Chrysanthemum indicum in the whistle

That was two years ago. Zhao Hui, 20, has been at the checkpoint for three months. Here is the deserted Gobi desert. In addition to yellow sand or yellow sand, the night wind whistling, accompanied by occasional coyotes, appears particularly desolate.

There were two soldiers at the checkpoint, and Zhao Hui, 20, was one of them. Long – term isolation from the outside world, his heart grew lonely grass. The other one, Jiang Dahai, went to the hospital with the supply truck to treat the rash, so Zhao Hui was the only one in the post now. It was late at night and there was no TV or light in the checkpoint. Apart from a telephone, it was a pile of books. Zhao Hui is going to enter for the military academy. He has already chosen the Ordnance Engineering College. The wind swept sand and clapped at the door. Zhao Hui stared at the telephone on the table in the dark. This is the only way to contact the outside world, but talking on the phone is against discipline. Zhao Hui has not heard the sound outside for five days. The howls in the distance made him feel more lonely.

Finally, Zhao Hui made up his mind and got up and dialed the telephone. A sweet female voice came from the receiver: ” hello, who are you looking for?” Zhao Hui’s heart mentioned his throat and said softly that he was Zhao Hui of the camping outpost. He didn’t look for anyone but the voice of the other party. The female soldiers were silent, but after two or three seconds, they suddenly smiled and said that you had to be punished for using your private phone. Then they said that the punishment I gave you was to listen to my story. Zhao Hui smiled and said yes. Women soldiers told the story of a military camp near camper: newly recruited recruits entered the deserted Gobi desert. the yellow sand made him miss Qingshan xiushui’s hometown. One day, the recruits lost their way when going out. After walking for a long time, they suddenly found a depression. To his surprise, there were clusters of wild chrysanthemum flowers in the depression. He did not hesitate to dig a clump with his hand and put it into his pocket with moist soil. The new recruit was found by the veteran. Although he was criticized, he had a smile on his face. This clump of wild chrysanthemum flowers accompanied the recruits through many difficult and lonely days. One day, due to continuous sandstorms, water was cut off from the sentry post. Recruits hovering, see the corner of the cup and a few mouth water, he picked it up, hesitated for a moment, poured in the cracked wild chrysanthemum flower pot. The recruits soon became dehydrated. Fortunately, the truck carrying supplies arrived in time and saved him.

After telling the story, the women soldiers hung up the phone slowly. Zhao Hui lay in bed and felt very happy. In the dream, he felt that he was the recruit who could use the last few saliva in his life to irrigate wild chrysanthemum flower.

After ten o’clock in the evening, the communication company seldom has a telephone. Gradually, Zhao Hui got into the habit of dialing the communication company in the dead of night. He learned that the female soldier’s surname was Lu Hui, from Jiangnan. Xiao Lu is very cheerful. He often talks about small bridges and flowing water in the south, strange folk customs, coconut trees and beaches. In fact, no matter what she said, Zhao Hui would listen with relish. However, no matter how much she enjoyed speaking, Lu Hui always abided by a principle, never exceeding five minutes. When she learned that Zhao Hui was going to apply for the Ordnance Engineering College, she constantly encouraged him: Come on, Zhao Hui, you can do it.

Because of the five-minute phone call every night, Zhao Hui felt that life was much more colorful, and even the howls at night no longer sounded so piercing. There are still four months to go before the exam. Apart from being on duty, Zhao Hui is reviewing his lessons. He told Lu Hui that he would look for her after entering the military academy and see what she looked like. Lu Hui joked that perhaps the place where we met was not the communication company.

Time passed day by day and four months passed quickly. When Lu Hui received an excited call from Zhao Hui, she was very happy. Zhao Hui said he was absolutely sure that he would be admitted. In order to celebrate, Lu Hui sang a song for him on the phone, which was the only one and lasted more than five minutes.

