Scientific research shows that the time before the Big Bang existed

“Chirality” has a reversal, (the term chiral means that an object cannot coincide with its image). Like our hands, the left hand and the right hand mirroring each other do not coincide. This means that objects that appear in our reality (the universe) will become left-handed.

Entropy is also reversed, which means that for people living on the other side of the universe, time seems to be the opposite of our own. If we look directly at the interpretation of the universe by general relativity, we will understand that the big bang is not the beginning of everything. One of the most important mysteries that humans want to understand is to understand what happened before the birth of time and space. We have always believed that the Big Bang theory is the beginning of our universe.

However, Oxford University’s recent study in Physical Letter B explains that the universe may exist before the singularly big bang of the world. As explained in this Oxford article, Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose proved the singularity theorem in the 1960s. These formulas show that Einstein’s early cosmological model always reached the point where it could not continue to move forward.

This is what most physicists think is the beginning of time. However, recent findings indicate that although the interpretation of Einstein’s work has collapsed, physics research continues. According to the “Scientific Alert” report, some clues can be found in Hawking’s work “A Brief History of Time”.

At this point, all the material explosions in the universe will be on their own, and the density is inherently infinite. Stephen Hawking once explained in his “A Brief History of Time” speech. We believe that the emptiness that exists in space is described by different models used by physicists. One of them is Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which describes gravity because it involves the geometry of the underlying structure of the universe.

Hawking and mathematician Roger Perno believe that the interpretation of general relativity equations on an infinitely constrained scale is just like what the material that exists in the singularity is, and cannot be answered. Modern physics stops at singularities, which in turn leads to mixed guesses about the small data we can actually digest and understand, and it still makes sense.

Stephen Hawking expressed his opinion on the matter in an interview with Neil De Grace Tyson. Hawking explained that the space-time dimension of the Big Bang is actually similar to the South Pole of the Earth, and there is nothing in the South of the Antarctic, so there was nothing before the Big Bang.

But not everyone agrees that we can compare the big bang to the South Pole. Other experts in the field believe that there must be something besides the big bang. Some people have proposed the existence of a mirrored universe, or anti-cosm, and strangely, time moves in the opposite direction.

But Oxford physicists have come up with a new idea. The new theory of Oxford University researchers claims that time did not begin with the big bang, and time existed before the big bang.

The Oxford University press release explains this idea, although similar to other theories put forward in the past, the theory is completely different. Previous theories attempted to solve the Big Bang singularity problem by rewriting the basic principles of the Big Bang itself. But the theory of the mirror universe retains these original theories.

In fact, as the experts explained, there is no need to modify Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The new study did not object to the big bang, but only to question the status of the big bang as a time to begin. As the experts have explained, this is a question of interpreting theory in different ways, rather than re-examining the theory.

In other words, the origin of the universe is not a big bang.

This means we can have different views of our universe. This also means that if there is time before the big bang, there must be something else on the other side, one explanation is another universe, just flipping back to back. This flipped universe may look very similar to our own, with some important reversals.

Scientists suggest that, first of all, there will be a chiral inversion, which means that the right-handed object in our reality (the universe) is the left-hand on the other side. Entropy is also inverted, which means that for people living on the other side, time seems to be the opposite of our own. In fact, from their point of view, our universe will be their determined past.