The Tunguska Big Bang and its five hypotheses

On June 30, 1908, a huge explosion occurred in the Tunguska region of Siberia, Russia, hundreds of times more than the Hiroshima atomic bombing, and even thousands of times. The forest of more than 2,000 square kilometers was instantly turned into ashes.

The United Kingdom, thousands of kilometers away, monitored the record of atmospheric subsonic pressure fluctuations during the explosion. The earthquake caused by the explosion spread to Washington, the United States, and Java Island in Indonesia. At the same time, a powerful shock wave crossed the North Sea, allowing the British Meteorological Center to monitor the atmospheric pressure for about 20 minutes.

The general location of the Tunguska Big Bang, which was estimated to be equivalent to 20 million tons of TNT explosives, Randall Carlson believed that the Tunguska Big Bang was one of the most important events of the 20th century.

The big bang caused Siberia and Northern Europe to be covered with rare brilliance of silver clouds. When the sunset was over, the night sky would make a ray of sunshine, and at night on the streets of London, you could read the newspapers.

This is a rare natural explosion in human history. In the past 100 years, although many scientists around the world have tried to find out its truth, they have never really solved this mystery. There are several hypotheses with a certain scientific basis:

Hypothesis 1: Nuclear explosion

In 1927, the former Soviet scientist Kulik led the team to conduct a scientific investigation of the explosion area, and then carried out five investigations, but no evidence of the cause of the explosion was found. Since 1958, the former Soviet scientist Plekhanov and many other scientists have carried out a series of scientific investigations on the Siberian Big Bang area, and measured the radioactive dose of a large number of soils and plants, and found the radioactive dose ratio distance in the explosion center. The 30-40 km place is 1.5 to 2 times higher. Dr. Fasilyf, a professor at Minsk University, believes: “So far, profound genetic changes have taken place in this area, not only on plants, but also on small insects. There are various bees and insects that are almost impossible to find in other parts of the world. In addition, some trees and plants stop growing, while others grow at several times, some even before 1908. And plants grow hundreds of times faster.”

Tree growth changes show changes in tree growth after 1908, and growth after the Big Bang (the tree is located 4-5km from the center of the Tunguska Big Bang)

After in-depth investigation and research, Dr. Fasilyf declared in 1960: “The situation shows that there has been a comprehensive electromagnetic disorder here, especially in the explosion center, indicating that the area was hit by a huge electromagnetic hurricane. Everything.”

In 1961, a scientist calculated that the light radiation energy of the Siberian Big Bang was about 30% of the total energy, which is similar to the light radiation energy of a nuclear explosion. When some scientists observe the effects of nuclear explosions, they have discovered that when a nuclear explosion occurs at a certain location, the other side of the Earth opposite to it will produce a bright light, and some electromagnetic interference will occur. This is the Earth’s atmosphere. The result of reflecting the radar wave. At the time of the Siberian explosion in 1908, the British explorer Elinster was exploring Antarctica, just opposite Siberia. He camped near the Erebus volcano, and on the day of the expedition the expedition members observed and recorded a strong aurora that could not be explained. Some scientists believe that the phenomenon of “purple white aurora”, “silver cloud”, “singular sunset” and “white night” produced after the Siberian bombing in 1908, and the 1954 US in the Binic Atoll The hydrogen bomb test conducted was almost identical, except that the US hydrogen bomb test was smaller.

1954 American hydrogen bomb test

According to some identical or similar phenomena of the Siberian bombings and nuclear explosions, some scientists speculate that the 1908 Siberian bombing could be a nuclear explosion. However, as far back as 1908, humans did not possess nuclear weapons on earth, so how did such a large-scale nuclear explosion occur?

Hypothesis 2: Antimatter and micro black hole

In 1965, three American scientists suggested that the Tunguska bombing could have been caused by anti-matter, an anti-matter, from Earth to Earth. In the investigation report, they said that on the same day, a meteorite composed of “antimatter” accidentally broke into the earth and caused the disaster. They believe that a half-gram “anti-iron” collision with a half-gram iron is enough to produce the destructive power of the atomic bomb that exploded in Hiroshima.

Antimatter is the opposite state of normal matter. When the positive and negative materials meet, the two sides will annihilate each other to offset, explode and generate huge energy.

In 1973, two scientists at the University of Texas, Jackson and Leyin, based on the theory of black hole celestial bodies, believed that the 1908 Siberian blast was caused by the strong gravitational pull of miniature black hole celestial bodies. According to their view, if the Siberian bomb in 1908 entered the Earth’s atmosphere and penetrated the Earth, it would explain all the phenomena that occurred in the big bang. They concluded: “Small black holes are through the earth in an area of ​​the Atlantic between Iceland and Newfoundland (Canada).”

Everything close to the black hole can be swallowed up

This conclusion is supported by some scientists, but many scientists disagree with their diagnosis, because if the Siberian big explosion really is like what they say, then the same anomaly should occur on the side of the Earth opposite Siberia. It is even possible to find traces of tiny black holes flying out of the earth, but this phenomenon has not been found on the other side of the earth.

Hypothesis 3: Meteorite impact

Some scientists believe that the 1908 Siberian explosion was caused by a collision between a meteorite and other objects. Many scientists who oppose this diagnosis have raised various questions to refute. They believe that if it is really a meteorite, when the meteorite hits the ground of Siberia, the thick layer of crustal material will be quickly removed, so that the mantle material is due to the crater. Formed and removed, several huge craters can be found in the explosion center, such as several craters found in North America, Canada, especially the Brent crater in central Ontario, the Chabu crater in eastern Quebec, diameter About 10km. However, such a huge crater or crater was not found in Siberia. In 2007, Italian scientists suggested that Cheko may be a sniper crater for the explosion, but there is no other strong evidence other than form.

