Winter without snow is lonely.

Lonely is the child, they can only look at grandpa’s white hair, imagine the snow fluttering time, imagine running in the snow, imagine the fairy tale snow cabin, imagine they have never seen a snowman.

Lonely is the middle school student, they cannot understand ” the Yanshan snowflake is as big as a banquet”, this exaggeration comes from what kind of scene and image? In vain they admired Li Bai, walking in the white Tang dynasty and singing this white poem. The heavy snow has been preserved in poetry for thousands of years and is still floating in textbooks. But they can only face the pale wall and fill in the pale homework with pale imagination.

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Awakening Sleeping Love with Waiting

Love as usual, how much happiness gradually into remembrance

Thirty years ago that spring, Chen liguo, a young officer in a missile department, received a special ” order” to rush to a city to ” meet” a girl named Huang Xiaolin. This ” order” excited Chen liguo, who had been in the mountain valley all year round.

When he arrived at the appointed place and saw the girl on the blind date, he was both ecstatic and uneasy. In front of her, slim and beautiful, sweet voice. In his speech, he also learned that Huang Xiaolin’s parents were both members of the old revolution in 1937. Many party and state leaders Chen Liguo only read in books and heard on the radio turned out to be old comrades who died with Huang Bobo. In contrast, I come from the south mountain area of Henan province, and my parents are genuine farmers. the huge contrast makes this young man realize for the first time what ” inferiority complex” is. He completed the matchmaking procedure politely and returned to the army gloomily. In his heart, this blind date is a ” beautiful and sad journey”. He plunged into the laboratory, trying to forget the girl who made a good impression on him by working day and night.

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50 Guidelines for Low Carbon Life

1. Turn off the lights, switch and unplug the plug. This is the first step and is also a manifestation of personal accomplishment.

2. Each piece of paper is printed on both sides, which is equivalent to keeping the lower half of the forest that would have been cut off.

3. Don’t take the elevator to climb the stairs, save everyone’s electricity and change their health.

4. Greening is not only to plant trees in the suburbs, but also to plant flowers and plants at home, and there is no need to drive.

5. Yes, a plastic bag is 50 cents, but the pollution it causes may be 50 times as much as 50 cents.

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The dream of a dollar

It is reported that Japan’s most popular lottery, the ” year – end lottery”, with a top prize of 300 million yen, will be on sale nationwide on November 24. In previous years, many people put their year-end bonus on this treasure, hoping to make a fortune. Under the influence of the financial tsunami, office workers who have lost a lot of year-end awards and performance will naturally flock to the ranks of the lottery force more closely. Luck is seen as a good way to turn over their fortunes in a depressed era. Of course, there are also people who are worried that the disheartened people are not willing to spend more money on things that may not be paid back. Therefore, media publicity has spread all over the world and various tricks have been introduced in succession. What is most interesting is that the Japanese Lottery Association, a financial group, conducted a questionnaire survey on 1,795 high-value winners who won more than 1 million yen, and released the White Paper on Lottery Richards, which collects data on those with strong fortune.

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Road patches in the British empire

The city where I am located is the newly opened road. I dare say, if the sidewalks are included, I can’t see any of them intact. It was opened to traffic yesterday, and excavation may have started somewhere today, one here and one there, scarred. The road from the east to the west has not yet been completed in the west, and the east has broken down.

Why is this?

First, some municipal departments only do superficial things. The road has been widened and the face looks good. But what about ” lining”? Nobody cares. Therefore, when the road is repaired, it will not be long before telecommunications, tap water, gas and even a specific unit will be able to do the same … after the excavation, it will not be repaired and the holes will be potholed. as for walking, it is up to the walker.

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