Morning of the girl

  Going to work at 9:00, I get up at 6 o’clock, and spend 40 minutes on the road. The rest of the time is my queen’s time.

   The alarm clock is my love, light kinetic energy, automatic calibration according to the broadcast time, SRS stereo alarm, you can download your favorite music as a personalized alarm. Recently set up is the female voice sing in the original version of “Ghost Story” original soundtrack. The elegant guzheng is paired with a singer of lyrics without lyrics, waking up in such a gradual music, and has a refreshing feeling.

   Take two pieces of bread into the toaster, lick an egg in the omelet, brush your teeth and lie in the bathtub of 44 degrees hot water. Desheng radio broadcasts financial news to me like a diligent old housekeeper. Minutes, the skin began to heat slightly, revealing red from the inside and the outside, and the stomach began to squirm, suggesting that they have awakened.

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Two faces of charity

  When many people are becoming more and more “heart-warming” about charity, we may wish to start with a specific and vivid face of a donor.

   That is the dirty face of Li Taotao, a little girl in Yanchi County, Ningxia.

   In her hometown, there were only three rains in three years. She rushes to the bus every day, and walks with her sly and dumb mother for three hours to fetch water. The water that was hit was bitter and awkward, but with such water, they cooked, licked, washed their face, and then fed the chicken. Because they can’t take a shower in a year, their hair is full of lice.

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She never refused to grieve me for a second

  The wind of that day was particularly big. I slowly drove the car, and the sidewalk opposite the embankment was covered with sea water. Suddenly, I saw the mother who was alone in the wind and in the mist.

   Her mother squatted tightly around her purse, her hands raised two large pockets, and the things were so heavy that the mother squatted like a bent calf and slowly dragged one step at a time. With.

   Her hair fluttered in the wind, sometimes blowing up to cover her eyes, there were so many things in her hand, and there was almost no way to smash the hair on her face.

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Valuation of life

  Around the National Day of 2009, a number of sensational news points to the valuation of life: the family members of the police who died in overworked in Chongqing “blacked out” received a pension of 1.5 million yuan. Sun Weiming of Sichuan’s “drunk driving case”, which was sentenced to death in the first instance, was sentenced to life imprisonment for “finally repenting performance”. Another compensation for “opening the chest and examining the lungs” reached 600,000 yuan.

  Sun Weiming’s “sincere repentance” actually showed his family’s active fundraising compensation for the families of the victims. The compensation amount was 11.14 million yuan raised three times before and after, and the compensation was given to three affected families. Life is invaluable, and the laws of any country will not compensate the families of the victims in the name of property damage. However, as a victim of compensation, family members have indeed suffered huge losses in material and spiritual terms, and compensation has the basis for pricing. One of the reasons is that because the victim’s ability to work is lost, the victim receives the source of support, and this part of the future income needs to be borne by the perpetrator. According to the second, the Supreme Court has a principle in the Interpretation of Several Issues Concerning the Application of Laws in the Trial of Personal Injury Compensation Cases. The death compensation is based on the per capita income standard of the place of residence for a total of 20 years. Obviously, the compensation of 3 families for 11.14 million yuan did not even reach the legal lower limit.

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Time fragmentation

  In the past, in many dull and boring hours, we created many ways to kill time, reading, entertainment, games… After that, the pattern was endless, until we found out that it was really killed, it was computer, Mobile phones and various digital products have been torn apart, and this is the new world we need to adapt – a world full of time debris.

  If you let the aliens observe me, I will look like a top. In the morning, I stuffed the bread into my mouth and checked the mail. If I didn’t take the PSP when I was waiting for the subway, I would be very annoyed; when I was in a meeting, I was busy taking the call; even when I was writing, I suddenly remembered it. Look at my Twitter; when I am passionate about Kaixin, I will still remember to steal the dishes.

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