Awakening Sleeping Love with Waiting

Love as usual, how much happiness gradually into remembrance

Thirty years ago that spring, Chen liguo, a young officer in a missile department, received a special ” order” to rush to a city to ” meet” a girl named Huang Xiaolin. This ” order” excited Chen liguo, who had been in the mountain valley all year round.

When he arrived at the appointed place and saw the girl on the blind date, he was both ecstatic and uneasy. In front of her, slim and beautiful, sweet voice. In his speech, he also learned that Huang Xiaolin’s parents were both members of the old revolution in 1937. Many party and state leaders Chen Liguo only read in books and heard on the radio turned out to be old comrades who died with Huang Bobo. In contrast, I come from the south mountain area of Henan province, and my parents are genuine farmers. the huge contrast makes this young man realize for the first time what ” inferiority complex” is. He completed the matchmaking procedure politely and returned to the army gloomily. In his heart, this blind date is a ” beautiful and sad journey”. He plunged into the laboratory, trying to forget the girl who made a good impression on him by working day and night.

What he never expected was that a month later, Huang Xiaolin, whom he had not dared to expect, wrote a long letter. In the letter, the girl’s neat script shows no superiority between the lines. On the contrary, she is full of respect for him, a grass-roots cadre who takes root in the mountain valley and loves the missile cause. Reading those real and simple words, Chen liguo felt a long-lost understanding and relief. love flowed in his chest like a trickle.

The two young hearts are getting closer and closer as Hong Yan conveys his love. Two years later, they joined hands on the red carpet of marriage. Love is warmth and motivation. They are influenced by each other in their life and walk side by side in their career. Many past events have been added up into beautiful memories, which makes Chen liguo feel a lot. he often uses the word ” very happy” to describe the past.

His parents’ words and deeds made Huang Xiaolin sensible and tolerant, especially understanding the profession of soldiers. After marriage, she knew well the hard work and importance of her husband’s work, and she used all her energy to support his career. When their child was one year old, Chen liguo was given the opportunity to further his studies in an institution. Go or stay? Looking at the young children and weak wife, Chen Li – Guo was in a dilemma. ” Organization to give you this rare opportunity to further study, is to believe in your ability. I take a fancy to you because you have the courage to make progress. In order that you can better engage in the missile industry in the future, you cannot back down. Head of the family, you can rest assured that I’m supporting you! ” His wife’s consideration and understanding dispelled his worries, and Chen liguo happily embarked on the journey of further study in colleges and universities.

When the school was on holiday for the first time, Chen liguo thought that his wife was tired. after getting off the train, he went home by bus. When he got off the bus, he looked up and saw the opposite side of the road. his wife was holding the child in her arms and was desperately trying to squeeze on the bus to the railway station. The delicate body is very thin in the crowded crowd. She squeezed to the side of the car door several times and failed to get up again. She was almost crying. This scene was fixed in Chen liguo’s mind, making him unforgettable all his life.

Huang Xiaolin, who is happy to teach her son at home, is actually a versatile, singing and dancing artist and an excellent designer of printing and dyeing fabrics. Chen Liguo still remembers that time when he accompanied his wife to the streets. A beautiful girl was walking in front of him, dressed in a fashionable dress. His wife proudly told him that the pattern on the girl’s dress was her own. It was the first time that she boldly adopted various methods such as lifting, picking, dyeing, embroidering and tying. According to the tailoring of the dress and the proportion of the dress, she changed the traditional pattern of uniform the cloth flower and arrangement of the cloth flower to design this unique cloth. In the appraisal organized by the State Ministry of Light Industry that year, the cloth she designed won the grand prize and ranked first in the order quantity.

On the line between life and death stood a virtuous wife

Chen liguo is engaged in the most dangerous explosion specialty of missile forces, and is vividly called ” the person dancing with death”. The palpitations that he narrowly escaped from death and the grief of his colleague’s untimely death cannot stop him from moving forward. Because behind him stood a gentle, virtuous wife who supported him without complaint or regret.

