A ship that refuses to sink

When he was very young, his parents divorced. He is often knocked down by other children again and again. He is not obsessed with bullying. He is obsessed with boxing, and the hard air in his bones motivates him to become a legendary hero like Muhammad Ali. After graduating from high school, he embarked on the road of professional boxers. He refused to accept the loss. He once set a record of knocking down opponents 17 times in 5 years. But in a boxing match in 1971, his brain was fatally hit by his opponent. Nothing, he said goodbye to the boxing.

  With no penny, he came to New York alone, took the idea of ​​trying it out, took part in an actor training class, worked hard to earn a living during the day, and studied hard at night. After running silently for 7 years, in 1979, at 22, he got a valuable opportunity to play a small role in the 1941 directed by Stephen Spielberg and step into Hollywood. The door. In this way, he stepped out of the distress step by step.

  In 1983, he was described as “the spring breeze, horseshoe disease, and Changanhua in one day”, starring in the film “Outsiders” and “Betta”. In these two dramas, his drama is very heavy, and his performance is also exceptionally colorful. His sexy image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and was named “the sexiest man in the United States.” Young and frivolous, he began to look at everything and his life was more unrestrained. But the god of destiny shook his head and opened another door for him. The gangster film “Dragon Year” starring him is telling the story of the American police against the Chinese gangsters in New York. After the release, they encountered a strong boycott of the local Chinese, and the box office continued to be defeated. This is a big blow to him. He was determined to return to the boxing world.

  Although the career of the professional boxer for 4 years is worthy of the battle, it is a pity that the price is too heavy. Indulging in alcohol, tobacco, and the opponent’s crazy hits, the face of the big handsome guy began to be severely deformed. What is even worse is that the facelift has also encountered quacks. In the past, the face that had made thousands of girls crazy has become a yellow flower yesterday, and they never return. The mouth was dry and the forehead became no longer vivid because of the injection of hyaluronic acid. From his face, no one can see the shadow of the Hollywood darling, and his brain was seriously damaged in countless ruthless hits. Helpless, he once again returned to the film, eager to make a comeback. In 1994, he was jailed for being accused of domestic violence because he could not converge on his hot temper.

  The capricious fate made him unable to control his emotions, and even thought of ending his life. But when I saw my close friend, Chihuahua, Loki looked at herself pitifully, it seemed to say, “If you are dead, who will take care of me?” He dismissed the shameful thoughts, and he couldn’t bear to let this old dog who accompanied him for 18 years unattended. He decided to cheer up and go back to the film for the third time.

  His handsomeness disappeared and his time sharpened his sharpness. There is a familiar and new “new face” on the screen. Mottled face, gray hair and smoke that is always squatting, a character-like, calm-hearted character actor. In “The City of Sin”, he played the face-to-face, good-hearted brawny Mafu. He took his life to revenge for his beloved. This film has been recognized by fans, and he has once again won attention.

  The new film “Wrestling King” gave him a great opportunity to re-implement himself. In reality, he and the film’s protagonist Randy and the situation are so similar, he feels like he is playing himself. The difference is that Randy fell in the wrestling field, and Mickey stood up again, keeping a man’s victory. Not only did Wrestling King win the Venice Golden Lion Award, but he also won several nominations for the best actor.

  On February 22, 2009, as the most popular candidate for Oscar’s best actor, he unexpectedly missed the Xiaojin. However, today, he is already like Pinghu, his heart is like water, he is not shocked, and he is indifferent.

  I loved the party and knew the situation. The man named Mickey Locke is no longer a sexy guy in “Betta”, nor is he a desperate kid on the boxing ring. After 30 years of ups and downs, the 53-year-old has already calmly faced everything. “I am more happy than I had a big house in the past, and there were 6 follow-ups.” The red and purple in the world is just a passing sight.

  A ship museum in the United Kingdom has a boat that has suffered from 138 encounters to icebergs, 116 hits the reef, 27 times to break the mast by storm, and 13 fires, but it has not sunk. Life is like a boat, life is like a play. The scars are still brave enough to go forward, the hundred folds do not return, refuse to sink, this is the revelation of a boat, this is the connotation of a play, this is a human spirit.

   Mickey Locke brings us: a role, a force, a spirit.