Reading is the best way to be alone

There is no ability to be alone, indicating that there is no personal spiritual world, or that the world is extremely narrow. Such people are unreadable.

The higher the quality of a group, the stronger the ability to be alone. Going to Europe in the mid-1980s, I got off the plane at 4 or 5 in the afternoon, and walked on the uneven streets – unlike our wide roads – I saw a car parked on the side. The street is quiet and cannot be seen by one person. At that time, it was strange that the population density in Europe was so high. According to our street experience, it should be a sea of ​​people. But there is no one here. I have turned several streets in a row, barely seeing people, and being very quiet everywhere.
Later we realized that they were at home, at work, working or busy with their own affairs. In general, they are more capable of being alone: ​​reading at home, listening to music, or working with family. Someone stayed in the cafe for a while and was quiet alone. In short, the ability of a nation with a higher cultural quality to be alone is stronger. In the third world, where the education level is relatively low, even in areas where the population density is not too big, any time you go to the street, there are crowds of people, and they seem to be busy shopping in the streets every day. Being alone is a very difficult thing for them.

There is no ability to be alone, indicating that there is no personal spiritual world, or that the world is extremely narrow. Such people are unreadable. Because you can’t swim in the spiritual world. Some people say that we must first solve the problem of food and clothing and then talk about other things. Similarly, we can say that we have been from generation to generation. It seems that we only have to solve the problem of food and clothing. It is extravagant to go forward. So we are too sloppy.

Reading here is not a broad reading, but a narrow reading. A little narrower, read only those classics, all kinds of classics. Classics come from time, not from the rabble. A swarm of books is often a reading of the rabble. Good books are also able to be alone, they are not afraid of being lonely, then we will read them. People’s opinions are indeed divided into high and low points. It is generally more meaningful to read books that are highly praised by high-ranking people. A person does not learn, even the foundation of civilization does not have, but it has become a “mass”, so it becomes a “hero” that some people must praise, how suspicious such a “hero”.

The classic comes from time, and it takes time to salvage in the depths of time. For example, read a few hundred years ago, thousands of years ago, the classics left at that time. Time has accumulated interest. I usually know that money has interest, but the interest on time is greater. Time is a mysterious thing. We read Chen Ziang, Li Shangyin, Bai Juyi, and Cen Shen, read Qu Yuan, Li Bai Du Fu, Zhang Jiuling, Wang Zhijun, and watch the heroic epics of the West, such as Beowulf, and then be amazed: how can a person living in a distant era write this color? And the keynote poem? It is so profound and fascinating, so it has the ability to penetrate the time, its light has been projected to today, and it is still dazzling.

We often talk about Li Bai and Du Fu, because they support the sky of Chinese literature and Eastern civilization, and they are two pillars. In this case, you can take the time to read their original code. China has studied their books and has a lot of energy to read these words to see how others think about Li Bai and Du Fu? Some of the articles may be boring, because there has been a problem of falsification since ancient times. In the rushing digital age, it is worthwhile for us to spend some time studying these two characters.