That year, a certain type of weapon conducted a comprehensive large-scale explosion test. This test is the first in the military, without any experience, and can only succeed, not fail. As the chief commander of this large-scale task, Chen liguo felt that the burden on his shoulder was as heavy as a pinch and he often could not sleep at night. The wife saw it in her eyes and felt pain in her heart. She comforted her husband and said, ” Don’t worry, no matter what, I will always accompany you.” A word from his wife filled Chen liguo with confidence.

When everything was ready for the test, the technicians who were supposed to install the explosive device experienced emotional fluctuations due to great psychological pressure. Without further ado, Chen liguo put on special work clothes and walked firmly to the high-risk area. With excellent professional skills and psychological quality, he completed the installation of the detonating assembly within the specified time. The test was a complete success, creating a precedent for the military to independently conduct a comprehensive test of this type of weapon, which is of milestone significance in the construction history of the Second Artillery Force. Chen liguo has also become the first person since the founding of new China that the military has installed detonators on ” live ammunition”. Huang Xiaolin welcomed her husband’s triumph with flowers in her hand. The couple were so happy that they couldn’t sleep at night.

On another occasion, Chen liguo, as the only person who randomly served as the technical support in the safety test of a certain type of weapon, was once again put to the test of life and death. On that day, when they were flying back to the airport after completing all the test projects, the airport where they were scheduled to land suddenly became very foggy with low visibility, and the plane could not land. Relevant departments started the emergency plan and ordered them to land at the reserve airport. When flying to the reserve airport, there was also heavy fog over the airport and the runway could not be seen clearly. In this way, they flew back and forth between the scheduled airport and the standby airport, hoping to find a landing opportunity. However, instead of dissipating the fog, it became thicker and thicker. The plane ran out of fuel little by little. In an emergency, the captain said to everyone, ” write down the last words you said to your family!” Now that there is almost no oil, I have decided to make a forced landing. Everyone should make all possible psychological preparations. ” At this point, the plane began to jolt violently. Chen liguo ignored the captain’s words. he tied himself tightly to the seat with the safety belt and recorded the data intently in the notebook. A shrill scream made the plane dive to the ground. I don’t know how long it took, the plane jolted heavily and stopped bouncing a few times like a tamed spirited horse. When Chen liguo stepped off the plane, his comrades on the ground rushed forward, hugged him and said with tears, ” it’s good to see you again, brother.”

Chen liguo smiled calmly, opened the book tightly clutched in his hand and said: ” this adventure has given us an unexpected harvest. You see, these data such as bumping frequency, tilt angle and displacement state are very useful for us to revise the weapon’s war technology index. ” In do or die, Chen Liguo did not leave a word to his family, but with the determination to live or die with the weapons, he faithfully guarded the weapons and recorded various rare test data in detail.

Stick to it for ten years and write the legend of love and life.

July 27, 1996 is a day that Chen Li – Guo will never forget. At noon that day, Chen liguo came home from work. As he climbed the stairs, a foreboding suddenly welled up in his mind. As usual, whenever his footsteps sounded on the stairs, his wife would stand at the door to meet him. But this day, when he entered the door, he did not see the familiar smiling face. When he entered the bedroom, he saw his wife collapsed to the ground, already unconscious and cold hands and feet.

Chen liguo was worried and quickly took his wife to the hospital. The examination results showed that Huang Xiaolin caused cerebral hemorrhage due to hypertension, the intracranial hemorrhage volume reached more than 70 ml, and the ventricle was severely deformed. After reading various laboratory tests, director ning xuequan, an old expert who has been engaged in clinical treatment for decades, shook his head and uttered only a heavy sigh. Such cases are extremely rare. In his experience, it is very difficult to save the patient unless there is a miracle.

The hospital promptly issued a notice of critical illness and immediately carried out surgical rescue. Chen liguo was waiting in the emergency room without a soul. he cried out the name of his beloved wife. his anxiety and sadness were heartrending.

