Morning of the girl

  Going to work at 9:00, I get up at 6 o’clock, and spend 40 minutes on the road. The rest of the time is my queen’s time.

   The alarm clock is my love, light kinetic energy, automatic calibration according to the broadcast time, SRS stereo alarm, you can download your favorite music as a personalized alarm. Recently set up is the female voice sing in the original version of “Ghost Story” original soundtrack. The elegant guzheng is paired with a singer of lyrics without lyrics, waking up in such a gradual music, and has a refreshing feeling.

   Take two pieces of bread into the toaster, lick an egg in the omelet, brush your teeth and lie in the bathtub of 44 degrees hot water. Desheng radio broadcasts financial news to me like a diligent old housekeeper. Minutes, the skin began to heat slightly, revealing red from the inside and the outside, and the stomach began to squirm, suggesting that they have awakened.

   Put a layer of refreshing hydrating mask on the face and wrap the bathrobe back to the restaurant. The crispy toast has popped up. The one-sided fried sun egg is waiting for my favor. One apple and one banana are cut into pieces and topped. When the yogurt is stirred, it is a ready-made fruit salad. It took 20 minutes to finish this simple and simple breakfast. The Phoenix Early Shuttle on TV was an appetizer for my breakfast.

   I will take 10 minutes to roll out the fluffy fancy hairstyle with a curling iron, give myself a delicate makeup in 30 minutes, and match the clothes, shoes, jewelry and bags that I want to wear today. Every time I go out, the clock just points to 8 o’clock.

   At 8:10, when I boarded the company’s commuter car, many of my colleagues were still sleepy. Some of them were too late to eat breakfast and licked bread in their seats. This is the normal state, but the normal state is not necessarily seen. Occasionally I heard male colleagues gossip, gossip topics are often inseparable from those female colleagues who did not trim the gap early in the morning.

   I once had a very failed career. At that time, when I graduated from college, I didn’t understand it. I thought that as long as I work hard in the unit, I am a good employee. The work is very hard, the shortcoming is that I like to go to bed, not to be able to get up in the last time limit, hurry to wash, slam the door, hit the card, and work on empty stomach. In case of any accidents, I even prepared a set of toiletries in the office to prevent the bed from going too far and not too unkempt.

   Although I don’t do less than anyone else, the evaluation is not always high. After several times, I brushed my teeth in the bathroom and was seen by the supervisor. Then I was called to talk and told me about attendance discipline. I am not convinced, because I just use the time of other people to drink coffee, it is worth doing so much? As a result, when the company needed layoffs, I became the first finalist. When the supervisor handed me a three-month salary, I suggested that I adjust my schedule.

   When I was at home, I watched Living with the Queen, introducing the days of Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace. I always thought that she should be the happiest woman in the world, but after reading this book, one of the things made me very surprised – although expensive for the queen, she did not sleep to wake up naturally, in fact, She will be awakened by the maid at 5:30 every morning, because she has to start a day of interviewing and entertainment at 7:30. In the 2 hours, she has to do something about it? It’s nothing more than eating breakfast, drinking tea, changing clothes, listening to the BBC, and reading the Horse Racing Post. In my opinion, these things can be done in half an hour.

   The Queen said to the author of the book, Hoy: When a woman is the most ugly, she just looks like she just got up. When others yawn, I am full of energy, then I am the most attractive woman.

   Holding the spirit of learning from the Queen, after changing my new job, I began to adjust my schedule. When I was on the bus, I showed my refreshment. When I got to the office, I seemed to be fighting. Although I am not higher than others in performance, the boss’s eyes are obviously revealing appreciation. He said more than once that I am like a good warrior ready to fight.

   I have fixed the habit of getting up at 6 o’clock at 6 o’clock. Every morning, like going to a date with myself, making a breakfast for myself, giving myself a elaborate dress, going out confidently, welcoming others’ appreciation and appreciation. ———I am still an office worker, but I have a 140-minute queen time every morning!