A tightrope walker

There is a tightrope walker who is ready to show off his skills at high altitude. What he wants to challenge is a fairly long steel wire, but even he cannot tell for sure how long it is. He could only see the blurred outline at the end, so he could not see the distance.

However, he stood at the starting point with calm and ease. To him, doing it is more important than anything.

The challenge has finally begun. He is quiet inside and has no fear, so he can make good use of his talent that day. So it seems that he walks lightly, not as nervous and stiff as people feared. Therefore, applause broke out from time to time in the crowd.

Originally, if the situation continues like this, the ending may be: the tightrope walker finally reaches the end point and gets what he wants.

However, it happened that someone said, ” doesn’t he know how high and dangerous he is standing?” This sentence seemed to remind people that they began to talk quietly.

At this time, the tightrope walker was walking the tightrope attentively and did not notice the changes of the following people.

” hi! The gentleman above! ” Finally, a loud voice guy could not help but ask, ” Do you know how high you stand?”

The tightrope walker paused. ” Er … I didn’t think about this carefully … in fact I never care about this …” He took a glance down consciously, ” now, according to my estimation, about …”

” What if it falls?”

” Death is certain.”

Suddenly, the heart of the tightrope walker shivered.

” Do you know how long this steel wire is?”

” Er …”

” I don’t know? Then why do you think you can finish it and why do you think you won’t fall before you reach the finish line? ”

” I don’t know, I just have a certain belief. You know, when confidence becomes faith, that power … ”

” Is your belief reliable?”

” This …”

” Can your faith guarantee that you won’t fall?”

” That’s enough, I have to continue …”

” What will happen if you fall?”

” What will happen if I fall?” The tightrope walker asked foolishly.

” Your family and friends will lose a son, brother or good friend, and we will also lose a good tightrope walker.”

” What should I do then?” At this time, the mind of the tightrope walker was completely out of his control.

” You should choose a safe and reliable form of performance, such as walking from one chair to another …”

” He fell!” Someone shouted, interrupting the loud voice.

The tightrope walker wanted to go back and do what people wanted, but he was no longer as light-footed and quiet inside as he was at first. Because he realized how dangerous his situation was, and because he had rested for so long, he was nervous and stiff. As a result, he slipped and fell. He fell to the ground and his consciousness gradually became blurred. Finally, at that moment, he felt relieved.