Six hours later, Huang Xiaolin was sent back to the monitoring ward. If she can wake up, she can get through the danger. If she cannot wake up, yin and yang will be separated from each other. Chen Liguo kept watch over his wife every minute, as if she would disappear from his eyes in the blink of an eye. The first day, the second day, the third day … Finally, Huang Xiaolin opened her eyes.

Due to severe brain cell damage, Huang Xiaolin who regained consciousness lost her memory. She did not know her relatives in front of the hospital bed and went into an extremely manic state. According to hospital regulations, manic patients like this have to take protective measures, usually tying the patients to their beds with ropes. Chen Liguo refused to use the rope and chose to stay in front of his wife’s bed all day and night for more than a month in order not only to love her but also to keep her normal human dignity.

Early that morning, when his wife blurted out the words ” back to … home …” Chen liguo, a missile expert who has experienced many life and death tests and never shed tears easily, couldn’t help crying from his heart.

” Go home! Returning to a warm home may arouse his wife’s memory of the past. ” Chen liguo thinks like this, carrying his wife who died once back home. When they stepped out of the hospital gate, director ning told them: ” we must take a good recuperation before we can live for three to five years.” In fact, Director Ning’s three to five-year survival time is a theoretical inference, just a consolation. Facing Chen liguo, who was full of hope, another sentence he wanted to say came to his lips, but he swallowed it. it was: ” such a patient can live and has created miracles. Death threatens her all the time, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe at this moment. ”

For 3 to 5 years, the light number is a heavy continuation of life.

The doctor said, ” Exercise twice a day for two hours.” Therefore, every day before and after work, Chen liguo would hold his wife up and down the stairs, or move slowly indoors with his feet tied and his legs tied. Later, as his wife’s condition improved, Chen liguo began to help her walk on the playground and in the camp yard. no matter how windy or rainy, she never stopped.

The doctor said: ” To prevent muscle degeneration, massage for one and a half hours three times a day.” Therefore, every day at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, Chen Liguo got up on time to give his wife a full-body massage.

Day after day, he persisted for 5 years. Perhaps, this persistence moved heaven, and his wife’s health is getting better and better.

Spring went to Qiu Lai, and he held on for another 5 years. My wife said, I can walk now, take me to Beijing and Guangzhou. As a result, the Imperial Palace and Baiyun Mountain left behind a loving figure of the couple snuggling closely.

After 10 years of hardships, Chen liguo fought with his wife and death with love and strength, writing the human story that love can defeat death. It was also during these 10 years that Chen liguo worked very hard. He directly participated in and organized more than 150 scientific research projects. He took the lead in the development of the ” rapid atmosphere support system for certain equipment”, which has solved the bottleneck that has plagued the weapon inspection process for decades for a long time and is unsafe, and has greatly improved the efficiency of the entire operational process …

This situation can be waited for, call a beloved wife wake up soon

After rehabilitation, Huang Xiaolin can not only take care of herself, but also do some simple housework. This makes everyone who knows them happy. However, the cruel fate once again caught the couple off guard.

On March 14, 2006, Chen liguo went to the shooting range to perform a test mission. At one o’clock in the afternoon, Huang Xiaolin called her husband: ” There are too many cars on the expressway, so don’t drive too fast. You should eat in the service area earlier.” Chen liguo never dreamed that this was the last thing his beloved wife said to him in this life.

Two hours later, Huang Xiaolin felt unwell and called the emergency number. Director Ning Xuequan rushed to the hospital and saw Huang Xiaolin’s condition. His facial expression became dignified immediately. I saw her two lateral ventricles had been cast, her pupils were dilated and her light reflex disappeared.

From a medical point of view, there is no need for any rescue.

He immediately called Chen liguo: ” Mr. Chen, Huang Xiaolin is in very bad condition.”

Chen liguo asked: ” is there any hope?”

Director Ning said: ” Very slim.”

