50 Guidelines for Low Carbon Life

1. Turn off the lights, switch and unplug the plug. This is the first step and is also a manifestation of personal accomplishment.

2. Each piece of paper is printed on both sides, which is equivalent to keeping the lower half of the forest that would have been cut off.

3. Don’t take the elevator to climb the stairs, save everyone’s electricity and change their health.

4. Greening is not only to plant trees in the suburbs, but also to plant flowers and plants at home, and there is no need to drive.

5. Yes, a plastic bag is 50 cents, but the pollution it causes may be 50 times as much as 50 cents.

6. A perfect bathroom does not necessarily have a bathtub; It is already installed, not necessarily used every time. Already used, please flush the toilet with accumulated water.

7. Turn off unused computer programs, reduce hard disk workload, save electricity and maintain your computer.

8. To avoid cars, cyclists are not worried about rising oil prices or weight gain.

9. It is not necessary to turn on all the lights as soon as you enter the door. It has only been 130 years since human beings invented the electric light, and thousands of years ago have passed well.

10. Considering the contribution of public transportation to the world environment, it can at least offset some of the superiority brought about by driving a private car.

11. Please believe that the obsession with fur is just an anti-ancestral impulse.

12. It can be said that climate warming is partly due to retaliation for excessive use of air conditioning and heating.

13. Use disposable toothbrushes, disposable plastic bags and disposable water cups as little as possible … Because the oil used to make them is also disposable.

14. If you know that some western ocean museums display canned shark fin made in China, will you still have such a good appetite to eat shark fin for rice?

15. Not necessarily mahogany and genuine leather can reflect the taste at home; Bamboo furniture is recommended because bamboo grows faster than trees.

16. In fact, the simplest way to use solar energy, an environmentally friendly energy source, is to try to work during the day.

17. Excessive meat hurts at least three pairs: animals, yourself and the earth.

18. The wedding ceremony is not the face you threw out after 28 years of hard work, nor is it the PK accumulated by your family. Nowadays, simplicity and low carbon are the attachment values of sweet civilization.

19. It is believed that only when the faucet is turned on to the maximum can the vegetable dishes and bowls be washed more cleanly. It is only cleaner and it is only a psychological effect.

20. It can be rightfully said that saving enough clothes for washing is not because of laziness, but to save water and electricity.

21. Raising a child from infancy to pre-school requires a lot of money. Some toys, clothes and books should be used secondhand.

22. If the traffic jam is too long, let’s put out the fire first and wait for a while.

24. Check the tire pressure at the same time. If the air volume is too low or too high, the fuel consumption will increase.

25. Clean the air conditioner regularly, not only for the sake of health, but also for the sake of low power.

26. General 93 # oil is enough for vehicles. Blind use of 97 # oil may not only waste oil, but also damage the engine.

27. Learn how to save fuel from the old bus driver: use less emergency brake, send the accelerator, and slide past by inertia.

28. Some people, especially women, use 40 to 50 litres of water to take a bath, and cleanliness need not be so exaggerated.

29. Scientific thrift is a fine tradition. After the leftovers are cooled, wrap them in plastic wrap and send them to the refrigerator. Hot steam not only increases the work done by the refrigerator, but also causes frost formation and double electricity consumption.

30. In fact, the outside air conditioner is designed according to the waterproof requirements. Wearing a coat on it will only reduce the heat dissipation effect, and of course it will cost electricity.

31. There is no necessary connection between the amount of washing powder that is soaked and the washing ability. low foaming detergent can rinse several times less than high-foaming washing powder, saving water and electricity and time.

32. The washing machine can save more electricity and prolong the service life of the machine when it is in the strong gear than when it is in the weak gear.

33. The power consumption of a TV set in standby mode is generally about 10% of its starting power, which is really not too small.

34. If only the computer is used to listen to music, the monitor can only be dimmed or turned off.

35. If you use too much hot water, you may as well keep the water heater powered on all the time to moisturize, because the electricity used for moisturizing a day is lower than a case of cold water burning to the same temperature.

36. Wash the same car clean. Washing with water in a bucket is only 1 / 8 of the amount of water used for washing with a faucet.

37. The floating ball in the toilet tank can be lowered by 2cm, saving 4 cubic meters of water a year.

38. Establish a saving file and keep a record of the water, electricity and gas consumed each month so as to know fairly well.

39. It is the simplest way to buy electrical appliances and look at energy-saving indicators.

40. Experiments have proved that moderate fire saves the most gas.

41.10 years ago littering batteries could have been ignorance, but now it is totally irresponsible.

42. Keeping chopsticks or spoons on hand is already a label for environmentalists.

43. The amount of food stored in the refrigerator should be 80% of the volume. Too much or too little food will cost electricity.

44. Holding short meetings is also an economy – lighting, air conditioning, acoustics, etc.

45. Go out for a walk when you have nothing to do. The ” house” is very expensive.

46. If not necessary, try to buy local and seasonal products. Transportation and packaging often consume more energy than production.

47. Plant trees to pay for the carbon dioxide you emit, how much you emit and how much you absorb.

48. Clothes made of cotton, linen and silk are not only environmentally friendly and fashionable, but also elegant and durable.

49. Is drying really necessary? Let your clothes bask in the sun.

50. Statistics in the United States show that the per capita consumption of resources after divorce is 42% – 61% higher than that before divorce. Let’s use marriage to protect the earth.