Lake Cheko

Surprisingly, the aerial survey confirmed that the damaged area of ​​the Siberian explosion area reached 2000km2. In the center of the area is about 3km2. There is also a very strange phenomenon. Some trees still stand, only the leaves are stripped, after the explosion, Trees in the area are growing very fast, even to an alarming extent. No craters and explosive wrecks have been found so far, which has cast a mysterious color on the Tunguska explosion. At the same time, some scientists have negatively opposed the meteorite impact.

Hypothesis 4: Comet crash

This is a relatively popular statement. The first person who proposed “the comet impact” was the former Soviet Academy of Sciences academician Petrov. He believes that the Tunguska explosion is a comet composed of loose snow masses from distant parts of the solar system. When it breaks through the atmosphere on the earth’s surface at a speed of 40,000 kilometers per hour, it generates superheated gas due to friction; When it touches the ground, it produces a huge shock wave equivalent to the destructive power of several atomic bombs. Since the comet quickly evaporates, there are no craters and debris left on the earth as “material evidence.”

Comet is mainly composed of water, ammonia, methane, cyanide, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.

If the Tunguska blast is an attack on the Earth by an extraterrestrial star, an anomaly of the platinum group element (PGE), an indicator of the external matter, should be left in the explosive layer because the abundance of the platinum group elements in the solar system is higher than that of the crustal material. ~5 orders of magnitude. The research groups of Chinese scholars Hou Quanlin and Xie Liewen have explored this. In 1995, 1999 and 2004, they discovered ir (Ir), palladium (Pd), rhodium (Rh) and strontium in the explosive layer of the explosion area. (Ru) and other platinum group elements are abnormal, and C, N, H and other light element anomalies found in the same layer as Professor Kolesnikov of Moscow State University echo each other, strongly supporting the comet impact theory, and calculated that the explosive object 彗The radius of the core is about 160m, the mass is tens of millions of tons, and the explosion energy is equivalent to 10 million tons of TNT.

In short, in order to explain the real cause of the Tunguska explosion, it still needs the unremitting efforts and exploration of scientists all over the world. The “100-year mystery” will eventually be solved.

Hypothesis 5: Tesla test

When I mentioned Tesla, I was particularly impressed by the fact that a person in the documentary who was not particularly tall had “hands-holding” the lightning of the star, and a message about Tesla: If Tesla is willing, he can make the earth Two halves.


There is also a thing called the unsolved mystery of the world – the Big Tunes explosion , and scientists and explorers to study the Tunguska study, thinking that the maker behind the Tunguska explosion is Nikola Tesla.


Tunguska is located in Siberia, Russia, and the Tunguska blast occurred in 1908. According to the US FBI survey, from October 1907 to March 1908, Tesla made an unusual trip to Europe more than ten times, from March to June 1908. Frequently went to Europe and even Russia, and Tesla often went to the Library of Congress in the early days of the incident to read all the relevant books in Siberia, especially he repeatedly applied for access to the topographic map of Central Siberia. . The related telegraph communication was listed as an absolute secret by the United States after the incident.

The destructive power generated by the Tunguska Big Bang was huge. The 60 million trees of 2,000 square kilometers were burned in a flash. This was only possible with hydrogen bomb nuclear explosion or high-intensity gravitational waves. The birth of nuclear weapons, is it said that there is direct evidence for Tesla?

According to statistics, Tesla devoted his life to studying nonlinear problems. He once said that he can divide the earth into two. As early as 1912, Tesla proposed: “If the vibration of the object and the resonant frequency of the Earth are correctly combined, within a few weeks, the ground can be shaken and the ground rises.” In 1935, Tesla was The laboratory took a deep well and placed a steel casing inside the well. Then, after he blocked the wellhead, he began to input vibrations of a specific frequency into the well, and the ground suddenly became strong and caused the collapse of the surrounding houses. Some magazines at the time commented: ” Tesla used an artificially induced earthquake to almost flatten New York .” So some people speculated that the Tunguska Big Bang was caused by studying large nonlinear problems.

Tesla coil

In 1990, Oliver Nicholson published an article in the magazine “Destiny” that the Tunguska Big Bang was caused by Tesla’s Warden Clive Tower radio transmission experiment. The principle is actually very simple. The earth is likened to a capacitor. From New York to Tunguska, it is regarded as the first coil, and the North Pole is the second coil. The Arctic is penetrated into the South Pole and connected to several energy receiving sources. Point can turn Tungus into the power injection port of the earth generator. As long as you find the intersection of countless magnetic forces in mid-air, let the resonance succeed in achieving the cap, 100% can definitely emit an infinite voltage, and achieve an incredible super-strong gravitation point, which will make this micro-point become anti-matter or black hole. The state of the moment, so that a strong ray of light will be emitted in a moment, the night will be as white as it is, and thus a strong destructive power will erupt, and a forest will be destroyed in an instant.

After the incident, the Russian government reportedly tried to arrest Tesla, but Tesla had returned to New York, and with the internal turmoil of the Russian government at that time, the internal affairs had collapsed and it was impossible to pursue Tesla. The phenomenon of the Tunguska Big Bang is the law above the gravity field, not just in the theoretical stage, but now because it is impossible to grasp how the magnetic field works, it cannot achieve the great achievements of Tesla in 1908, that is, Tesla. The science giant who uses the earth as a toy can do it.