” As long as there is breath, will never give up. Brother Ning, I beg you. ”

” All right, you are at ease to perform the task, I will do my best to rescue!”

Huang Xiaolin was pushed into the operating room. After 4 hours of surgery, the doctor drew more than 100 milliliters of blood from the patient’s brain and the bleeding point was controlled. Before the exhausted director ning could catch his breath, he found that her brain was bleeding again. he quickly performed the operation and drew out more than 60 milliliters of blood. Not one night after coming out of the operating room, he found brain stem hemorrhage again … Huang Xiaolin was so free on the edge of life and death.

When Chen liguo arrived at the hospital, his wife had become a ” vegetable”.

In the following three years, Chen Liguo’s life revolved around hospitals, offices, positions and shooting ranges.

When his wife needed to be treated in hyperbaric oxygen chamber, he was afraid of his wife’s loneliness and accompanied her in every time. In one year, he entered more than 60 hyperbaric oxygen chambers. When the first ray of sunshine in the morning shines on his wife’s bed, he will say his daily greetings to his unconscious wife. When the moonlight climbed up the window sill at night, he would sing the song his wife loved most. Whenever it is a sunny holiday, he pushes his wife into the yard in a wheelchair to breathe fresh air and bask in the sun … he thinks that although his wife has no expression and cannot speak, she can certainly feel his love. Chen Liguo firmly believes that as long as there is love, everything can be defeated.

For 3 years, every time he goes on a business trip, he will bring his wife’s case data to a large hospital for help from authoritative experts. After reading the case data, the experts invariably asked him, ” is the person still alive? It is impossible to live! ”

” Live, live very well! Is there a cure? ” At this time, Chen Liguo often has tears in his eyes and looks forward to it.

” XiaoLin, wake up, wake up! Look at me and my daughter. ” I don’t know how many times, Chen liguo whispered in his wife’s ear. On the national day of 2008, Chen liguo held a simple wedding for his daughter in his wife’s ward. He hung his daughter’s wedding photo on the wall and asked her to stand in front of his wife in her wedding dress. Chen liguo took his wife’s hand and said, ” my daughter got married today. You wake up and have a look at your daughter in a wedding dress. ” This scene made the medical staff present cry.

On Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2009, when Chen Liguo brought 99 roses to his wife’s bed, Huang Xiaolin blinked her eyes, which excited Chen Liguo. Chen Liguo said: ” I have a dream that human life will last 10,000 years. In this way, I will divide my life into two halves, one half to guard the missile and the other half to guard my wife. ”

Is it worth waking up a deep sleep of love with 5000 years of waiting? Chen liguo’s son-in-law gave the best explanation. the young man who returned from studying in Britain said: ” this kind of waiting by his father-in-law is the greatest respect for life. If everyone uses this spirit to love their loved ones, to work and to contribute to the country, what difficulties can not be overcome? From our parents, we have seen such excellent qualities as responsibility, keeping promises and honesty, which is the best example they set for young people. In today’s society, this is the most precious character and wealth we need to inherit. ”

During his 39 – year military career, Chen liguo wrote such brilliant achievements: he danced with death for many times, won more than 30 first, second and third prizes for scientific and technological progress of the army, 6 military medals for second and third honors, became an expert on second artillery missiles, and enjoyed special government subsidies. This difficult glory witnessed Chen Liguo’s faithful protection of his mission.

After 30 years of marriage, he has gone through such years as 16 years of harmony and happiness, 10 years of hardships and hardships shared by Tongji, and 3 years of dependence on his beloved wife who has become a ” vegetable”. The records of these years have witnessed Chen Liguo’s life and death waiting for love.

Chen liguo, a missile expert who grew up with the new China’s strategic missile force, expressed his infinite loyalty to the missile cause with his life, and also expressed his infinite loyalty to love with his life. He told us the profound philosophy of life with his little efforts and persistence year after year: persistence, only persistence, how difficult a life can be, can it present brilliant beauty; Only by insisting can the meaning of life be best interpreted.