A ship that refuses to sink

When he was very young, his parents divorced. He is often knocked down by other children again and again. He is not obsessed with bullying. He is obsessed with boxing, and the hard air in his bones motivates him to become a legendary hero like Muhammad Ali. After graduating from high school, he embarked on the road of professional boxers. He refused to accept the loss. He once set a record of knocking down opponents 17 times in 5 years. But in a boxing match in 1971, his brain was fatally hit by his opponent. Nothing, he said goodbye to the boxing.

  With no penny, he came to New York alone, took the idea of ​​trying it out, took part in an actor training class, worked hard to earn a living during the day, and studied hard at night. After running silently for 7 years, in 1979, at 22, he got a valuable opportunity to play a small role in the 1941 directed by Stephen Spielberg and step into Hollywood. The door. In this way, he stepped out of the distress step by step.

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