Female physiognomy

At the turn of autumn and winter in 1966, I was concentrated in a room on the platform of the 5th floor of the office to ” learn”. At that time, there was a lot of criticism everywhere. I suddenly fell into the abyss and was puzzled. Therefore, I paid little attention to what people were studying together. The number of people gathered is increasing day by day. The new comers always have to do some reviews in the class first. The rebel leader also has to do routine interrogation on him.

One day, another new comer was being questioned.

” You say for yourself, what class are you?”

” I am a freelancer. ” The answer sounds like a woman. I’m not in the mood to watch others, just with my head down.

After a period of time, the ” reactionary” class composition will automatically be upgraded to a higher level. Head and ask the woman, she suddenly said:

” I am a reactionary literati, like Sun Yunfu! “

I couldn’t help looking up to see who was so generous as to lead me to the same kind. This is a woman in her fifties. She has a slender figure and delicate face. She must have been very beautiful when she was young. She was wearing silver rimmed glasses, and her eyes were staring at me, which was very strange. I felt that her way of looking at people and the light in her eyes were a little witch or demon.

Later, I came to know that this woman, Yang Xiuyu, from Changsha City, Hunan Province, was an accountant in the government nursery. Before liberation, he was a famous physiognomy who built two foreign-style buildings in Changsha. This kind of occupation and this kind of property, of course, is also very qualified to enter this class.

In winter, we were sent to cadre schools, first mowing grass curtains, then repairing a car shed as a dormitory. Then for a slaughterhouse in the city, 200 cows were raised on their behalf, and the cows were kept in the yard in front of our living room. Every day we wear stars to get up, feed animals and clean up dung and urine. At night the stars come out and go back to the house. In the middle, I was transferred to the hay shed. When the canteen bought a large quantity of cabbage, I was sent to the vegetable cellar again.

When I was sent to work in the vegetable cellar, it was obvious that someone was moved with compassion and took care of me. Because in this area, you can take shelter from the wind and snow, and the workload is light and much less. Every day we stack the cabbages upside down, take them out to ventilate them, and sometimes we choose rotten leaves. Working together are two female comrades, including Yang Xiuyu.

To be honest, in those days, I was in constant panic and had no interest in life at all. I only thought of a dead word, but I couldn’t do it all the time. For example, in the hay shed, I use a sharp sickle every day to cut off many thick ropes tied with grass. I often weigh this sickle and think: if I cut my neck instead of the straw rope, wouldn’t all the troubles and pains be solved? But I finally failed to do so.

It is also safer to work in a vegetable cellar. The so-called safety means that we can avoid insults, intimidation or throwing bricks from revolutionary masses and local farm workers and children. The rebels have already made public the ” crime” and ” identity” of each of us, as well as the past grades and salaries.
In the vegetable cellar, I found a safe haven and could catch my breath for a while.

Yang Xiuyu and I are getting to know each other. I don’t think this person is bad either. Her job is deceitful, but those who come here are voluntary. Compared with those who eat alongside tigers and seek personal gain over other people’s lives, it is noble. Sometimes I just talk to her. Another female comrade is a former colleague, but because she is now in charge of the vegetable cellar, she should be careful when talking to her. Therefore, it is always after this comrade leaves the cellar that we can talk freely. I was bored to the point of nothingness and disillusionment at that time, but sometimes I wanted to banish the thought of despair. I asked this woman lover to talk about her life and experience.

She said that this was her family’s ancestral home. Her father died early and she had not been taught when she was young. Her mother invited her a master, who was very old and fatuous. Soon after the Anti – Japanese War, she fled to Hengyang with her mother and uncle. At that time, she was only 13 years old. Her mother was eager to earn money and told her to go to the street and shout for business. She was unwilling to go. She begged her mother to give her a dollar and rented a room in a hotel with a note posted at the door. The whole morning, there was no one, I endured hunger, anxiously lying on the bed of the hotel. In the afternoon, suddenly came in a person, took a look, gave me three yuan of ocean, and has been famous ever since.

Then I went to Guizhou, Guilin and Chengdu, and put an advertisement in the newspaper everywhere. The next day there was a huge crowd of people at five yuan each. At that time, when the war was in turmoil and most people were uprooted from their homes, they all wanted to use divination to ask about their personal safety and the news of their families. In order to catch up with such an opportunity, they would have to get rich if they did not get rich. When I was 18 years old, I had accumulated a lot of gold bars.

She said: ” In Hengyang, I lost money and didn’t go to the street to drink and sell. That would greatly reduce my social status. I didn’t start well and won’t become famous in my life. Is it not the same for your writers? ”

I had to smile bitterly.

Our conversation was heard by the female comrade. Unexpectedly caused her dissatisfaction, night back to the dormitory, I asked Yang Xiuyu:

” what are you talking about with sun mou in the vegetable cellar?”

” Say some gossip.” Yang Xiuyu answered.

” Gossip? Why didn’t you talk about it as soon as I entered? What’s behind the scenes? I think you and him, the relationship is not normal! ”

The two quarreled and the news came out. Some people noticed some ” new trends”. Fortunately, at that time, the main attention was paid to political trends, and there was no thorough investigation into such matters. Perhaps I did not believe it very much.

For those of us who have suffered such strange incidents for no reason, not dying is tantamount to living in humiliation, suffering spiritual and life damage. Women must have lost their classics and men must have lost their sex. Although there are young girls who have passed away before, they still cannot rise up in a rage. Besides, with half a hundred old women, they can enjoy and love each other in a dark and damp vegetable cellar. No way.

One day, there were only two of us. I was really annoyed and said:

” Yang Xiuyu, can you give me a picture?”

” good.” She used to open the straw curtain of the vegetable cellar and said, ” You stand here!”

There is a ray of sunshine coming in from the outside. She looked at my face seriously as if she had never seen me before.

” Your eyebrows are too close to your eyes, which makes you sad!” She said.

” Yes,” he looked happy, as if he had met a bosom friend, and his eyebrows were slightly extended. ” I have a deep and melancholy disease.”

” Your voice is good.” She said, ” There is a voice of running water. This girl is numerous and intelligent.”

” Yes, I have a man and three women.” I replied, ” girls do better than boys in their lessons.”

” The white circle on your eyes is really bad.” She shook her head and sighed, ” the first time I met you, I noticed. This is called disfigurement. With this, if you weren’t dead at the time, someone must have died. ”

” It is so. My mother died that year, and I also suffered a serious illness. However, that’s all over. It doesn’t matter. Big Xiangshi, you think of my present life and death. Will our situation improve? ”

” April.” ” There will be good news in April,” she said firmly.

Just then, hearing the footsteps of the female comrade, she hurriedly motioned to me. The person in charge came in and they went to work facing the cabbage pile.

Indeed, in summer, our situation gradually improved, and in August he was ” liberated” and returned home.

Master Yun Zhai said, ” Young’s skill is so divine! Is there any investigation and study on its daily life? Is there any speculation or judgment on the current situation? Gai is good at accumulating information and integrating theory with practice. The Gang of Four exterminated humanity, plunging loyal and kind-hearted people into deep water and losing faith in the future of life. This will enable young people who do not try to be brave during the night to be completely destroyed by the good and evil thoughts. The ten-year turmoil is even more disturbing than the eight-year war of resistance. Xi did not allow him to sit in court to sell his skills. Otherwise, the money will be more than two foreign buildings! “