She never refused to grieve me for a second

  The wind of that day was particularly big. I slowly drove the car, and the sidewalk opposite the embankment was covered with sea water. Suddenly, I saw the mother who was alone in the wind and in the mist.

   Her mother squatted tightly around her purse, her hands raised two large pockets, and the things were so heavy that the mother squatted like a bent calf and slowly dragged one step at a time. With.

   Her hair fluttered in the wind, sometimes blowing up to cover her eyes, there were so many things in her hand, and there was almost no way to smash the hair on her face.

   I quickly stopped the car and ran to her: “Mom, where have you been, why not call me?”

   “Go buy food!” The mother replied nothing.

   “Mom got on the bus, things are too heavy, I will send you back.” My voice stunned.

   “No, you can do things, I can go.”

   “Don’t go, things are too heavy.” I went up to grab her heavy pockets.

   “What are you going to do in town?” Mom asked me.

   “There is something to do, you come up first!”

   “If you have something, go ahead. I can’t speak the language. I can’t help a little bit. I can’t help you to run like this. I don’t even have time to cry. Do you think that you are not sad in your heart? You see, your lips are cracked. Opened, still fighting for these few bags that are not heavy.” When she said these words, my eyes were soaked.

   My mother stopped talking about it. I was afraid that I would speed up the pace when I chased her. I almost started running in the wind.

   I ran up to grab a bottle of mineral water in my mother’s bag. She cried: “You don’t have a good spine, let go.”

   At this time, my heart leaped wildly, and I couldn’t breathe smoothly. The sting of the ribs came again. I let my mother go, and I slowly walked back to the car and squatted on the steering wheel, which quickly pressed my hand to the painful place. When I got a little breathless, my mother has gone far.

   I was sitting in the car, the car slanted to the street, and in the back of the mirror, I could see the mother’s back. Her hands were dragged by those things as if they had fallen to the ground, but she still walked there step by step.

   The bluestone plate that my mother is walking on is the broken heart of me. She was almost at a loss, but the burden on her hand was not willing to let it down and hand it over to me. I know that as long as I live a day, she will not grieve me for a second.