Love stories continued.

On that day, I heard a man’s words and was shocked ( or rather astonished ). The man has a close girlfriend and the relationship has been maintained for many years. He always thinks that he takes good care of the other party and that the other party cannot live without him.

However, in fact, he was quite tired of her and wanted to end the relationship. However, he could not bring it up because he felt that if he brought it up, the woman’s spirit would collapse if she did not have his emotional and life support for one day, which would be unacceptable and would lead to a great social tragedy.

For this reason, this gentleman is very perplexed and has come up with some ways, such as continuing to take care of the woman’s life, but cutting off the close relationship, but he thinks it is not the way after thinking about it.

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Female physiognomy

At the turn of autumn and winter in 1966, I was concentrated in a room on the platform of the 5th floor of the office to ” learn”. At that time, there was a lot of criticism everywhere. I suddenly fell into the abyss and was puzzled. Therefore, I paid little attention to what people were studying together. The number of people gathered is increasing day by day. The new comers always have to do some reviews in the class first. The rebel leader also has to do routine interrogation on him.

One day, another new comer was being questioned.

” You say for yourself, what class are you?”

” I am a freelancer. ” The answer sounds like a woman. I’m not in the mood to watch others, just with my head down.

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Building relationships with all life

  There is a tree by the river. For weeks, every sunrise, we will stare at it. As the sun rises slowly from the ground and slowly climbs over the treetops, the tree will become golden in a flash, and each leaf will be bright and full of vitality. Just in the gaze, you forget the passage of time and forget to figure out what tree it is. Because it doesn’t matter, it’s important to evoke a wonderful charm from its beautiful body, slowly swaying, covering the mountains and shrouded the river. When the sun rises again, the leaves will tremble slightly and dance. Every second, the tree shows a different style. Before sunrise, it was dull and quiet, standing far away, very reserved. As the light fades, the leaves are covered with brilliance and begin to dance. At this point, you will feel that it is so beautiful, and the feeling of approval is born. At noon, it has a thick shade of cool, you can sit down and avoid the sun, and with it, you will never feel lonely. Sitting there, you will feel the deep care of you and the freedom and serenity that only trees can understand.

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Tangled, has become a song

  In the dimly lit room, the lights beat. The fire reflected her young, delicate face – calm and sad.

  Not far from the opposite side, a man was in the dark and asked her through the mouth of an old woman. A lattice window blocked her sight. She couldn’t see his face. After a few questions, he chose her.

  This is the prelude to the film “Heart Fire”, similar to the screening of an interview.

  The purpose of the interview – by the birth of a child.

  The story took place in the winter of 1838, a small seaside county in the UK. Charlie, the young British nobleman, succeeded in recruiting a woman who could give birth to a child. The Swiss woman Elizabeth paid for her debt and came to apply. The agreement was reached, followed by a night of 3 skin blind dates.

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Beautiful persistence

  In the untouched area of ​​the Andes Plateau in South America at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters, there is a flower called Puya Flower, which lasts only two months, and it is very beautiful when the flowers bloom. However, who would have thought that it had waited for 100 years for the two-month flowering period.

  In the past 100 years, it has stood quietly on the plateau, hurricane and rain, collecting the radiance of the sun with leaves, and taking the earth’s nourishment with roots… Just waiting silently, waiting for the shocking moment of life after 100 years, waiting for When the climber is exhausted, his eyes are bright.

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