Love stories continued.

On that day, I heard a man’s words and was shocked ( or rather astonished ). The man has a close girlfriend and the relationship has been maintained for many years. He always thinks that he takes good care of the other party and that the other party cannot live without him.

However, in fact, he was quite tired of her and wanted to end the relationship. However, he could not bring it up because he felt that if he brought it up, the woman’s spirit would collapse if she did not have his emotional and life support for one day, which would be unacceptable and would lead to a great social tragedy.

For this reason, this gentleman is very perplexed and has come up with some ways, such as continuing to take care of the woman’s life, but cutting off the close relationship, but he thinks it is not the way after thinking about it.

Just as the gentleman was puzzled by this problem and did not know how to deal with it, one day, the woman suddenly said to him, ” I have considered it. although I know it will cause great harm to you and bring you great pain, I still have to bring it up. Let’s break up, I can’t be with you anymore, please forgive me! ”

The gentleman immediately got a valuable lesson: neither side can be too confident in the relationship between men and women, and never!

Letter of appointment

Love between men and women, there is no doubt, only trust. However, it is impossible for men and women to live apart from each other in the world, and there must be many people who have various relationships with them. Among these many people, there must also be people who have good things. In many cases, such people often destroy the trust between men and women who love each other and lead to tragedies.

In the well-known folk story ” The Legend of White Snake”, there is a typical example of this kind of busybody – monk Fahai. Xu Xian and Bai Nianzi live happily together. What is the relationship between loving each other and France? However, Fahai is a good thing and wants to become a demon for Xu Xian. As a result, numerous incidents have arisen.

Of course, we cannot only blame Fahai, but also Xu Xian. If Xu Xian meddles with Fahai and refuses, Fahai will have no choice. Xu Xianxian must lose trust in the White Snake before the French Sea can make waves.

The same story also appears in the legend of ” Zhenzhen in the Painting”: a beautiful woman came down from the painting. She married the hero as a wife and her children were both two years old. He was also tricked by the busybody into ” suppressing the demon”. As a result, even his son returned to the painting. There are many such plots in folk stories. Do you want to warn people not to be confused by those who do things?

Can it work?

Dress up

When did women on earth begin to know makeup, I’m afraid it’s no longer possible. If it is said that since ape-men began to evolve into adults, women have known how to use cosmetics, and no one will object to it – one kind of cosmetics, an ochre red clay, is still quite expensive to sell.

Today, there are so many kinds of cosmetics that people are dazzled and scared. Strangely, women who are usually stupid know perfectly well what makeup procedures they use, what they reuse and what they use, and they will not make any mistakes.

Some people think that natural beauty does not depend on cosmetics. This statement is only valid for a very small number of truly beautiful natural beauties – very few such beauties, and even if there are such beauties, they are better dressed in makeup than not. Therefore, ordinary women’s love for cosmetics is not without reason. The fact is, makeup can really make women look much more beautiful. An ordinary woman, properly dressed, can become brilliant and dazzling, making people dazzle and win.

The reason for advocating women’s makeup is very simple, because women will become beautiful after makeup.

There is a saying: make-up is hypocritical, and it is true to see talents in their true colors. It’s really unreasonable, really ugly, I can’t see it, others hate it, this kind of truth, would rather take false.