Scientific research shows that the time before the Big Bang existed

“Chirality” has a reversal, (the term chiral means that an object cannot coincide with its image). Like our hands, the left hand and the right hand mirroring each other do not coincide. This means that objects that appear in our reality (the universe) will become left-handed.

Entropy is also reversed, which means that for people living on the other side of the universe, time seems to be the opposite of our own. If we look directly at the interpretation of the universe by general relativity, we will understand that the big bang is not the beginning of everything. One of the most important mysteries that humans want to understand is to understand what happened before the birth of time and space. We have always believed that the Big Bang theory is the beginning of our universe.

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10 magical human psychological effects

Psychological effect refers to the phenomenon that most people produce the same or similar psychological reactions under the same circumstances or for certain same stimuli. It is universal and different.

1. Romeo and Juliet effects

The story of Shakespeare’s famous book “Romeo and Juliet” is almost universally known: Romeo and Juliet love each other, but their love is greatly hindered by the feud between the two sides. But the oppression did not break them up, but instead made them love deeper until they were sensational.

Psychology calls the phenomenon that the person in love is “more difficult and more forward” is called “Romeo and Juliet effect”, that is, when there is an external force that interferes with the love relationship between the two parties, the emotions of the two sides will instead Strengthened, the relationship between love is also stronger.

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This substance in the human body is the key to controlling “life”

In this vast universe, basically all objects have a time limit of existence. It is like the sun that has been on our planet and provides light and heat to our planet. We think that the sun will always exist, but in fact it also has a long life. Although it seems that this sun does not have any vision, the actual sun is always going to the end of life.

When the sun enters the red giant period, the sun’s volume expands and engulfs the earth. All of our human beings and all life on this planet will also be killed. But these are things that are going to be 5 billion years later.

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