This substance in the human body is the key to controlling “life”

In this vast universe, basically all objects have a time limit of existence. It is like the sun that has been on our planet and provides light and heat to our planet. We think that the sun will always exist, but in fact it also has a long life. Although it seems that this sun does not have any vision, the actual sun is always going to the end of life.

When the sun enters the red giant period, the sun’s volume expands and engulfs the earth. All of our human beings and all life on this planet will also be killed. But these are things that are going to be 5 billion years later.

And even if the sun does not destroy humanity, each of us will go to the end of life in a fixed time. So why do humans have a life expectancy? Why do we humans lose their lives as soon as they arrive? Can we humans live like this sun for 5 billion years? Then this time is almost the same as immortality, so that you can feel the changes of the whole earth. How wonderful this feeling is, but living for such a long time will inevitably be very lonely. But human desires are endless, and there are still many people who want to live longer.

And the reason why we humans can only survive for so long is very much related to our human chromosomes. According to our human scientists, there is a substance called “telomere” on our human chromosome.

This “telomere” will reduce a small amount in each division of our human cells. Therefore, during the course of our human life, this “telomere” will continue to be shorter. When this “telomere” becomes shorter to a certain extent, the comprehensiveness of cells in our human body will decrease. Then the cells will slowly lose their ability to regenerate, and we humans will slowly age and die.

But not all cells in the human body will be like this. Like human hematopoietic stem cells and germ cells, these “telomeres” will not be shorter. In addition to this, the “telomeres” of cancer cells will not be shortened, so they will continue to split. And if we humans apply this trait to all the cells in our human body, we humans may live forever. However, this technology is difficult. It does not consider technical difficulty. It is a big problem in terms of morality and ethics. Because this technology is ultimately applied to humans, if there is any uncontrollable change, it is a human disaster.