Philosophy is instinct

I saw an Internet big coffee saying in the circle of friends: The analogy is a logical error in itself. It has attracted a lot of praise. But I said “and slow.”

The meaning of logic is that it can reach the truth, but it is only one way to the truth. For example, love is inconvenient to prove with logic, but love exists, and love is a truth. If a person uses logic to prove that he is in love with you, it may be a liar. Once love happens, it happens, no logic is needed. So something that is not logical is not necessarily the truth. Then, whether the analogy is one of the ways to reach the truth.

Heaven and man are united. This is a very core Chinese traditional concept. This description is literally analogous. Heaven and people are in the same line and can be mutually confirmed. But in fact, this description is logical in itself: life is raised in heaven and earth, and it cannot exist in leaving heaven and earth. Therefore, people must have the characteristics and laws consistent with the heavens and the earth. There is another saying that heaven and man are united, and the Tao is natural. How should people pass, please learn from nature.

What is logic? It is the derivation of causality. Heaven and man have their own logic, and because of the fruit, the analogy is logical in nature. How is the day, then what about the man, how is the land, then what about the woman. This is superficially analogous and is essentially causal.

for example. Sunrise and sunset. On the surface, it is an analogy, telling you that people should work in harmony with the sun, don’t stay up late. But some people will say that you have no logic, no scientific evidence, no matter when you sleep, you can sleep for 8 hours.

Later scientific research proved that the original circadian rhythm was written in our genes. The protein molecules controlled by the genes control our activities. It requires us to make sunrises and sunsets. In 2017, the three scientists who discovered the molecular mechanisms controlling circadian rhythms in living organisms won the Nobel Prize. They found a basis for “Heaven and Man”. The laws of heaven and earth are written directly in our genes.

The significance of this discovery is that what should we do before scientists have empirically discovered the basis? We believe that Heaven and Man are united, don’t stay up late, or think that this is metaphysics, superstition, and I want to sleep when I want to sleep. There are still many real-world problems that are similar, such as treating genetically modified organisms, whether they are for crops or for genetic modification. If you have enough confidence in the unity of nature and humanity, you will be highly vigilant about GM. It is the awe of the logic of “the life is raised in the heavens and the earth, and it is bound by its laws.”

Most people lack a deep understanding of “life is raised in the world.” The sun rises every day, the rain irrigates the earth, the earth grows out of grain, and oil comes out constantly. Everything is so natural and reliable. It seems that there has never been a problem. Especially when humans make atomic bombs and land on the moon, they feel that they can do everything and fight. But this is not the case. Wang Xing once said that macro is very important. His example is the sun. If the sun is a little closer to us, our brain will become a paste and the earth will become a sea. If the sun is a little farther away from us, the earth will be frozen. Food, oil, coal, rainfall, wind, all human energy comes directly or indirectly from the sun. The sun will be tossed a little, and humans will die.

When the sun rises, everything rises, and when the sun sets, everything is silent. This is nature. As a member of all things, it is only natural that human beings make sunrises and sunsets. The unity of nature and man is not only an analogy, but also a cause and effect. It is logic.

There is a word that is a close relative of logic, philosophy. What is philosophy? Philosophy is a cosmological view with a strict logic system that studies the nature of the universe and the general law of the evolution of everything in the universe. To put it bluntly, philosophy is eight words: avenue to Jane, to simplify the complex. Heaven and man are united. This is philosophy. The four words perfectly show what is called the avenue to Jane.

Scientists are the most logical. At the same time, scientists are the most favorite of the road to Jane. Zhang Shouqi said, “The most essential of the human millennium is the avenue to Jane, which is the beauty of the universe. E=MC2 is a formula that can cover small to atomic and large to the universe. The common point of truth is “avenue to simplicity.” A formula connects the atom to the universe. One avenue to Jane connects everything. Since China Unicom is controlled by a formula and a Tao, then each other can be analogized, and the analogy is the analogy.

Zhang Shouyi likes to tell a story. What is the root number of 4? Very simple, 2 and -2, when the British theoretical physicist and one of the founders of quantum mechanics, Dirac junior high school, I felt that this answer is very wonderful. Why do you always have a positive root and a negative when you open the root? root? He suddenly thought of promoting this principle. All the elementary particles in the universe have anti-particles. One electron has an anti-electron. One proton has an anti-proton, and one neutron has an anti-neutron. This is a very, very amazing discovery.

Zhang Shouyi went on to say, therefore, why can a master of science make great scientific discoveries? That is, he never forgot “avenue to Jane”, and later Dirac won the Nobel Prize. This story is so beautiful. Dirac used the analogy to the extreme. Then once again confirmed the road to Jane. From this story, it can be understood that many people believe that philosophy is the mother of all science. Science is divided into categories, in-depth details, and the ring is tight. Philosophy is the avenue to the simple, to simplify the complex.

Another inference from Avenue to Jane is holography. That is to say, the small part also contains the whole. A few drops of blood can be used to test the health of the whole body. According to a leaf, you can restore a whole tree. Because the road is consistent, the Tao is reflected in every inch of each point.

A view of the fall knows the world autumn. The reason for this statement is holography. If you talk about business, you don’t necessarily go straight to the topic. You can talk about the wind and snow month first. You can see whether this business is dangerous in the wind and snow. For example, when you see a big person in a circle of friends, squirting in a foreign speech, and commenting on areas that he doesn’t understand, people feel a madness or blackmail at a glance. When is his company out of trouble or having trouble? Not surprising.

The key is that we have to be alert, keep away from the reefs, and don’t waste time before their troubles or troubles are still exposed.

If you want to ask, what is the reason for holography? It is the road from the avenue to Jane. The road is consistent. For the physical world, the Tao is the formula, that is, E=MC2, that is, everything is positive and negative. For people, the Tao is the heart of a person, and the mind is consistent. As long as you have an insight into a person’s heart, he has a judgment on how his profession will be and what will happen in the future, even if he does not understand his profession at all, and does not know fortune telling.

Chinese tradition is savvy. Nowadays people feel that the understanding is too mysterious and they are not clear. I understand that savvy is penetrating, and it’s the opposite. Its tools and theoretical foundations are avenues to simplicity, and the mind is consistent. Heaven and man are united, and you can know your heart with my heart.

Why did Dirac think that it is a magical thing to have a positive or negative root number? Why does he think that all particles should be positive and negative? I think this is an instinct. In fact, most top scientists, like Yang Zhenning, have done the same thing throughout their lives, uniting the forces at all levels into a formula, whether it is a macroscopic or microscopic particle, whether it is a classical mechanics or The quantum world can be unified by a formula, and they all follow the same path behind them.

Why is this an instinct? “Heaven and Man” is the answer in itself. A drop of water will not dry up when it is integrated into the sea. A leaf leaves the branches and will dry up. Every individual is looking for a connection to the mother, otherwise it will only be exhausted. This is a kind of instinct to survive, and it is a necessity for the continuation of life itself. As a person, I always seek the understanding and harmony of the mother’s nature. At the moment we were born, the umbilical cord that links the uterus was cut, but the mental cord was not broken.

The ancient Greek language of philosophy is philosophia, a verb phrase composed of two parts: philo and sophia: philein is a verb, referring to love, sophia is a noun, referring to wisdom. Direct translation is “love wisdom.” I think that wisdom is the road to simplicity, to simplify the complex, and love is our lowest level of instinct. Love wisdom, the pursuit of the instinct of the maternal universe. So beautiful.

Finally, ask a question to your friends. Truth, goodness and beauty, why is the order of these three things like this?