Valuation of life

  Around the National Day of 2009, a number of sensational news points to the valuation of life: the family members of the police who died in overworked in Chongqing “blacked out” received a pension of 1.5 million yuan. Sun Weiming of Sichuan’s “drunk driving case”, which was sentenced to death in the first instance, was sentenced to life imprisonment for “finally repenting performance”. Another compensation for “opening the chest and examining the lungs” reached 600,000 yuan.

  Sun Weiming’s “sincere repentance” actually showed his family’s active fundraising compensation for the families of the victims. The compensation amount was 11.14 million yuan raised three times before and after, and the compensation was given to three affected families. Life is invaluable, and the laws of any country will not compensate the families of the victims in the name of property damage. However, as a victim of compensation, family members have indeed suffered huge losses in material and spiritual terms, and compensation has the basis for pricing. One of the reasons is that because the victim’s ability to work is lost, the victim receives the source of support, and this part of the future income needs to be borne by the perpetrator. According to the second, the Supreme Court has a principle in the Interpretation of Several Issues Concerning the Application of Laws in the Trial of Personal Injury Compensation Cases. The death compensation is based on the per capita income standard of the place of residence for a total of 20 years. Obviously, the compensation of 3 families for 11.14 million yuan did not even reach the legal lower limit.

  The compensation is calculated over 20 years, and the real over-standard is the Hangzhou “smashing car case”. The parents of the perpetrators gave the victim’s family a compensation of 1.13 million yuan, of which more than 600,000 yuan for material damages, 400,000 yuan for living allowances, and 100,000 yuan for mental damages. With regard to compensation for mental damage, the family of the victim originally proposed 300,000 yuan, and the parents of the perpetrator only recognized 100,000 yuan. However, the emergence of this project has been commendable. The moral compensation project was first mentioned in the local legislation of Guangdong last year. Legal basis. The living subsidy of 400,000 yuan, according to the lawyer of the case, reflects the “sincerity” of the party concerned. The recipients are all adults and have a healthy body. It is reasonable to say that they cannot get compensation for the living expenses of the dependents. Perhaps it is because of the anecdotes of the rich, in the face of powerful public opinion, they have to have the ability to show “sincerity”, and the price of a life does not seem so shabby. In the subsequent Hangzhou “drinking case”, 260,000 yuan of the compensation agreement reached by the family members of the two parties was voluntarily provided by the families of the perpetrators. “Sincerity” has almost become the most prone word in the accident compensation. It is for this reason that there is no “sincerity” to get the understanding of the victim’s family. Sun Weiming’s family also showed enough “sincerity” after the first trial.

  Only when wealthy, the value of people can be reflected in the price. This sentence may be cruel, but it is a fact. In April of this year, a construction crane in Taipei, Taiwan, fell from a height of 37 stories. Three passengers were killed in a tour bus carrying a mainland tour group. The contractor compensated each deceased for NT$7.5 million, more than RMB 180. Ten thousand yuan. In the explosion and fire that occurred in the frozen logistics warehouse in Lichuan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea last year, 12 Chinese citizens died. The final agreement on the payment of compensation for the families of the victims and the cold storage is that the families of the victims will receive 145 million won to 4.8. The compensation of 100 million won, the per capita compensation reached 240 million won, according to the exchange rate at that time, equivalent to 1.95 million yuan. With the per capita income level of Taiwan and South Korea, such compensation is equivalent to 20 years of income.

  It is said that the Chinese who died in South Korea are basically black-workers, but Korean companies have not been entangled in their legal status in the process of compensation, but they are equivalent to ordinary citizens. Here, there are only a few special cases that show the “compassion” of the law. For example, this year the Wuxi Xishan Court ruled that a traffic accident compensation case, Anhui migrant workers got the same price as the Shanghainese in the working place, and the family of four people received 2.3 million. Yuan compensation. If four people are not on the way home to work, I am afraid it is another result. Here, in addition to geographical differences, urban-rural differences, plus the limit price of 400,000 yuan and 150,000 yuan for life and property in civil aviation systems and railway systems, the nationals are artificially limited to a low price that is not commensurate with national wealth.

  The valuation of life in countries such as the United States is first manifested in the concept. In Germany, indirect victims are not even compensated, reflecting the equal support of the welfare society for all. In the United States, the US government has formulated detailed and complicated compensation measures for the payment of pensions to the families of the victims of the September 11th. This is the first time the US government has used money to measure the value of people. In the past, insurance companies have been living for life. Price. The pension compensates for both non-economic and economic losses. The former includes mental pain and emotional damage. Each family can receive $250,000. The spouse and children of the victims will receive an additional $50,000. The compensation for economic losses is based on the age of the deceased. Individual calculations such as the amount of income before birth and the number of dependents, and the life insurance and pension contributions of the survivors are deducted. As a result of the large number of young professionals killed in the incident, the average compensation in the economic sector reached $1.6 million. The US Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) even gives the value of life every year. This “statistical life value” varies from year to year, with $6.9 million last year. To date, the maximum pension has occurred in the Lockerbie air crash, with total compensation reaching $2.7 billion and $10 million for each victim.

  With a tax of 6 trillion yuan, the government has the ability to provide a generous pension for the contributing public servants; with the huge wealthy team, their generous “sincerity” has also touched the families of the victims. I hope that the sincerity of the strong group will be legalized to make more lives respected.