Two faces of charity

  When many people are becoming more and more “heart-warming” about charity, we may wish to start with a specific and vivid face of a donor.

   That is the dirty face of Li Taotao, a little girl in Yanchi County, Ningxia.

   In her hometown, there were only three rains in three years. She rushes to the bus every day, and walks with her sly and dumb mother for three hours to fetch water. The water that was hit was bitter and awkward, but with such water, they cooked, licked, washed their face, and then fed the chicken. Because they can’t take a shower in a year, their hair is full of lice.

   However, the 1,000 yuan that fell from the sky is like the lever that shakes the earth, changing the fate of this family.

   When the mother and the daughter were filled with a basin of water from the aided otters, they couldn’t help but cry: “It was washed, and it was the same as the people on TV.”

   To the camera, the girl who was jealous did not say “thank the government, thank the donor”, ​​but when she fetched water every day, she would see the name of the donor engraved on the lid of the otter. The strange and familiar name, she wrote it over and over again.

   No thermometer can measure the temperature of charity, but this child’s smile is the best charity barometer of this era.

   At this moment, we reproduce and enlarge the child’s face. I want to reiterate the original position of many people: charity has always been beautiful.

   Let’s take another look at the face of another child.

   Beijing girl Jie Huihui is 9 years old this year. She used her own lucky money to donate a “mother water raft” every year, which became part of her growth. On her 8th birthday last year, she hosted a theme birthday party to let more children and parents pay attention to “Mother Water Bottle”. This is a child who is far from being able to talk about the age of charity, but she has used action to explain the very complicated charity.

   A more elegant gesture is to “continue to painfully love” than to turn away from the scene because “the more you donate more suspiciously”. Rekindling these loves can rationally cure the bones of the charity industry and make it healthy.

   When we are weak, think about the two tender faces.