Peak and valley

Spencer Johnson, who was reputed as the ” father of cheese” in the book ” who touched my cheese”, is one of the most popular and respected writers in the world, and is currently an adviser to the center for public administration at Harvard university’s Kennedy school of politics. He is good at telling realistic wisdom with vivid stories. His relaxed and lively allegorical style is both inspiring and shocking. He is praised as ” the wise man who is best at providing simple and effective solutions to complex problems”. His latest work ” Peak and Valley” tells a fable about how individuals can achieve self-transcendence and how enterprises can maintain the driving force for sustainable development. In the book, he puts forward his – latest concept – Peak and Valley Theory, which he believes can help people honestly face the objective facts – how to rise rapidly from the trough and reach the peak, how to extend the peak as far as possible, and how to conquer the next peak.

The following is the essence of peak-valley theory:
In our work and life, everyone will encounter peaks and valleys, which is the normal life.

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A tightrope walker

There is a tightrope walker who is ready to show off his skills at high altitude. What he wants to challenge is a fairly long steel wire, but even he cannot tell for sure how long it is. He could only see the blurred outline at the end, so he could not see the distance.

However, he stood at the starting point with calm and ease. To him, doing it is more important than anything.

The challenge has finally begun. He is quiet inside and has no fear, so he can make good use of his talent that day. So it seems that he walks lightly, not as nervous and stiff as people feared. Therefore, applause broke out from time to time in the crowd.

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Chrysanthemum indicum in the whistle

That was two years ago. Zhao Hui, 20, has been at the checkpoint for three months. Here is the deserted Gobi desert. In addition to yellow sand or yellow sand, the night wind whistling, accompanied by occasional coyotes, appears particularly desolate.

There were two soldiers at the checkpoint, and Zhao Hui, 20, was one of them. Long – term isolation from the outside world, his heart grew lonely grass. The other one, Jiang Dahai, went to the hospital with the supply truck to treat the rash, so Zhao Hui was the only one in the post now. It was late at night and there was no TV or light in the checkpoint. Apart from a telephone, it was a pile of books. Zhao Hui is going to enter for the military academy. He has already chosen the Ordnance Engineering College. The wind swept sand and clapped at the door. Zhao Hui stared at the telephone on the table in the dark. This is the only way to contact the outside world, but talking on the phone is against discipline. Zhao Hui has not heard the sound outside for five days. The howls in the distance made him feel more lonely.

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To experience a love together

She is a salesman in a company and takes a bus for more than one hour to go to work every day. This is a long and boring journey. Until one day, everything suddenly changed.

That day, as usual, she casually boarded the bus and found an empty seat. The bus continued to move slowly. She looked up and a young man sitting in front of her shocked her.

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Silly and elegant

During the decades after the end of 1950s, various political movements were surging forward. In every political movement, intellectuals were doomed. In fact, it is not too difficult to get through one man-made disaster after another. The body swings along the political wind direction. As for the east wind, the west wind, the left wind and the right wind, there is no need to ignore the clouds. From this, those who have been blown to hell are those who are not good at distinguishing the wind direction or who care too much about the wind direction.

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