Lu Hui spends every day in excitement and uneasiness. Strangely, after that day, Zhao Hui called again in the future. A week later, Lu Hui dialed the camping post and the receiver was busy. Only after questioning the company did she realize that the original post had been abolished. But where did Zhao Hui go? Why don’t you call her and tell her?

A month later, Lu Hui received the admission notice from the ordnance engineering college. she was so happy that she didn’t sleep a night. She has not told Zhao Hui that she also entered for the military academy, which is the same university with him. She wanted to surprise him.

After reporting to the military academy, Lu Hui couldn’t resist the excitement and asked whether there was a new student named Zhao Hui through various relationships. When the student affairs office said that there was a boy named Zhao Hui in the department of mechanical and electronic engineering, Lu Hui felt his heart was going to jump out. Is Zhao Hui tall or short, fat or thin? Are your eyes big or small? The two talked for half a year and never asked each other what they looked like.

After class in the afternoon, Lu Hui tidied up, looked in the mirror again and again, and then went to Zhao Hui. She was carrying a gift to greet him – a pair of earphones she had used for a long time. It was through them that they had been talking one after another. Standing in front of the boys’ dormitory, raising my hand and knocking at the door, Lu Hui saw a strange face with dark complexion, very common. He asked her who she was looking for. Lu Hui’s face was slightly hot and said to look for Zhao Hui. The boy smiled and said he was. Lu Hui held out her hand generously and said, ” hello, I am Lu Hui from the communications company.”

” Lu Hui?” Zhao Hui looked at her puzzled and did not seem to remember. Lu Hui chuckled and said: ” Surprisingly, in order to meet you, I also took an examination of this school. It was a surprise, wasn’t it?”

Zhao Hui still become speechless. Lu Hui was also surprised that he forgot himself after not answering the phone for more than a month. When Lu Hui asked if he still remembered her story, Zhao Hui was at a loss.

Lu Hui walked back heavily. It turns out that she made a mistake. This Zhao Hui is not the Zhao Hui she is looking for. He comes from Hebei and has never been camping. But what about Zhao Hui? He didn’t enter the military academy?

Lu Hui inquired about Zhao Hui of the camping outpost by telephone. Finally, she found out about Jiang Dahai. On the phone, Jiang Dahai heard that the other party was the person who often talked with Zhao Hui, and his voice choked up. It was a long time before he said slowly that on the second night after taking the exam in Zhao Hui and returning to the camping post, the telephone line was cut off because of the fierce sandstorm. Zhao Hui hurried to repair. The sandstorm is getting worse and worse. He is getting farther and farther away and never comes back.

Lu Hui was shocked. ” He, he sacrificed?”

” Yes.”

Lu Hui took the phone and covered her mouth with one hand. Vaguely, she listened

To Jiang Dahai in repressed cry, ” I hurt him, because I had a high fever in the middle of the night, burn coma in the past, Zhao Hui was frightened. He was afraid that I would die and couldn’t answer the phone, so he walked to the company office hundreds of miles away. He was swallowed up by the sand dunes before he came. ”

Lu Hui couldn’t listen any longer. Suddenly, tears were streaming down her face.

On Sunday, Lu Hui found a jeep and went to the camping post with a comrade – in – arms. The outpost was isolated and its surroundings were covered with yellow sand. Even red willows and camel thorn were rare. There is a tombstone in front of the post, which belongs to Zhao Hui. Lu Hui planted a bunch of lilies in front of the tombstone.

Pushing open the gate of the sentry post, we were greeted by fine sand. Lu Hui saw a purple flowerpot on the windowsill and a clump of wild chrysanthemum dried up. However, it can be seen that once it had great vitality. Lu Hui stepped forward and saw a letter of admission under the flowerpot: Comrade Zhao Hui has been admitted to the Department of Communications and Information of the Ordnance Engineering College. And next to the flowerpot, there is a pair of vigorous pen characters: those who love life will cherish every weak flower.

Lu Hui suddenly burst into tears. This is the last sentence she said when she finished the story.