Big Bang, which was estimated to be equivalent to 20 million tons of TNT explosives, Randall Carlson believed that the Tunguska Big Bang was one of the most important events of the 20th century.

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What happened a few seconds before the big bang?

In the few seconds of the Big Bang, a black hole is formed. The black hole is the black hole with the shortest time in the universe. It is also the black hole with the smallest mass. It is even a proton size, smaller than the atomic nucleus, even with the naked eye. Unrecognizable, because the black hole was the product of the early universe, it is also called the “primary black hole.”

Black hole in the beginning

A black hole is produced by a gravitational collapse caused by a star of sufficient mass to die after the fuel in the nuclear fusion reaction is exhausted. The black hole in the beginning is not formed by the collapse of the star. Unlike other black holes, the black hole is the product of the close combination of matter under high pressure conditions when the universe is just created, and the black hole is smaller than other black holes, sometimes even small. Even the naked eye can’t tell. The scale of the black hole in the beginning is even smaller than that of the atomic nucleus.

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